Not that different…

I was somewhat intrigued when I saw the pankeks served at one place in Sean’s blog and I made up my mind right away that I would like to give it a try.

So when my girl was coming home last Friday, I pounded some pandan (screwpine) leaves, added a quarter cup of water and squeezed out the juice…

Pandan juice

…and I replaced the evaporated milk in the original recipe with a packet of santan (coconut milk)…


Other than that, I reduced the sugar from 3 tablespoons to 2 as I reckoned the santan would be sweet as well and anyway, I am cutting down on sugar (other than oil, salt and msg) these days and would not go for anything that’s too sweet.

Otherwise, it was the same recipe that we would usually follow where we would beat 125 gm of butter (half a block) with the aforementioned sugar and then add three eggs…

Butter sugar eggs

…and beat them altogether well.

The flour would go in next…

*This was the 2nd cup*

…one cup at a time with half of the cup of santan/pandan juice mix.

Once the batter was smooth, that would be the time to add the three teaspoons of ENO…


…and the whipping would continue for just a little bit more to mix everything together well.

After greasing the heated pan with butter, you would need to add the batter, a bit at a time, and spread it out and once you could see the bubbles appearing, that would mean you could flip it over in a bit to cook the other side. Keep the fire at medium, not high so that the pancake would brown nicely and will not get burnt.

Once done, remove from the pan and place on some kitchen towels before moving the pankek onto a plate to serve…


With the amount of ingredients used, I was able to dish out quite a lot – one whole stack…

One stack

…in fact!

Indeed, it was very nice with a hint of the taste and fragrance of the santan and pandan (my missus thought I added kaya, coconut jam) though mine had a very slight tint of green…


…not like the ones Sean had.

So there you have it! Pankek, the Malaysian version of the pancake, kek being the word for cake in Malay!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Not that different…”

  1. This past weekend, I was talking about pancakes with the BF. I’m not sure why we got on that topic. I had made french toast for my daughter. I told him that I much prefer a lighter pancake to a heavy one. These look light and fluffy.

    You can try these – they’re everybody’s favourite!

  2. Actually looks yummy.

    ENO? For better digestion while eating? not sure if the effect will still be there after frying?

    That’s definitely not the intention. It’s to make the pancake light and fluffy – I think the effervescent effect does the trick, like baking soda.

  3. your version of pankek looks very alluring … i love your resourcefulness, skill and inventiveness … and the idea of adding a dollop of kaya with the pankek sounds like the ideal breakfast 😀

    Yes, I had kaya in the fridge…and was so tempted to do that…but decided against it – reckoned I would be much better off without the extra sugar. 😀

  4. Very well made! Thumbs up.

    Ok. I must make it again one of the morning for my pancake princess. ^^

    Go ahead! Easy to make, nice to eat. Bet she’ll love you for it. Make small pieces, let her bring to school. 😉

    1. What flour are you using?? All purpose or just plain flour?

      What’s all purpose? I use the Blue Key ones in boxes, not self-raising.

  5. It looks beautiful! Now I am in the mood for pancakes. 🙂

    Come, make some. If I can do it, anyone can! Anytime heaps better than the ready mix that comes in boxes.

  6. Your pancakes look so so good, lots of liew, 3 eggs and half a block of butter !! I only use 1 egg, flour and some milk.. I must learn your version and try it.. The pancakes look so fluffly and buttery and fragrant, can smell it from here 🙂

    No butter? That would make a world of difference – no butter fragrance, so plain, where got nice?

  7. Eat with bacon and maple syrup!

    You love bacon? Oooooo….. Maybe you need those to eat with the ones that you get in the cafes – these are so good, you can eat it on its own. Oopsss…stole somebody’s tagline. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. How I miss those IHOP pancakes after seeing this…. 😦

    They’re nice too – I’ve had them twice…but these have an edge over theirs – nicer! Plus they’re a whole lot cheaper – works out to around RM1.00 a piece, or less. Bet you can’t get that kind of price at IHOP.

  9. Wow, so delicious ya, my mom do make something like this once in a white, but not so frequent, she always complain it’s very troublesome, hehe…

    Not really leh? I quite enjoy it actually, getting better at it each time. You should give it a try, very simple – surprise your mum! She will be so pleased with you, I’m sure! 😛

  10. Nice pancake. Will try since it is quite easy. When you mentioned 3 things (santan, pandan & butter) in your pancake I knew it would taste great. Yummy!!!!

    You will not regret it, I assure you. It is very nice. You can try making the ones following the original recipe too – with evaporated milk, see which one you prefer. For me, both are nice.

  11. RM 2.50 coconut milk in liquid form! 🙂

    I remember getting some of the liquid packs of santan too but it all disappeared and we’re left with the powdered ones for making laksa over the weekend. It was good but I still prefer using liquid ones. It’s just like how stocks nowadays are in liquid form instead of cubes/powder – there are aromatics that gets lost when something is freeze dried or powdered.

    Minus the hassle of having to buy fresh grated coconut and squeezing one’s own. I used to buy AYAM in cans before, also available in packets but I find this brand thicker and richer. I’ve used Harmoni too – but I hear all the Malay shops and stalls use that so not that readily available sometimes. Not fond of powder, has the rancid smell of overcooked coconut milk but the again, I have not used for a long long time, not since the 90’s, so maybe the current ones are ok.

  12. What a beautiful stack! I’d like one of those with some coconut cream and gula Melaka syrup. 😉

    Ahhhhh!!!! Did not cross my mind! Gula Melaka would be nice – reduce the sugar even further and serve with that! I just kept telling myself no, no no…leave the kaya in the fridge alone – I’ve sinned enough! 😀 😀 😀

  13. Replacing evaporated milk with santan sounds like a very good idea. Will have to try it one day (we don’t make pancakes very often).

    Brings the taste to a whole new level – makes it more like our Malay or nyonya kiuhs. Nice change from the usual.

  14. Those pancakes of yours sure look good, so beautifully browned. I have not made pancakes before so one day I’ll give your recipe a go 😀

    Go ahead! It’s very nice. Now I’m thinking of baking the batter…to see if it will come out as… a cake! 😀

  15. Oh oh oh.. This looks easy to do it. I only knows making instant pancake. huhu.

    Those that come in boxes? Not nice lah. Same as those ready mixes for cakes, never mind Betty Crocker or who. Come, try this! You will never buy those supermarket ones ever again.

  16. that’s an easy recipe! bet it tastes fragrant too!

    Yes, if it is not easy, you would not catch me doing it again and again. This is the third time already, if I remember correctly.

  17. wow…your culinary skills are getting better and better each day. The pancake looks so soft and fluffy , unlike those in McD.

    Thank you, thank you! *takes a bow* 😉 McD has pancakes? Gee! I never knew that – can’t remember the last time I dropped by that franchise place…

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