This time around…

I dropped by this shop again as I had some stuff to do at the insurance agency next door and I decided to stop by and try the guy’s Sarawak laksa (RM5.00)…

Colourful Cafe Sarawak laksa

I would say that it did not taste quite the same as the one that I like very much here

Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa

…but yes, it was very nice. I did wish it was a little bit spicier though, both the broth and the sambal belacan that came with it, but I heard people grumbling about the sambal in his nasi lemak for being too hot for them to handle. I suppose in this business, he would have no choice but to cater for the taste of the majority.

Still, I thought it was good to the last drop…


…and I certainly wouldn’t mind having that again but of course, if I happen to stop by another time, I would want to sample the other things he is selling here…

Colourful Cafe Sibu

This was past lunch time, around 2.00 p.m. already so the customers who were here earlier had left and gone back to work. I love how the place is so very clean, with Italian tiles on the floor and all…and that notice on the counter says that the place is closed on Tuesdays so if you do intend to drop by as well, make sure it is on any other day of the week except that day.

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25 thoughts on “This time around…”

  1. Is it a savory broth? It looks very rich and bursting with flavor. I love spicy too. A good broth can send the food it’s prepared with on a completely different level.

    It is. The paste is a combination of shallots, lemon grass, chili and a whole lot of herbs and spices and coconut milk is added in the cooking of the broth. Very nice.

  2. looks so good! no wonder all the broth is gone! miss sarawak laksa, very long never have them. msian laksa its totally different.

    Hey, my friend! Sarawak not Malaysian kah? You mean West Malaysian? In which case, you would need to specify whether it is the Penang (asam) laksa or the nyonya curry laksa. I am ok with Penang laksa though it may be an acquired taste if it is very strong in the herbs uses, the bunga kantan and what not. Curry laksa is like our masak lemak similar to the Indonesian lontong too…or even curry mee, lots of coconut milk, very rich. But you’re right in saying that yes, they are completely different from our Sarawak or Kuching laksa. You never come back to your hometown? Why, I wonder.

  3. Yes. It is clean. Not like in Golden Arch, old and messy but at least it is presentable (if you know what I mean ^^)

    Yours look nicer than mine.

    My cousins who came that day said the same about our eating places here. Full of praises for the municipal council for the good job they have been doing, said not like in Kuching.

  4. Judging from the empty bowl, I make assumption that the laksa is nice. Yes, indeed the place is clean, a plus point for them.

    Yes, the municipal council will come and check – A for good, B, ok but do something…C means not good, do something or we’ll close you down. Generally, everyone has complied.

  5. You finished the soup! Means the whole bowl is good.. Yep, the place looks clean, comfortable.. Hmm, now I feel like having curry laksa for lunch 🙂

    Go ahead. Nice too but a lot more lemak – some are not so fond of that.

  6. Wow, it was so delicious until you finished all the soup, hahaha!! After it have the feeling to order one more dish??

    So full, big bowl… Will surely want to go again sometime.

  7. You surely enjoyed it…and that is great! I love the yellow chairs. 🙂

    They use these plastic chairs at all coffee shops here – yellow seems to be the newer favourite – used to be red…or black.

  8. The only laksa I’m familiar with in nonya curry laksa, which my mother used to make. Have tried Penang laksa, but didn’t like it. I am not familiar with the other Sarawak and Kuching laksas.

    They have that at the Kitchen Inn, Thornlie…though their Facebook photograph does not look really great – the colour and probably too much coconut milk. It does not look quite the same here either.

    1. Haven’t been there for a few months – I think it’s time to check it out again!

      If I’m not mistaken, those people came from Sibu and if they have anyone flying over, they will have our bagel-like kompia on the menu.

  9. Look forward to your post when you happen to drop by there again and sample other items…

    No matter how very very nice, no chance of ever ever trying…since you are not coming over. 😦

  10. And coincidentally some friends twisted my arm to make them some Sarawak laksa this weekend…

    Hmmm…too bad you’re so far away or I would come knocking on your door. 😀

    1. Hahaha you’ll maybe get your chance yet STP – I am moving nearer to you very soon!

      Oh? *rolling out the red carpet* 😀

  11. Rose put up her laksa yesterday… so today yours… Both looked equally good though I am not a fan for spicy curry… but you finishing to the last drop proved that it must be GOOD!

    This is specially for people like you – Sibu people are generally not into spicy stuff, not like me or my missus, so you will find that this is not spicy at all. That, I would say, is one point NOT in their favour…in my opinion. I like it HOT!

  12. Oh, where is this place? I click the link it is looks like somewhere near “Renew” or something, quite near to my mum place? Laksa looks very good, yum!!!

    Yes, Renew4U – the insurance agency. Your SIL is there, this coffee shop is right next door.

  13. Ah! Yes yes, that is her brother in law shop, Renew4U. And i heard from my mum this coffee shop also belongs to them, or something like that. Ok, will tell my mum to go and try the CKT and laksa there.

    Yup, her BIL rents it out to people. Changed hands a few times already – hopefully, this one will last longer than the rest.

  14. Insurance? which company? receiving your terminal/maturity bonus? $.$

    Accumulative, payable when I kick the bucket…on top of the million, the sum insured. You wanna be my beneficiary? Muahahahaha!!!!

  15. This looks pretty good! 🙂

    I usually stick to Aloha, had Chopstick’s RM 19.50 version once (with lots of huge prawns) which was okay but the broth isn’t as good and for Sarawak laksa, the broth is everything.

    I saw that post and I thought the prawns were miserably small and worse, they shrink when cooked…so RM19.50 is really a rip-off!!! Even the Aloha ones look bigger and you get quite a few for their RM10 special. Some places, you can have realtively big udang galah/freshwater prawns at that price. People say they were the original people at Aloha – the present ones took over after they left…and the kway chap people moved there from YummyKafe, was very popular there too.

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