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Malaysia is a land of festivals. After Christmas and ushering in the new year, we had Chinese New Year…and coming soon, at the end of this month, those of us in Sarawak will be celebrating the Gawai Dayak Festival while the Sabahans will be celebrating theirs – the Harvest or Kaamatan Festival.

I heard that the decor at this megamall in town is up and it is very nice so I made it a point to drop by and have a look…

Gawai decor 1

It certainly is very well done…

Gawai decor 2

…don’t you think?

The brass gongs sure look like real…

Brass gongs

…but of course, the sape


…isn’t anything like the real thing. This is the ethnic stringed-instrument or guitar, if you choose to classify it as such – the sounds are really so very pleasant and soothing.

They have all kinds of very unique and enchanting musical instruments, these ethnic races in the state of Sarawak and thanks to Sada Borneo who were in the reality talent show recently, many would have been enthralled by some of them…

…including the sape, I’m sure. As a matter of fact, I had never seen nor heard a few of those that they played before myself and was spellbound and so very impressed by the captivating sounds of each of them. Unfortunately, they did not garner enough votes to make it into the finals but at  least, they were the only Malaysian act to get that far in the competition and they did give a lot of people an insight into what’s in store here in Sarawak, musically and culturally, that is.

Back to the decor at the mall, they also have a bit at the entrance…

Star MegaMall entrance 1

…to wish everyone Selamat Hari Gawai Dayak

Star MegaMall entrance 2

They did a really good job for Christmas last year…

Christmas 2014 at Star MegaMall
*Archive photo*

…and the year before…

Christmas 2013 at Star MgeMall
*Archive photo*

…and for Chinese New Year…

Chinese New Year 2015 Star MegaMall
*Archive photo*

…earlier this year too and they have done it again. I must say that they do deserve a pat on the back for their good work everytime.

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14 thoughts on “Coming soon…”

  1. Good to see the malls are putting more efforts in decorations!

    Nothing like those over at your side but for a little town like ours, this is very good, should be appreciated.

  2. Nice deco for different festivals. Oh yeah!!!..these instruments gives out pleasant & smoothing sounds. Thumbs Up to Sada Borneo.

    Yes, they do deserve a pat on their backs.

  3. Well done to Sada Borneo for making us proud and promote our unique culture and music. I actually prefer their audition rendition than the semi.

    Hmm. I have not gone to mall lately. Maybe they have put up the Gawai decor by now.

    Rather similar, I thought…and not as nice. Should have come out with something different, something to get everybody on their feet and dance away perhaps…and they should have listened and done away with the modern guitars and replaced them with some other ethnic instruments – after all, he was the chief judge and ignored, sure it would spell their doom!

    Very few authentic “Asian” acts in the finals though, just a sprinkling…unfortunately. Makes it pretty much the same as any of the other reality talent shows anywhere in the world.

    Haven’t seen any photographs on Facebook either. Usually Spring does it really well.

  4. It is a wise investment on the festival decor in the mall. It can certainly attract more customers to visit the mall.

    It sure will get people in the mood…and hopefully, they will spend more. I guess they can deduct the expenses to offset the total of their taxable income. A double whammy for them!

  5. Nice decorations, never seen it here so it’s good to see it in your post..

    You will not see it there – it’s a state public holiday – only in Sarawak, no holiday over at your side…but we do not have a holiday for Deepavali and Thaipusam, too few Indians here.

  6. Something very different from here.. at least you can get to see different types of cultures and taste their food over there… Well done! I watched the Asians Got Talent last Friday.. first time watching them… I think the shadows might win something… either 1 or 2nd…

    Depending on votes, I think. If that is the case, very hard to say. If the people of one country go all out to vote, the act may win…even though it may not be the best one. The Philippines have four acts in the final, I think, divided by 4 already – split votes.

  7. I remember the Gawai Dayak day was one of my favorite days of the year when I was schooling, because it meant an extra day of holiday for a festival that I never celebrate or know anything about except from what I read from textbooks. I wonder if they are still a public holiday in schools in the Semenanjung nowadays.

    I think it was a public holiday there as June 1st was the Agong’s birthday and people here would have an extra day holiday for Gawai Dayak – June 1st & 2nd…and 3rd to replace the Agong’s birthday. Dunno why but it seems they have moved it to June 8th now. Makes no difference to us, teachers and students, though as that will be the mid-year break around that time. 😦

  8. looks super-colourful, cheerful and festive … like a cross between CNY and Christmas! i’ve not been to sarawak during the gawai dayak festival period before 😀

    Good time to come but will have to be prepared for expensive air tickets, over-crowded airports…and overloaded boats. It’s like going to the Philippines during Christmas – everybody’s going home.

  9. With so many festivals, the mall management has to keep up with the various decorations and it looks like they have done a good job. Goodness, we are almost half way through 2015. How time flies!

    Yes, half a year gone! Hardly felt a thing!

  10. Dayak festival..Wow, that’s nice decorations. Oh yea, I watched the Asia’s Got Talent, unfortunately these guys did not make to the GF.

    P/S : Sure, no worries about the photo. You can copy it.

    Yes, sad. Not fond of the tap dancers that got in at all, not Asian and nothing special. I have a soft spot for the Thai kid rockers though – cute! 😀

    P/S: Thanks. Post coming up later in the week.

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