Rainy day…

It was raining that morning…

Sibu Gateway

…when I was out and about very early as I had a couple of things to do. I noticed that the outlet of our Sarawak’s own fast food franchise in the vicinity was open…

24 hours

…so I decided to stop by…

Sugar Bun Sibu Gateway

…and have something for breakfast.

I saw that they had this coffee vending machine or whatever you call this…

Coffee vending machine

…so that was what I ordered…


However, the girl did not get my order from that and instead, she went somewhere and came back with the 3-in-one (RM3.10) and I asked for some ice as I would prefer my coffee cold. Nope, it was not to my liking – very weak, so diluted…and so expensive!!!

I did not want anything from their breakfast menu…

Sugar Bun breakfast menu

…and asked for a plate of fried macaroni with chicken (RM6.80)…

Sugar Bun fried macaroni with chicken 1

…instead. I remember having this a very very long time ago and thought it was quite nice. Usually, when I fry my own, I would use the bigger version of the pasta, the one with lines. These small ones bring to mind those little rubber tubes that one would fix on the valves in one’s bicycle tyres.

My girl would not go for anything like this…

Sugar Bun fried macaroni with chicken 2

…of course. She is a purist and would insist on pasta being served with one of those tomato-based or creamy sauces or whatever they may have in the more authentic ones. That was why she would not order the spaghetti mamak at that what-we-thought-was-an-Italian place but from the look of some of the items on their menu, it was just another one of those (CON)fusion places around here.

Well, that tasted all right…but I would think that it is a better idea to just drop by some coffee shop and have a plate of char kway teow instead for around half the price.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Rainy day…”

  1. I bet the coffee machine/vending machine is just for show. 3.10 for a 3-in-one packet coffee is expensive. Next thing they’ll have macaroni done kampua style. I’m a purist too, even kampua I like the traditional style.

    It is! VERY expensive. And it was not even nice, not at all! Not so bad if it had been really nice like the one at Ipoh Kopitiam. I don’t mind the bigger macaroni fried kway teow style, especially overseas when one cannot get hold of kway teow…but kampua, not sure what spaghetti would taste like done that style. Might be good with those ribbon or butterfly pasta…like piansip. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Ooooh….I love your first rain photo!!! πŸ™‚

    That’s the “Sibu Gateway”, they call it – first thing people would see when they drive to the town centre (from other towns).

  3. First time I see macaroni goreng! Usually like Mel, I’d only go for tomato sauce or creamy white sauce pasta, but if I see macaroni goreng, I don’t mind trying though.. I fried spaghetti for my kids before too, but I don’t use black kicap.. Just oyster sauce and pepper, and veggies and meat, lots of chicken stock and corn starch, like mee Hailam gravy..

    My girl sure would not want that – for her, it’s the real thing…or nothing.

  4. I agree that for half the price of it you can have a nice plate of char kway teow in some coffee shop. The above doesn’t really looks appealing.

    At that price, they could at least do something about the presentation, some slices of tomato or cucumber perhaps…and some sliced chili and chopped spring onions instead of the two miserable bits of cabbage or whatever.

  5. I saw fried macaroni in Pasar Malam, not cheap and not nice…

    In Singapore? This one tasted quite good – just that they did not bother to make it look presentable…and it was expensive!

  6. wah, i’ve never quite seen fried macaroni before … is it crispy???

    No, soft, firm. With prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and egg…it could even be nicer than Penang char kway teow! πŸ˜‰

  7. hah..hah..they do look like tyre tubes πŸ˜€ I don’t suppose you will be back there again.

    Not for this. Their fish burger/sandwich is very very nice. I would just stick to that.

  8. Hmm… i would just walk out from the place if i see something like these πŸ˜›

    Why? You would love it, I’m sure! Like Penang char kway teow…minus the lard and the pork crusts! That’s what you want, right? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. Well, stir fried pasta (and also cheese baked pasta) are authentic dishes alright. Just not Italian, they are created by those Hong Kong people. πŸ˜€

    I do agree it might not seem economical to stir fry pasta though, when you can stir fry local noodles that are cheaper. But I’m not such a purist as your daughter, so I would have no troubles accepting them.

    Me too, as long as they taste great. anything goes!

  10. That spaghetti mamak looks interesting, I might make my own version of it.
    Its getting rainy here as well

    That’s fried macaroni with chicken. Haven’t tried the spaghetti mamak yet – should be ok as a substitute for yellow noodles…like how macaroni, the big one especially, can be a decent substitute for kway teow (flat rice noodles).

  11. Your photo of the Sibu Gateway made me google for more pics of Sibu. I am curious about the pagoda near the waterfront. Is it a temple or just a tourist attraction?

    That’s our Chinese temple – been there all my life, but the pagoda is not as old. Not that many Taoists, Buddhists and the like here but we have a few including the more recent – the biggest in South-East Asia but this one is a distance from the town – on the way to my girl’s school in the jungle…

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