Puttin’ on the Ritz…

I grew up eating Ritz crackers…

Ritz crackers

…long before there were Julie’s…

Julie's cheese crackers

Those were during the colonial times when we had everything made in England – Jacob’s cream crackers (the present ones are under the Danone flagship, if I am not mistaken, or Kraft Malaysia), Huntley & Palmers’ Nice and Gems.

We can still get those Ritz ones these days though I am not too sure where they are made now – I never bothered to check. These smoky bacon flavour ones…

Ritz smoky bacon crackers 1

…are made in Hungary…

Made in Hungary

…it seems.

I would say they were very nice – very crispy with the very nice bacon fragrance…

Ritz smoky bacon crackers 2

…but I would say they do not come cheap.

My girl saw them at our local supermarket the other day and bought me a pack to enjoy…


…and from the price tag, each was going for over RM7.00 and perhaps, that was on special offer…

Expiry date

…as the expiry date would be sometime around the end of the month.

O.k…I’ve tried and I’ve enjoyed it but I sure am not rushing out to get another pack…even though at least, it is a little cheaper than many of the imported biscuits and cookies available here. The way the prices are shooting up, I think I can jolly well live without them.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Puttin’ on the Ritz…”

  1. puttin’ on the ritz … i’m trying to guess how many of your readers realise that’s the name of a hit song from decades ago πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! They would be as old as me if they know the original…ancient! But some New Wave group in the 80’s revived it and had a hit. But you’d be surprised! Guess who did it in 2013:

    – a medley with one of his own songs!

  2. Now that song is in my head. I used to love the Ritz crackers, they seem to have changed the recipe so it’s not as ‘buttery’ as it used to be.

    Everything these days sure do not seem as nice as the ones we/I grew up eating. The good ol’ days!

  3. I grew up eating from the big tong bought from sundry shop ones. Then as I went to college, a bit atas dy start eating Jacobs. Now… I dont remember eating crackers for a long long time dy. Must go buy one and start eating again πŸ™‚

    I had my share of those too – loved the ones with pineapple jam, dunked in my coffee and ate! Also loved the cream-filled wafer (the ones like Loacker’s). Used to buy chin kin – “weigh by the kati”. Loved them so much then – either we were so deprived (though I did get to enjoy some of those made-in-England stuff, colonial days before you were born), not like the present generation…or things tasted a lot nicer then. Everyone says Milo today sure isn’t like Milo then.

  4. I growing up eating Julie’s and Jacobs. ^^

    Saw this Ritz the other day I were browsing through the aisles and shown you the Tim Tam. But I did not buy anything there. Lol.

    My kids are more fond of the Danish’s cookies than those biscuits.

    Must be their branch in Kuching then – their Tim Tams would be the original from Oz, not Indonesia but I wouldn’t buy any myself. Had had an overdose already…including chocolates & Scottish shortbread. Would go for the not-sweet stuff or the savoury ones now. Wahhhhh!!! Your kids have very expensive taste buds, eh? Must be Kjeldsen’s, others are not nice.

  5. Me pulak, I grow up eating Hup Seng cream crackers, the square ones.. And Marie.. And the ones chosen from those big metal tongs – coloured sugar gems, pineapple/jam tarts, coffee/chocolate wafers..

    I know Hup Seng. I prefer Jacob’s though…and Tiger’s. Marie, I’d go for Tiger too…and cheese crackers, Julie’s. I have not seen any nice local Nice biscuits though. Not into those Gems or the wafers and the biscuits with jam anymore.

  6. I never knew any other brands for biscuits other than Jacobs until I got to secondary school. True story. :/

    By your time, there wouldn’t be any British-made biscuits left, I’m sure – Jacobs would be made in Malaysia already unless you go to places like M&S. 1986, I used to frequent their shop at BB Plaza – their Scottish shortbread would be going for RM1-2.00 once the expiry date drew near. They do not seem to have that anymore these days at their current outlets. Other than those, my favourite then would be Kjeldsen’s Danish cookies – somehow, they do not seem to be all that nice anymore…and they are always broken up in bits and pieces, so put off by that…especially when they are so very expensive now.

  7. Hahaha!!!…I also have my fair share of Julie’s Cheese crackers & Hup Seng cream crackers. Now I go for Osborne biscuit, dunked in a hot cup of kopi kaw kaw, very nice.

    Osborne’s my missus favourite. Growing up, we had roti kay-ben, Cabin’s the name – same thing.

  8. The expired date is quite close, but not bad la, they did clear out those almost expired stuffs instead of keeping it forever then when they found out, just throw it away then……

    They used to do that at Marks & Spencer in the mid-80’s – I would grab those on offer. Dunno if they still do that now. At another supermart here, the local biscuits will go for RM1.00 a pack when about to expire. So cheap!

  9. I have never seen any smoky bacon flavoured Ritz crackers here in Montreal! Just the original and the cheese. πŸ™‚

    The original and cheese crackers, I would opt for our own Malaysian-made, Julie’s – nice too…and so very much cheaper.

  10. I have gone off biscuits and crackers and haven’t eaten any for quite some time. But bacon flavour hmmm…that I will buy if I see it! πŸ˜€

    Dunno if you can get these there but I am sure you can find Shapes by Arnotts – the only one that I like is the cheese and bacon flavour, very nice and fragrant, just a lot harder than these.

  11. thats my favourite brand i love to have biscuits in the afternoon .

    Ritz? I’d opt for our own Julie’s. Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia, much cheaper. πŸ˜‰

  12. wow, interesting, haven’t seen this before but i know i wouldn’t like it πŸ˜›

    Not the first and definitely not the last, that’s for sure. The irony of it all…

  13. Julie biscuit not bad…

    Yes, and very much cheaper too. I’d rather buy it instead.

  14. hmmm….I think my kids love it too. I saw they asked the mom to buy some and leave it at a container. I haven’t try it yet as I was still enjoying my Marks and Spencers Oat cookies. Tried that before?

    I can’t remember if I have had their oats – I did try quite a few, those that I bought once…and the rest, given to me by friends and family, but I only liked All butter Viennese, not the rest. Just the other day, my cousin gave me their Rich Tea – I loved it! I think that was a welcome change from all the rich and sweet stuff I’ve been getting and having – I’ve grown off Tim Tams (and chocolates) and I’ve had my fill of Scottish shortbread too. In fact, I bought Rich Tea when I was in the UK long ago and I did not like it, so bland, so tasteless…I thought at the time. This time around, I really enjoyed it very much.

  15. My sis just bought Julie’s butter crackers, go with milk would be very nice, good for breakfast or supper

    In Singapore? I guess they must be very very cheap there, in your currency…and yes, they’re very nice. I also love the sandwich ones – those with peanut butter cream. Great to stock some around the house for tea or supper.

  16. Oh yes, I remember Ritz very well. But when I was young they were a standard round size and we always ate them with cubes of cheese.

    Yes, first time I see one that is not round. Great crackers to serve with cheese…but not these, would be too salty, I think.

  17. I love this Ritz crackers too, not too oily~

    Not bad, just a bit too expensive. Hmmm…everyone’s commenting on yesterday’s post. It seems that the link updates in everyone’s blogs have not updated, dunno why.

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