I honestly love you…

I went out early last Sunday morning to tapao (takeaway) the very nice fried kway teow at this shop for the ladies in the house for breakfast. I reckoned they must be very tired of my fried rice and fried bihun so the previous week, I bought them some kampua noodles and piansip and this week, I went for something different. Both the shops were very near my house so it wasn’t much of  a problem for me to do that.

It was still very early, around 7 something, but it was already bright and sunny…

Mormon church

The weather here has been very hot lately.

Since I was there, I decided to try something that I had not tried yet – so far, we had their fried kway teow, their nasi lemak and their Sarawak laksa…so this time around, I ordered their beef noodles (RM6.00) which was served in a jiffy, steaming hot…

Colourful Cafe beef noodles 1

Hmmm…I would ask them to leave out the raw taugeh (bean sprouts) next time as I am not all that fond of their chao chay (green) smell/taste. In Sarawak laksa, they are usually blanched lightly and anyway, the strong broth would overpower whatever smell or taste there is left.

So was it any good?…

Colourful Cafe beef noodles 2

I would say that I liked it – this one was different from the Taiwan-style ones but the soup was not as clear as the ones here. I could detect the fragrance of the spices used though I did think it could do with a stronger beef taste but still, I would say that it was nicer than a lot of the others that I have had around here. I really enjoyed it with the very nice chili dip…

Colourful Cafe beef noodles chili dip

…that came with it. It was very spicy and very very gingery – something like the excessively hot cili padi dip from Kah Heong in Kota Kinabalu but thankfully, it was not that hot!

While I was there enjoying my order, I could smell the santan (coconut milk) fragrance of the nasi lemak that he was cooking in one huge rice cooker…and I really enjoyed the light and easy songs they were playing, such as this one and this one, accompanied by the occasional banging of the wok as the guy was dishing out the fried kway teow I had ordered. The kopi-o-peng (RM1.70) was extra nice…

Colourful Cafe kopi-o-peng

…that morning – something that I did not feel on my two previous visits. Perhaps I was the first customer, so early in the morning, so I got to enjoy the fresh brew…or maybe it was because I was the only customer at the time so the “barista” could pay a little more attention to what he was doing and did a better job than usual.

Now, if anyone is wondering about that MILO mug, here, it is a requirement stipulated by our municipal council that all utensils at all eating places must be sterilised in hot boiling water in a mug like that for customers to use and I do think that this is a commendable effort to ensure cleanliness and safeguard the health, to some extent, of the people here.

I finished my delightful breakfast, paid for everything and left the shop. However, it so happened that I was dilly-dallying outside a bit while browsing through the internet on my mobile when the girl waiting at the tables in the shop came out to pass me this…

Lost and found

Good grief! That’s where I keep my identity card, my driving license, credit cards and all that kind of stuff! I was thinking that if ever I were to be pickpocketed or happened to lose my wallet somehow, I would still have those essential items, safe and sound. Perhaps I should keep those first two separately so should I inadvertently lose one, I would still have the other.

It must have dropped out of my pocket as I was taking out my wallet to pay and it certainly was very honest and nice of the girl to come running to return it to me, thank God for small mercies!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “I honestly love you…”

  1. Thank goodness for nice people. Humanity restored. I love your first picture. Such beautiful blue sky.

    Too bad there is no such ruling on the utensils in hot water here. We have to wipe clean ourselves to ensure it is hygienic enough to use 😦

    A clear blue sky, cloudless here can only mean one thing – very very very hot day. 😦

    Ya, our municipal council is doing a very good job turning the dirtiest town in Sarawak to (one of) the cleanest. I do wish it will take action to catch and fine those litter bugs though – a leopard cannot change its spots, most people here will just simply throw…and you get things thrown out of flashy luxury cars even. One would think those “elite” people would be educated and more civilised but no, the council has to send out people going all over town to pick up the rubbish – that is why the town is clean, DESPITE the people. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Eating beef noodles, drinking kopi-o peng, while listening to John Legend, that’s got to be the life, my friend. Just sent an email to you.

    The life of a retiree…slow and easy, almost heaven! 😀

    I’ve replied your e-mail, “sent from i-phone“. 😉

  3. that card-holder looks exactly like the one i use to keep all my cards too (i don’t have a separate wallet, as i just stuff my cash into my pockets) … it was nice of her to quickly return it to you! 🙂

    Oh? Your pockets enough or not? Mine are quite empty! Hehehehehe!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Yes, I thought that was sweet of her too.

  4. Thank God for her honesty! Really… I don’t like to lose these essentials too… a real hassle if I do… Yes, like you, I once had two separate wallets..one for money and one for cards.. but I ended up not taking the latter when I went out on several occasions so in the end, I put back all in one wallet…

    Oh dear! I lost one once a long long time ago – left it on the counter in a shop and went right back for it but it was gone. Had to go to the police station to report the loss, get everything redone…such a hassle. Lesson learnt!

  5. Oh look at that beautiful blue sky! I think I saw that church in one of your previous posts. It looks very well kept.

    Yes, the same one…a year later and on a brighter, sunnier day.

  6. Gosh. Lucky you did not lost anything. I do not bring my purse out any more. Just my mobile with few cards and money in the phone pouch. Very convenient and safe. ^^

    One thing I love about Sibu is the cup of warm water to sterile your utensil. Hardly a practice here and other places in Malaysia I believe. But some very old coffee shops did it only.

    What? I thought it is laid down by law that we must bring our ic wherever we go…and if we get caught without our driving license, we will be in hot soup? Yes, that certainly is a good practice and I prefer them using these mugs…instead of plastic cups, some places use those.

    1. Of course few important cards in my phone pouch like ic, driving license, credit card and debit card. Hehe.

      Yup. It is not good to use warm water on plastic cups.

      My missus has all the member cards from all the supermarkets and departmental stores in town as well. It seems they do come in handy – can get special discounts, go for sales on member days, get free gifts and discount vouchers but I am just too lazy to apply for any of those.

  7. Nice blue sky & the Church. You have always been kind & nice to people and I bet you are blessed with kind & honest people around you too. Praise The Lord!!!!…I like the practise of sterilising utensils in hot water in some kopitiam over here.

    Indeed, praise the Lord, give thanks always. I would not be in the mood to send my girl back to her school that day if I had this problem on my mind, all my important stuff lost. Oh? You do have it in Kuching too? Here, it is mandatory for all eating places – a must! By order of the municipal council.

  8. Thank God the girl passed you back your stuffs.. I put everything in one wallet – notes, cards, even can chuck in my phone..

    Your phone? Gee!!! You must have a very big wallet. Or is it a woman’s thing? My missus’ one is so big, can’t go into the pocket….so she carries it in her hand. I keep telling her – so dangerous, people can snatch it anytime but she just would not listen. Dunno what she stuffs in it!!!

  9. oh yes, the chili dip sure looks awesome! I will need at least 3 servings of that!

    Ahhhh!!! You like it hot, eh? 😉

  10. That’s great, I guess now people said lose the money is fine but not those identity cards, super troublesome. Especially our IC, if lost more than 3 times, then will get red IC something like that…(I’ve friend who has really lost 3 times, she’s very “shui” one time lost it, two times got stolen…)

    Good grief!!! 3 times!!! I lost once, more than enough!!! So troublesome…especially those days during the time of the Communists. Had to go through the interrogation at the police headquarters – under suspicion of selling my ic to the communists!!!

  11. very very gingery ? Muhahaha …can imagine what happen after that.

    It’s good to see honesty still alive

    Yes, nothing to steal…but some people may just throw it away and not bother to go after you to return it. I bet if I had left and gone back later or another day, they would keep it for me. Once I dropped my car key at a supermarket here…and only realised it when I was leaving and could not get into my car. I went back…and yes, somebody had found it and I was able to claim the key from the customer service counter. Very nice.

  12. Thank God the girl return you the wallet…

    Sure am glad there are such nice people around.

  13. Nice of that girl to run after you! Usually they would just keep it and wait for the owner to come back for it, if they are being nice.

    Good also if they do that. Some may just throw it away and feign ignorance when you come back to ask. That time when I lost the wallet, 1970…or 72, can’t remember exactly – I had just left the shop…and I did not see anyone else going in or out but when I went back to ask, the people there said they did not see it. I had taken money out to buy something and I had not gone anywhere else – so it could not be anywhere else other than in that shop. Nothing I could do about it, unfortunately. 😦

  14. Oh dear you dropped your card holder! Luckily the nice girl spotted it and returned them to you. Imagine the headache if you lost it. For some strange reason, I like raw taugeh in laksa or Vietnamese noodles.

    Next time, we go and eat together…and I will pass to you all the taugeh! 😀

  15. I was on holiday in Cairns and my wallet slipped out of my pocket 3 times, and was handed back to me each time by a stranger. After I eventually lost this wallet by leaving it in a hotel safe in Beijing (http://i82muchblog.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/beijing-to-tianjin-1-may-2012-and-i.html), I changed to a canvas one, which provided a bit more friction in the pocket than the leather one.

    The hotel did offer to send it back, but wanted me to pay postage. So I didn’t bother. There was no cash in it, just credit cards I had already cancelled.

    Wowww!!! You’ve been lucky each time. Nice of the hotel to offer to send it back to you. So far, since that time some 50 years ago, I’ve been lucky too. Just this one time since then and it was promptly returned to me.

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