By special request…

My cousin’s hubby had the fish head curry here a long time ago and loved it to bits so by special request, we went there on their first night in town for dinner…and of course, that was what we had…

Sheraton fish head curry

Needless to say, they enjoyed that very much.

The Thai-style roast chicken with pickled jelly fish…

Sheraton Thai-style chicken

…was very good too and the asparagus with prawns…

Asparagus with prawns

…was all right.

The Philippine pork leg (crispy pata)…

Sheraton Philippine pork leg

…wasn’t all that great though – I think it was the way they seasoned it and that was not quite to our liking. Probably there was a little too much five-spice powder and don’t know what else. The one we had here was definitely nicer.

It is my missus’ birthday today so we had an advance celebration with their fried mee sua

Sheraton fried mee sua and golden eggs

…plus the golden eggs. Everybody enjoyed this to the max…and we also ordered a cake…

Birthday cake from Marcus

…from our favourite baker in town and we all had that for dessert along with the or nee (yam paste) and lightly-fried sesame crackers with lotus paste…

Sheraton or nee

It was supposed to be a birthday treat from me but my cousin’s hubby insisted on picking up the tab, thank you so much to him for that. The bill, inclusive of drinks and towels plus a plate of stewed peanuts, came up to around RM300.00 for 9 persons plus a bit more owing to the current GST charges. No, it is not all that cheap dining here and that is exactly why we usually do not dine here all that much and would save it for special occasions or when we have special visitors in town.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “By special request…”

  1. Happy B to Lucy! Is this the cousin we met in Kuching? Can’t believe it’s May already, not too long to go. Looking forward to the Pan-Borneo Highway again.

    Thanks. No, her youngest sister was in the group who came. Indeed, looking forward to more food adventures. Btw, they stopped at Jakar, both coming and going…and both times, the prawn noodle place we went to was not open and they had to settle for the other one that people say is not so great.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a dessert like that before. It sure does look tempting.

    I’m not too sure – it probably is Fuzhou. The paste is something like the layers in those sponge cakes with yam paste or cream in between, I think…or maybe a little thicker than that. Personally, I love the cheese crackers ones.

  3. This’s an off topic question ya, when I saw the cake, I wondered since you’re so good in cooking, how about baking a cake ya??

    I’ve been wanting to give it a try but I’ve yet to get down to it. All these years, it had been my missus’ forte – she was the one baking the cakes…and I had a phobia, being one who will never follow recipe to the letter and she would tell me this cannot, that cannot, must beat exactly how long and how much, what flour, what butter, what sugar to use bla…bla…bla…so that got me very worried, no confidence! Then a couple of years ago, we bought a new oven and her cakes all turned out disastrous…and she has never baked since…and of course, that has discouraged me from trying even more.

    Besides, unless it is for a special occasion, no prize for guessing who will eat all the cake. My girl isn’t really into cakes – she would rather go for pies and pastries…so I would make those sometimes instead.

  4. Happy birthday to your wifey πŸ™‚ Got fish, chicken, pork… And oooooo I like that plate of noodles with golden eggs.. And ahhhh, butter cake.. Ho chiak!

    Thanks. You can have these…if you come over and the same goes to everyone who takes some time off to hop over to our nice, little town. They all enjoyed the trip…especially the food and are already planning to come over again when they get the chance! Sure makes a lot more sense coming here for a short holiday instead of elsewhere, especially other countries, as everything here is cheap, including the hotel…and nice.

  5. Happy birthday to your wife! The roast chicken looks delicious but I would want it alone, not with the pickled jellyfish…and roast pork, oh, yes! πŸ™‚

    The pickled jellyfish is the favourite of many here, not mine though. I’m just ok with it, will eat but you would not catch me craving for it…anytime. The chicken was good, very nicely done but we did not quite enjoy the pork leg. Thanks for the birthday wish.

  6. Chicken for me please! But i’ll need some kitchen towel eehehehehe

    Oh? Why? You are so delicate and do not want to dirty your dainty little fingers? Ok with us – we use chopsticks…and it’s roasted, not fried…so not oily. Can use hand as well, not a problem for me.

  7. curry fish! our family favourite, my dad’s, my mum’s, brother and I love curry fish head! yum yum…

    Come on over, everybody! I’ll take you all for the best in town! πŸ˜‰

  8. Fried mee suah and golden eggs, nice and yummy, I had that once in this place. Wow..Or Nee & cake, my favorite dessert.

    Happy Birthday to Lucy!!

    Thank you. Yes, definitely one of the best places in town to go for a really great dinner…but not cheap though.

  9. Happy Birthday to Lucy! I heart the classic birthday cake with classic butter cream frosting.

    Thanks, Yee Ling. Yes, my favourite too – would rather have this anytime, not the classy, trendy new-school ones, thank you very much.

  10. Happy Birthday to Mrs Wee… Lovely cake and the foods yummy…

    Thanks, Sharon. You can have these too…if only you will come to our poor, little town. πŸ˜‰

  11. That fish head curry is to die for and I love it with lots of vegetables. Owh, my favourite “or nee” for dessert…yummy!!!..

    Happy Birthday to your missus and a toast of good health & abundant blessings to her.

    Thank you. No plan to hop over to Sibu. Sooooo many people here over the long weekend, jam everywhere, all the cars on the road.

  12. Happy Birthday to Lucy!! Very nice dinner.. love all the dishes ordered… nowadays restaurants are not cheap.. but as long as the bonding is there, it is all that counts…

    Thank you. Well, this restaurant especially. Some are still affordable, cheaper…but it also depends on what one orders, I guess.

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mrs! That cake reminds me of the cakes that were sold at the bakeries when I was small. At that time, there was not much variety of cakes and they were all the same (butter cake, some with raisins) and the only difference is the icing decoration.

    Thanks. When it comes to this guy, even the icing is near identical. There is a little bit, just a little bit, of variety these days…but long ago, it is the one and the same. People could tell just by looking at the icing. This one is that original style, no way anyone can mistake it for some other. At least, he NEVER uses those brightly-coloured wafer flowers – I cannot stand those! Yucks!!!

  14. Wahhhh! The curry! My son would definitely approve that. We went to makan some fish head curry the other day and the boy practically mopped up all the curries. πŸ™‚

    PS: Yups…the lady in black in my blog post is me. I got rid of my specs. And also, Isaac featured a pic of me and son in a group on his Happikiddo blog post too πŸ˜‰ you just din noticed that I was one of the mummy blogger. Hahahha

    Ahhhhhh!!!! I’ve gone back to check his post and I see you now! Gee! If I were to meet you in the street, I would not know it was you. Good for you, looking great…and your son too. Growing up to be one handsome boy, I see.

    Bet your boy would love this one and also one at another place in town – their fish/fish head curry is so so so good – much better than one that I had in KL.

    1. Lol. You really made my day with all the compliments. Ah yes….curries in KL are just so so…lacks flavours. I prefer ones in Kedah and Penang in comparison to the ones in KL. Those sold in KL can be too ‘rich’ in coconut taste than the curry flavours itself. 😦

      The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Old folks will always tell it as it is. πŸ˜‰ I would agree with you about the one I had – I just tried a bit and ended up eating the other dishes – some were really very very nice…just that our fish head curry here had an edge over that one.

  15. ooo … even though it wasn’t as delicious as expected, just the sight of that pork leg in all its fleshy glory is enough to send me into a frenzy of hunger! πŸ˜€

    It sure looked good. Maybe we were already too full from all that we had before it was served so that affected our judgement, did not think it was really great. 😦

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