Just a little something…

I had to drive…

Road to Selangau

…to my girl’s school on Tuesday and bring her home as she had some official matters to attend to here the following day.

Well, it so happened that it was her colleague/housemate’s birthday so I cooked some longevity noodles (mee sua)…

Mee sua, dry

…and brought that along with me for her and all of them sharing the same unit at the teachers’ quarters to enjoy. I fried some sliced shallots and a bit of finely chopped garlic in oil and added (dark) soy sauce, chopped spring onions and a pinch of msg and pepper. I boiled the mee sua, drained and rinsed in cold water a couple of times, poured hot boiling water onto it to warm it up again and drained again before adding it to the ingredients and tossing it well.

No, I did not cook the version with our traditional red wine chicken soup as it would be quite a hassle bringing along any liquids while on the road. I did boil some eggs…

Hardboiled eggs

…too though and along the way, I stopped by the shop near my house to buy some roast chicken (RM12.50)…

Roast chicken

– half a bird (It is selling at RM25.00 whole and for one whole duck, it is RM45.00.) and a bit of roast pork (RM10.00)…

Siew yoke

…to go with the mee sua.

I guess it was nothing much really, just a little something for her birthday, her first away from home (Kuching) so hopefully, that would be some kind of consolation. I sure do remember how it was with my girl when she was away, furthering her studies in Sungai Petani, Kedah and also in Wellington, New Zealand and the gratitude that we owe to family and friends for everything they did for her at one time or another…and that sure meant a whole lot to us.

While I was at the school, I spotted this huge butterfly…


No, it was not the first and I am sure it would not be the last. We do get to see a lot of these things there that we do not usually stumble upon living in the bigger towns and in the cities. I went and googled and from what I found, I think this is the Lyssa Zampa Laos Brown Butterfly.

As we were leaving to make our way back the Sibu, there was a horrendous accident on the road outside the school, probably fatal – they all drive so dangerously fast along this inter-town trunk road here. Praise the Lord that we have had safe trips there and back over and over again and I do pray that He will continue to bless us and e’er protect us always.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Just a little something…”

  1. You’re such a wonderful and loving father and you and your wife have raised an equally loving daughter. You are truly blessed.

    The food looks delightful, before long, that will be me if my daughter decides to go to university away from home.

    Indeed, so blessed. Your girl’s like mine, only child/daughter…precious. πŸ˜‰

  2. You are such a nice person. i think Melissa’s colleague would be so touched by your kind gesture and delicious food.

    Lyssa Zampa Laos Brown Butterfly Laos Brown is correct! Although it is called a butterfly but it is actually a moth. πŸ™‚

    All this while, I always thought that was a moth. Used to see it a lot here in my growing up years – not that easy to spot one anymore these days. It has feelers like a butterfly though.

    Ya, I hope she found a little comfort in the little something I did for her.

  3. is that a butterfly or a moth? at first glance, i’d say moth! hmmm, the wings are rather unique πŸ™‚

    I always thought that was a moth too – used to see it around in my younger days…but I went and googled – it has butterfly feelers and I got the name when I googled for brown butterfly images.

  4. Huge butterfly or moth always makes me feel geli and scary, have a phobia for such giant insects

    Old folks will tell you that if one flies into your house, you are going to have a visitor…

  5. Just looking at wide open spaces such as in your first photo is calming. We’re so enclosed by buildings in KL, and don’t often come across open areas with no construction.

    Yes, I always enjoy the sights along the way, so green and soothing. If only everyone would not drive so fast and so recklessly and give due consideration to all the other road users.

  6. It was very kind of you to prepare food for your daughter’s colleague. I love fried mien sien.

    It does reminded me when I were away from home to study. We celebrated each other birthday, everyone cooked. Potluck style.

    In my time, on my birthday, I would host a party and invite my family members and friends. These days, they do not do that anymore, it seems. If it is your birthday, you will just sit and wait. Some friends of yours may organise something and invite you to come along and give you a surprise party and they get their kicks from smearing the birthday person’s face with the cake icing and what not. Funny! Kind of miserable if everybody forgets (accidentally on purpose).

    1. We did that too! Cake painting on the face of birthday boy/girl. Kind of fun. Haha

      Eyewwwwww!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. I think idiots exist everywhere when it comes to driving! There was an accident last night where I am staying, at the car park! Idiot was driving too fast and turned a corner too fast and crashed into another car that was waiting for a parking lot to be vacant.

    You would not believe what happened in this case. An Iswara was slowing down to turn from the road to go down the slope to the entrance the school, a motorcyclist came speeding from the blind corner some 100-200 metres away and rammed the car from behind, ripping off the bumper. He fell onto the road and another speeding car ran over him…and of course, he did not survive. No, it did not end there! Two lorries/trailers, one after another, came speeding later and rammed into the vehicles on the road!!! And people ask me why I would not let my girl drive herself – it would need a lot of experience to be able to handle our very narrow and winding trunk road…and the reckless drivers one would meet along the way.

  8. Nice of you to prepare foods for Melissa colleague’s birthday…

    Very simple but I do hope it was a little consolation for one so far away from home on one’s birthday.

  9. So thoughtful of you…to the extent of getting hard boiled eggs, roast chicken & pork to go with your fried longevity noodles. Pray that the Almighty showers His blessings & protect you & your family.

    Amen. The least I can do when others also did so much for my girl at one time or another.

  10. So so very kind and thoughtful of you to cook the noodles and buy the roast chicken for Mel’s colleague’s birthday..You are so nice la, I bet they enjoyed the yummy food very much…

    Be nice to others, keep the peace and spread the love – one will find life more meaningful that way. It was all right, simple but at least, it’s something, better than nothing, I guess.

  11. You made your daughter’s housemate very happy I am sure. So thoughtful of you to cook the mee sua, eggs and to bring the roasted chicken and sio bak. Ah, Melissa’s papa must be a very popular and beloved uncle πŸ™‚

    What goes around comes around. I do try my best to do some good as much as I can…while I can.

  12. lovely meal πŸ˜€

    sibu road drivers do drive very fast. maybe no speed trap?

    The mentality of young people in their flashy cars or big MUVs or pick-ups today, no sense of road courtesy and no respect for the law and other road users. Worse along the trunk road in between towns. Obviously they do not value their lives but the sad thing is other innocent people become the victims. 😦

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