When my Singapore friend, Alfred, was in Sibu, I told him about the Mulu Caves right here in Sarawak and I was surprised that he had not heard of them before – the Sarawak Chamber is “so big that it could accommodate about 40 Boeing 747s, without overlapping their wings“. Hmmmm…this probably goes to show how effective the promotions done by our Sarawak tourism authorities have been…

Anyway, what I told Alfred got him all excited and he immediately made plans to go and visit this UNESCO world heritage site and he did – last weekend.

To get there, he had to fly to Miri and from there, he boarded an ATR 72-seater…


…which he said was like a toy plane. Hmmm…wait till he gets on our 19-seater Twin Otter – I did blog about it here once and yes, flying in one would indeed by an experience, that’s for sure.

The experience, the sights and the sounds and everything there, needless to say, are simply indescribable so I would just share a few of his photographs on Facebook in this post. I did not know that swiftlets will always lay their eggs in pairs…

Swiftlet's eggs

…not one, not three or more…and among the amazing stone formations, there is this one that looks quite erotic…


…but one of the main attractions of course would be this silhouette of Abraham Lincoln’s face…


– don’t leave Mulu without having seen this and taking a photograph of it!

My! My! Alfred sure is an adventurous guy and he opted to stay on for the “night shift”…

Night shift

I bet he found it very interesting, if not exciting, and the next morning…

Morning comes

…he and the rest made their way downstream…

Going downstream

…after having explored 5 of the caves in the national park…and he is saying that he will want to go back there again as there is a lot more that he has yet to cover!

I’ve never been there myself, I am ashamed to say, and I guess, at my age (and shape and size), I will just have to sit this one out. I have never been to the Fairy Caves in Bau near Kuching even…as when I went with my friends either in the late 60’s or early 70’s, they told to wait by the lake as the climb could be quite perilous! In fact, when they came back, they told tales of how one of the ladies fell off the rope…and luckily, one of the guys, hanging on to the rope himself, simply stretched out his arm and grabbed her and saved her. It would have been tragic if she had fallen all the way down. Neither have I been to the Niah Caves – where they found the evidences of the early pre-historic civilisation. Some of my colleagues went and they told me of the long single-plank walk to the caves…and they said that I would definitely fall off after a few steps. Humphhhh!!!

Anyway, back to the Mulu Caves, if you are keen and adventurous like my friend, you may find more information here in their website…and you can plan a trip there while you are still young and able. Why go to all those other countries when one of the most amazing wonders of the world is right here at our footsteps?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Indescribable…”

  1. It’s a good place to visit. I don’t remember Lincoln’s profile being so clear. Did you get my last email? Just need to confirm the dates.

    Just checked and replied. I usually check first thing in the morning, and that would be night over there, and no more for the rest of the day…but I am usually loitering around my blog and also Facebook most of the time.

    You’ve been to Mulu. Wowwww!!! Two thumbs up! I thought Lincoln isn’t so clear now, signs of weathering perhaps – was much clearer in some snapshots I saw before.

    1. Forgot to mention the twin otter ride. As you say, sure was an experience. Wrote to you again.

      Yes, I got used to it after a while and eventually, I thought it was quite…interesting, even hilarious at times. 😀 Yup, noted.

  2. Alfred is very adventurous, if me ahh, I’d be worried about the sweats and all, hehe..Maybe can take a half day city tour, but not the night shift.. Would like to take picture with Abraham’s face though..

    City tour? What city? >.<

  3. Thank you for promoting Mulu here, STP! I wish to visit the cave one day. Hubby and I did talked about it. We have many beautiful places in Sarawak that we have not yet explore so why need to go overseas for holiday? 🙂

    Nice photographs by your friend. That face that people said to resemble Abraham Lincoln.

    Yes, love the snapshots. So very nice!

    I was thinking as to how far the tourism board promotions have gone, spending so much on the very nice and impressive commercial…and hardly anybody watches tv these days, much less our own Malaysian channels plus I don’t think they teach about them in our school books either so I am not surprised that many would not know about our caves. At least I have many readers in the peninsula, Singapore and overseas so they would be able to see it here. Something is better than nothing. Would love to join you if I were a little bit younger… 😦

  4. Wow! Your friend is really adventurous! Good for him. I can’t imagine being inside the 19-seater Twin otter you mentioned -must feel like a toy plane.

    I’ve heard much of the Mulu caves. The silhouette at the cave is truly amazing. Love it! I haven’t really been inside a cave before, except the Batu Caves. Not a cave girl; I find them eerily haunting! 😬

    It was ok, very nice – did not fly very high, looking as if you could just step off the plane onto solid ground so easily.

    Not into caves but these, I hear, are breathtakingly beautiful…not like the usual ones, dark and damp and with the stench of guano, even Batu Caves.

  5. Err… i haven’t heard of this place before too? >_<

    Good grief! And you’re Malaysian!!! Ah well, I guess Penang is further from here than Singapore.

  6. I will love this place…

    So when are you going? Very cheap for you all there, I’m sure.

  7. me ah…not n…nor spring chicken anymore. Better arm chair travelling la :p Look at the lovely pics

    Sure papakucing will not go, no lift. I always say no escalator, no travelator…count me out. We same boat, not so mobile one. 😀

  8. Believe it or not…I have never been to one, even the nearest Fairy Caves, Bau. Me, sua ku (mountain tortoise). Actually, I am afraid of the darkness inside and all the creepy things, my imagination of all these things makes me step back. Indeed your friend is very adventurous. Thanks for the lovely photos.

    I am ok with all those things – it is the climbing and the hiking that I am not fond of. 😦

  9. Not for me this sort of thing. I am too much of a coward and also not fit at all. I would prefer to watch on TV or read and look at the photos.

    I would venture for food…so the Bario Highlands is an attraction – the beauty of the mountains, the ethnic tribes and their unique cuisine. There is an air service going there too. Somebody blogged about it here:
    So interesting! They even have a Facebook page!

  10. Definitely need quite a bit of fitness. The caves aren’t exactly near to the park office, some go as far as 4km just to the entrance of the cave. That would had consumed ‘8km worth’ of your energy for the return trip. Inside the cave is not a walk in the park either. It’s up down up down staircases. And not just a few steps but as much as 50 to 200 steps. And repeat that many times over. Some cave passage goes for as long as 2km long. And doing it with a bag full of your basic necessities.

    I would think that Mount KK won’t be as enduring as this. At least could climb at your own sweet time to reach the hostel and then can have a nice buffet and a nice shower and a nice bed before you set off for the summit climb. In Mulu we’re always rushing due several reasons like rain/sky turning dark/need to keep to time schedule etc. I was limping at the end of every day.

    Not sure about Kinabalu, I just stayed at the chalet at the foothills enjoying the cool mountain air and the peace and quiet of the surroundings – I hear it is coming down that is the problem there, all the thumping…and the knees would be gone, will not be able to walk for a few days and have to go for a vigorous massage every day. Yes, I can see some handrails, so there are staircases now – not as bad as before. They tell me the Pinnacles would be the worst – did you make it to that part?

    But regardless of the “torture”, I am sure it was all worth it – an experience to remember. I wish I had gone when I was younger.

    1. Indeed because we rely on the knee to support our lowering. Walking sticks would help. Pinnacles requires 3 days(trek some 8km to a camp on the first day) so I didn’t have the time to do it this time round but yes heard it’s tougher in terms of “the height one needs to gain” in that few hours as compared to Mount KK which spreads over I think some 24 hours. And the guide said the camp is where one sun bear loiters…not sure if it’s worth the risk.

      There are some people around your age at Mulu too. Can choose the easier cave and some simple short hikes or take the ferry into the stream and see the penan settlement. Still quite a bit to see without torturing yourself 🙂

      Ummmm…. 😀 😀 😀

  11. I saw a face of an English man! so unique huh…
    Very adventurous. Reminds me of National Geographic. Any bats in there?

    I’m sure there are and lots of swiftlets too. There is a phenomenon where all the bats, would fly off or into the caves at a certain time of day, so many of them like a swarm of bees – saw or read about that somewhere. That is truly a sight to behold. Ah yes!!! They have a photograph on Trip Advisor here:

    1. Bat exodus. Didn’t get to see that phenomenon as it was raining by the time we finished the touring of the cave and the sky wasn’t clear enough so the bats were coming out more ‘loosely’ instead of ‘in a line’. This is free to watch, just needs to walk a long way to the entrance of the cave.

      Ok, useful info for anyone planning to go there…

  12. beautiful as always. malaysia needs to enchase its tourist informations, public facilities, accessibilities and etc. more visitors will come 😀

    I guess they will do that at tourism fairs, like those MATTA ones…or they do it at similar events overseas so people who do not or are not able to go to those would be left in the dark.

  13. There are also a few caves you can visit around here if you travel to the Margaret River region. Most are easily accessible, but the one we happened to visit with friends a few years ago had 300 steps down. That means of course, 300 steps back up.

    No, thank you. I’m more into food…than caves. Hehehehe!!!!

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