Once more…

Yes, I dropped by this place once more the other day with my missus. I think I did mention before that my house is close by so it is quite convenient for us to stop by for lunch before going home and we would not need to worry about cooking…till later in the day, for dinner.

So what did I try this time around? I’ve had their nasi lemak and the char kway teow, the Sarawak laksa and the beef noodles too so that morning, I decided to order the chicken curry rice (RM5.50)…

Colourful Cafe chicken curry rice

…to see if it was any good. The curry was nice though it was not at all spicy so I was not too thrilled by it. Other than that, I think it came with plain rice – I was hoping it would be something like what they have in Kuching where they serve chicken rice, topped with char siew, roast pork and steamed or roast chicken and drowned with curry gravy (never mind that it is rather diluted usually) but of course, that would not be possible here as it has been designated as a “serves-no-pork” place.

I do think it would be nicer if I had ordered the nasi lemak special (RM7.00) and asked for the chicken drumstick curry to go with it but between this and the masak hitam beef that I had the other day, the latter wins hands down, no question about that.

My missus had the Sarawak laksa (RM5.00)…

Colourful Cafe Sarawak laksa

…that I had the other day and yes, she liked it very much and the sambal belacan dip…

Colourful Cafe sambal belacan dip

…that came with it was pretty good too. They did not seem too generous with it though but I guess if you want some more, you can always ask. I would not think that would be a problem.

While we were there, I decided to order something else and as I did not feel like having their bitter gourd bihun, I had the kampua noodles (RM3.00)…

Colourful Cafe kampua 1

…in the end. I did not get my hopes up too high since this being a pork-free place, there would not be any lard in the dish so there would not be that much-coveted fragrance that true-blue kampua mee lovers would go for.

The noodles were firm, not quite like what many here seem to enjoy – they like it soft but if not cooked to perfection, they may come out too soft and soggy and I am no fan of that, of course. I guess if anyone wants the noodles softer, they can tell them to cook them a wee bit longer but it was perfectly all right by me. As for the missing lard taste, it was replaced by the really nice fragrance of the fried shallots…and I was  able to detect some fried garlic in it as well…

Colourful Cafe kampua 2

All in all, I would say it was very nice and I sure would want to have that again. I wonder if they sell it kosong (empty) or not (at a cheaper price, of course) as I did not quite care for those strips of boiled chicken breast meat.

I browsed through the menu and I saw this…

Colourful Cafe menu

It seems that if you are entertaining at home and you are too lazy too cook, you can order some of the items from here. I can vouch for the daging masak hitam and the sambal bilis…and I would have liked the chicken curry that I had more if it had been a lot spicier. The insurance guy next door told me that he had bought the paste to try and the amount at that price was good for 3 kilogrammes of beef, less than RM7.00 a kilo so it is not a lot more expensive than those packs of instant curry paste that are flooding the supermarkets around here. As for the rest, I have yet to sample them so I am in no position to comment on those.

They have some stuff on their evening/night menu that are not available in the morning/daytime so I may have to drop by again sometime to see if those are any good but if the ones that I have had are anything to go by, I guess they should be pretty o.k. as well.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Once more…”

  1. The curry paste will definitely make cooking for a party a whole lot easier. You going to try this soon? I’ll invite myself over 😛

    Non-spicy, you’d love it, I’m sure…nyonya who’s not into spicy stuff. 😀 Just tell me when you’re coming, you’ll find it right here waiting…for youuuuu!!!!

  2. It looks very good…I would want the chicken with rice without the curry, though, as curry is too spicy for me.

    I hear they have modified it to suit the taste of the people here, majority Chinese…and majority Foochow…and many are into into anything spicy, not even a little bit so this is curry but not spicy at all. Unfortunately, I am not one of those so I would not say that I enjoyed it – was nice, just not spicy. North Indian curry is not spicy too, full of fragrances of all the spices used.

  3. I do have a question…. the sambal dip is meant to dip? not to be mixed into the laksa soup?

    I would use it as a dip, dip the prawns and whatever, dab a bit onto the bihun…and eat – my missus would pour it all into the bowl and ask for some more. Whichever way you like it.

  4. First time I see people selling cooked food per kg. Usually it is per plate, or per person…

    They do not do that there? Here, for Chinese New Year or any festival, if you want the Malays to cook for you, you can order by the kilo – curry, rendang, masak hitam, korma…whatever. I bought from Payung once – their Bangladeshi lamb curry, RM85 at the time…but 1 kg is really a lot. More for dinner parties at home, open houses – if eating on your own, that will be way too much!

  5. All looks good especially the laksa & chicken curry rice though I prefer the curry to be served in a separate bowl. I like pickles cucumber.

    I like the Malay ones – they cut till very thin, not so thick, more halus…but they all taste the same though, both nice. I don;t mind the gravy on the rice if I get to eat it right away. Miss the Kuching one, at Ang Lee in the 70’s.

  6. Wow! A very flooded curry rice. Yup. I personally prefer the Kuching version of curry rice with chicken, roasted pork, charsiew and fried egg.

    Yes, used to go for that in the 70’s at the restaurant at Carpenter Street. Any idea where I can find a good one now? Missing it…

  7. ooo, am eyeing the one kilo of oxtail curry for advance order on the menu … i guess that would be sufficient to eat for three people! 🙂

    1 kg is probably enough for 10, at least – they’re meant for parties, not for own consumption. I sure would like to try, see if it’s fall-off-the-bone nice…and maybe I can ask for it to be extra spicy.

  8. Sarawak Laksa makes me hungry at this hour. But, I like your homemade pancake the most.

    Go ahead, make your own. It’s so very easy – 30 minutes…or to the most, 1 hour if you’re slow and steady like me. 😉

  9. The chicken curry rice looks so so good, but I think over-banjir already with gravy, hehe.. But not too spicy, ok la, can finish all..

    Not really, I actually thought it could do with a little bit more gravy, maybe a spoonful or two more as when I mixed it with the rice, it seemed like not enough…a bit. Either gravy not quite enough or it was a big bowl of rice.

  10. I am craving for something spicy now, maybe can ask my confinement lady to cook me some spicy food tomorrow, hehe :p

    Still in confinement? No…no…no..no spicy food!!! 😀

  11. The chicken drumstick makes me craving for it…

    Wait till you see what we had yesterday. Very very nice – post on the coming up!

  12. We went for the fried kuey tiau, spicy, a few days ago. Tasted good, but sadly no cockles and the shrimps were really tiny. Yes, taste wise, it is the best in Sibu.

    The next day we went back for more. I had the nasi lemak with beef curry. It was superb – nice sambal and curry. My wife had the laksa & we thought it was not lemak enough. Would enjoy the Central Market one better, the 2nd one from the corner that used to be operated by the dad at an alley. The beef noodles is ok as we are not really a fan of the dish.

    Now I know where to go for my nasi lemak. Thanks, Mr. Wee 🙂

    I thought the shrimps were ok, quite big…or maybe you went on a bad day. Better than none like at most other places. Have you tried the kway teow at Kopitiam Fantasy? Finished before 10 a.m. though. Or the one at Chopsticks? Opens late, after 8.00 a.m. and the guy is very slow (former owner of Singapore Art School) – his has cockles. I think both are good too…and also the char kway teow at the nasi kerabu place at Sg Antu, Sri Tanjung (don’t order kway teow goreng – different thing…and don’t ask me why!).

    Laksa, my favourite is Thomson Corner, like real Kuching laksa taste – this one, Aloha…all nice, just not the same…and original Kuching laksa must not be too lemak, only Sibu people like it like that. The Kuching-ites will frown on it and say, “Like curry mee!” The nasi lemak is not the best that I had had…but I cannot find the guy anymore so this one will just have to do. I love the sambal, very spicy and very nice…and I prefer the masak hitam to the curry.

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