Give it to me…

I was just about to doze off that day for my afternoon siesta when the air-conditioner just went off suddenly. Drats! A blackout again, I thought. I went downstairs to check if there was a power failure in my neighbourhood and saw that the switch had tripped so I turned it back on and everything was all right after that. I asked my missus why that happened out of the blue and she said that she went to turn on the air-conditioner in the living room and that did it!

I called somebody to come and check and he said the wiring and everything was all right so it had to be the air-conditioner so I should get someone to come and fix it. This one was really old – a hand-me-down, in fact, that was given to me by my father when he replaced it with something newer and better. The guy came and said that it was the condenser and instead of having that replaced, I might get as well get a new one…which I did. I was intending to change it anyway as it had been kind of cranky lately and the new energy savers would not consume as much electricity as these old ones.

To my delight, there was a free gift that came with it and I really liked it a lot – a ceramic pan…

Free gift

I have never heard of nor seen one, the goondu that I am…


…though I have seen the green one on the food channel on satellite television but I think that’s a completely different thing.

I wish I could have all four colours…

Four colours

…but then again, what on earth would I do with so many pans?

It sure has a lot of good qualities…


…but then again, we’ll never know until we start using one. I particularly like the fact that it is non-stick and non-toxic…

More characteristics

…but my missus would have to take special note of this…

Note well

She will ALWAYS heat up the wok or the pan till it is fuming hot before adding the oil and starting to cook. She insists that the food cooked at the restaurants is nicer because of the big fire and the extra heat so that is why she does that. Well, it says there: “Do not overheat the product while empty…”

Actually, I have changed two of my old air-conditioners sometime ago – the ones in the bedrooms and with the energy savers, my electricity bill dropped by half so hopefully, with this new one, it will go down a little bit more. For the first of the two, I got a nice non-stick wok, Tefal no less, and I gave that to my girl to use in her quarters in her school. This…

Free gift 2

…was what I got when I bought the second one. It did not get me very excited, this one, but my missus said that these Zebra products are actually very good and very expensive in the shops.

It sure makes me wonder though – why they give these cooking stuff when one buys an air-conditioner considering that they are not even remotely connected. Perhaps a comforter or a blanket would be more appropriate, don’t you think?

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20 thoughts on “Give it to me…”

  1. Your missus loves the ‘wok hei’ aroma I guess that’s why she always heat it up high high πŸ˜€

    The kitchen, cooker top especially gets extra messy if the wok or oil is too hot.

  2. Lucy is right, those Zebra products are made of extremely high quality stainless steel, better than China products any day. I have two kettles of theirs as well as a bunch of other stuff. We’re lucky, we have a good Zebra shop in Medan Mall.

    I guess that’s the small shop at one corner, first floor, I think. I’ve bought some things from there before.

  3. I got most of my crockery and cutleries from that same air con company when my sil used to work in one. Hehe.

    Keep them, STP. I still keep a few of them. Not yet use. That stainless steel pan is nice. It should be called a pot, why pan??

    I was wondering that same thing too! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Wahhhh!!!! You have so many? No, I would not ask you for any as I have a lot stuffed in the storeroom – I prefer using the old ones, never mind so out of shape, such an eyesore. Those well-seasoned ones are the best!

  4. Ceramic pan? Saw it before in Channel 118 Astro, they were advertising ceramic pan, Happycall pan, all types of pans.. Wah, and you got it for free, so nice..

    My missus has a Happy Call pan, don’t see her using it much anymore. 😦 Don’t see much on Facebook either – at one time, everyone so crazy about it…and then there was the air fryer… I wonder what will be next!

  5. Nice! I like the vibrant colors of this series!

    Me too! Would love all the colours but one would be enough for me already, no point having so many.

  6. I am interested in your energy saving aircon when I hear that it really help to save in the electricity bill. Is it the inverter or econavi nanoe-G type? Long time ago, when I bought a Panasonic aircon, the free gift is a comforter but now it seems they are giving thermos jar & i-lock food container.

    Wahhhhh!!! You sure do know a lot about air-cons – you’re in the business or what, towkay neo? πŸ˜€

    All I know is the seller said they’re all energy savers, all the new ones are – not like the old ones…and once I replaced the two old SINGERs in the bedrooms, my bill went down from RM300 plus…to only RM150 plus. I guess that must be because of the aircons, not that electricity is so much cheaper now. Now that I’ve got rid of this old Panasonic, let’s see if it will go down further or not.

  7. new eco friendly air-cond ah? Few years ago i read somewhere if you have eco friendly electrical things in your house, you can ask for electric bill rebate. Not sure how is the

    Can kah? Malas lah…already cheap. Eco-friendly = don’t use aircon, save electricity. Hehehehe!!!!

  8. interesting πŸ˜€ yay for new aircond! I got 2 new ones recently for my new home, yet to install. It was a toss up between panasonic and daikin. Finally the mrs went for panasonic.

    Would have loved to go for the inverter ones though (despite the higher price), but I was informed for living room usage which is less than 3 hours daily, inverter technology doesn’t really help as for it to work optimally, and save, it has to be switch on 8 hours or more a day.

    Daikin = York, exactly the same, can use one remote control for all…just that the latest one, it is named Daikin and not York. I heard Daikin bought over York, so no more York…for the time being. The guy said maybe in July, there will be new ones, York.

    Dunno all these technical things – only know that my electricity bill went down by half – so happy! 6 months or so, I would have saved enough for the cost of one aircon already!

  9. The vegetables look so good. I had a great omelet for breakfast this morning with grated cheese and fresh tomatoes…it was delicious!

    That’s the picture on the box, very colourful.

  10. Well, having that ceramic pan, you would enjoy cooking there! hustle-free! Yey!

    Not going to use it, or at least not for the time being. Still got the old ones.

  11. My living room air conditioner is also due to be replaced. The last time I replaced my upstairs air-conditioner, I got ceramic bowls as a gift. I would love a ceramic pan like yours!

    SINGER last time, I got a whole set of stoneware crockery, so many pieces…big and small. Very nice!

  12. wahhhh… so nice.. ceramic pan… I also don’t have one… by the way, what is lock and lock? So now your house has all three new air cons… so nice… My rooms are not fully equipped with air con yet… guest room none… huhuhuuu… :

    Quick! Quick! Fix one soon… then when I go over, I can stay at your place. LOL!!! Lock & lock is the brand, I think. I recall having some plastic containers, this brand, if I’m not mistaken…real airtight, better than Tupperware.

  13. I too have never heard of ceramic pans. Have only heard of people using ceramic knives, especially to cut lettuce with, as it is supposed to prevent the cut edges going brown, if I remember rightly.

    Oh? There are knives? Didn’t know that either. I belong to the stone age, obviously. LOL!!!

  14. I thought there would be nothing wrong if you add the oil first, then heat it up. The key is to add ingredients to hot oil, and not add oil to hot surface, isn’t it? Or I have been wrong all this while? :/

    I’m thinking to change my pan to a deeper one, like a wok. I also want one that is safe to go into the oven. But those are pretty expensive so I haven’t got around to getting it yet. 😦

    My missus will say that if the wok is not hot enough and you add the oil…and if you do not heat up the oil enough before adding the ingredients, what you cook will stick…like in deep frying fish for instance. She memang lots of rules and regulations one – must pat the fish dry with kitchen towel…bla…bla…bla… That is why I don’t bake – after hearing all the taboos she listed, scared to try. Sure disaster one, since I am not one to stick to rules.

    I’m not a fan of using a pan, would rather use a wok but that also depends on what I’m cooking. You will need to look for a pan with a detachable handle if you want it to go into the oven.

  15. That is interesting that you received free cookware. Years ago, there was a local car dealership that gave away a new bike with each car purchase. I’m glad that your home is nice and cool once again.

    Yes, we sure need air-conditioning here – it is always so hot and humid.

  16. Good question!

    I’m not sure why the free gifts are totally different from the product sometimes. I have gotten a TV for a dSLR camera purchase (somewhat related) as a free gift.

    Maybe in this case they buy them in bulk? Yeah, Zebra is quite expensive here and it’s good quality too but it’s cheaper in Thailand so we actually went to Thailand to buy a wok once.

    Should be cheaper there since they’re made in Thailand. Good quality, can last forever so value for money.

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