Grow old with me…

This has been around for a very long time…

Old Chang Kee

We used to hop over to Singapore quite often in the past and we usually stayed at a hotel at Kramat Road for the convenience and easy access to the Orchard area via Cavenagh Road. There were two stalls by the side of the road then, beside the building that housed the Le Meridien Hotel (it seems that it is now the Concorde), facing Orchard Plaza and we would often stop by to have the soya bean milk and the tofu fua that one of them was selling. The other stall was an outlet selling these celebrated curry puffs and stuff but somehow or other, we never bought any to try, not even once.

Well, my niece, working in Singapore, was home over the weekend for her father’s birthday and she brought us a whole of things including some that she bought on her recent trip to Phuket, Thailand, thanks so much to her for going through all that trouble, and among the goodies were the curry puffs…

Curry puffs

…from this long established name that now has outlets all over the island, I hear.

Were they any good? For one thing, I am not a fan of deep-fried curry puffs – I prefer the baked ones with shortcrust pastry, no less so that would be one point not in their favour already.

Thankfully, the pastry was not oily, not like the ones I had at Sungai Petani in Kedah, but the filling…

Curry puff filling

…was all right as far as the curry taste was concerned – the Sg Petani ones were much nicer but perhaps, that was because I had those on the spot, piping hot from the wok and without doubt, that could have made a world of difference.  There were mostly potatoes inside though I did spot some chunks of chicken and a bit of egg. I would prefer beef in my curry puffs.

Two of them had two eyes…

Tom yam 1

…that with the rolled up crust at the top, made them look something like cabbage patch dolls, minus the nose and mouth. LOL!!! I actually enjoyed eating the thick crust, I must say – it was not hard at all and tasted pretty good.

I am not too sure but this one tasted like tom yam

Tom yam 2

….and inside, there were the imitation crab sticks that I am not particularly fond of. Nonetheless, I liked the filling of this one more than what was in the curry puff proper.

All in all, I do prefer the ones we have here…

Farley Bakery curry puff
*Archive photo*

– though I am not buying them anymore since the price went up from RM1.00 to RM1.10 to RM1.20 and perhaps, it has gone up even more now like most everything else since April 1st. Tsk! Tsk!

No, I have never tried the IKEA ones – nobody has ever taken me there for theirs and nobody has ever bought me any to try either (Hint! Hint!) so I am in no position to compare the two…and I don’t know how much these cost though I am quite sure they do not come cheap especially after conversion into our currency. Sobssss!!!

Author: suituapui

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26 thoughts on “Grow old with me…”

  1. my mother would said to my father if my father had the second piece of this: “papi i don’t wanna see your dead body too soon, i wanna grow old with you”

    He’s as old as me? 62? My father’s over 90. Hmmmm…if my missus said that to me, I would retort, “That’s is exactly why I’m having 2…or 3…or 4!!!” Muahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Old Chang Kee is available in KL, cant remember the price though

    Yes, I think I’ve seen it somewhere or maybe, I read about it in somebody’s blog.

  3. Old Chang Kee is available in 1U my frequent hangout place yet I’ve never try them. Must really make an effort to go there one of these days. It’s just that each time I feel like eating currypuffs, I’ll head to IKEA instead coz it’s so near me. Haha.

    Why do they have eyes on their currypuffs???

    Same reason why they dot steamed paos…

    Ummmm…isn’t 1U very close to IKEA? Been to 1U once – took the hotel shuttle, so kesian – nobdoy ever brought me there, from Bukit Bintang but not IKEA.

  4. I never like OCK puffs. The potato is too mushy for my liking. I prefer makcik’s kalipok where the potato is cubed. One OCK curry puff is SGD1.50 if I remember correctly. Those “exotic” flavors like crab costs even more.

    Didn’t notice about the potatoes but the taste!!! Some may not like how I would say it but it was some kind of weird curry taste, or to use a better word, unusual. Ohhhhh!!! So that’s supposed to be crab??? Well, it is just those imitation crab sticks that I am not particularly fond of – no crab!

  5. ooo, my ideal curry puffs would be thin and light and buttery pastry, enveloping lots of creamy potatoes, a bit of meat and some hard-boiled egg, in a non-spicy mix 😀

    Yes, I would want meat in mine too…and I love eggs in anything! But I like my puffs baked, shortcrust pastry with the nice buttery fragrance preferably.

  6. What do you find is the best way to reheat a curry puff?

    I would just heat up the oven, pop in the puffs – never mind baked or fried – for just a while, turn off the heat and let the puffs sit in there to heat completely inside in the residual heat. Best eaten when hot. I don’t like the microwave.

  7. Oooo curry puff post.. I’m very simple. I like the karipap sardin selling by the roadside nearby my house.. Nice..I’ve eaten the ones in Ikea too, very nice also..

    Wouldn’t those be sardine puffs then? Or they add curry powder to the sardines? Here, we have tuna puffs – same place selling the nice baked curry puffs but no, thank you. RM1.30 each now, my missus said, and they did not give her the one free one when she bought 10. Well, they can jack up their prices as they like – I certainly will not buy anymore. There are things that we can live without.

    IKEA’s are nice? Mun isn’t all that impressed…and no meat! That will get my thumbs down already.

  8. you could still remember what you had in sungai petani! lol i cant even remember what happen yday! lol anyway that two blue dots…. errr… edible? coloring or just marker pen? lol

    Yes, I have a memory like an elephant and I look like one too. LOL!!! That’s what my blog is for – can search and look things up – everything is here!!! I certainly hope that’s colouring, not marker ink! Tsk! Tsk!

  9. Wow…you make me so hungry right now, curry puff is one of my favorite, until the moment my colleague sometime he saw one, he will get one for me, hehe! =]

    Ask him to check out my blog then…and you’ll get your curry puffs. 😀

  10. Curry puffs with any type of fillings I like but the only thing I am particular about is the pastry. Especially love the pastry with butter fragrance.

    If the name is curry puffs, then it has to be curry. I love baked pastry, not deep fried – like the ones at Kai Joo Lane. To me, they’re the best…even though they are no longer as good as before. Last time I saw – the old couple were not doing it anymore – some nice friendly guy, the son-in-law, I think, and the daughter have taken over, it seemed. These things, can’t beat the old folks really.

  11. IKEA puffs, going there is not a guarantee that you will be able to taste them! You might still need to be mighty early and pray for lots of luck!

    Wowwwww!!!!! Looks like a lot of people do think they’re really really good if they are that popular! Ah well…Penang Road cendol is also very popular, long queue, standing in the sun and all…but I did not think it was all that great to merit going through all that! Others elsewhere can be just as good if not better – like the one at New World Park.

    1. Totally agree, ikea curry puffs always in abundance. uncle arthur pls drop me a line whenever you’re in KL, will bring you not only for the ikea curry puffs, which i reckon are just alright, but also for all the other delectable things KL has to offer…best rgds to u and your family..

      Ahhhhhh!!!! Finally someone’s so nice as to make an offer. Thank you so much, Erni. Will surely take you up on this should I happen to hop over. Warm thoughts to you and yours too, have a delightful long weekend.

  12. You remind me of the curry puffs I used to get in Katong. The stall holder was right next to the Laksa man and I could get 7 curry puffs for $1 then!

    I don’t recall every eating any curry puff in Singapore when I was there in 1973 – guess I was not all that into food at the time – watching my figure, wanting to stay slim…and trendy…and dance at the disco, like John Travolta. Muahahahahaha!!!! Those were the days.

  13. These curry puffs look like our empanada. The main difference would be the filling. Our empanada don’t have curry since Filipinos don’t eat curry that much compared to our neighbors in Southeast Asia.

    I guess it’s more to our part of ASEAN then…

  14. Nowadays, i don’t really fancy Old Chang Kee…

    Nowadays? I guess you mean it used to be better? Sad that this is usually the case when something gets really big and branches out far and wide – quality control often takes a back seat and what they sell isn’t as nice anymore.

  15. hahahahah!! IKEA curry puffs..
    The above curry puffs bought by your niece looks nice. The filling is so full and the pastry looked crispy too.

    Not really, the skin was kind of soft – maybe it would be nice eaten on the spot, hot from the wok…but the thick edges were good, very crusty. The taste of the filling was not quite to my fancy too.

  16. Suitapui – I’m finally able to respond to your comment you left at my website a few days ago. The Nepal earthquake was so chaotic!!! But thankfully I am fine. I witnessed houses crumble and saw collapsed homes, it was all sad. Now please, send us some of those curry puffs! We’d appreciate it over here 😉

    Thank goodness you’re all right, Tee! So glad to hear from you. The moment I saw the news, you came to mind and immediately, I went to your blog to confirm you were heading that way…and indeed, you were and my thoughts and prayers went out to you right away hoping that you will be safe and fine. What a relief to know you are. You’re still there? Do take care, God bless.

  17. I like both of them.. I mean Old Chang Kee and Ikea curry puffs.. both are tasty to me.. but of course, Ikea is cheaper cos they are sold in Malaysia while old changkee are sold in Singapore.. I prefer this type of crust and pastry too.. Eat one Old Chang Kee and you will be very full!

    I do hope to try IKEA’s one day…and their meat balls too – everyone is always talking about them as well. I’m not fond of deep fried curry puffs though and I would love a bit of meat with the potatoes, so potong markah liao. Old Chang Kee – the curry taste wasn’t quite the same as what I am used to, not really to my liking, but I loved the rolled crust part of the skin, crusty and nice and there wasn’t any trace of oil at all.

  18. I love curry puff, oven baked and deep fried. Yes, the crust and fillings. Need to be balance for that perfect taste.

    I agree. I would want a bit more skin, not all meat and potatoes…but the skin must be nice, flaky, crusty…with a nice buttery fragrance.

  19. Old Chang Kee chicken wings are nice

    Maybe that is why the curry puffs are not as great as the ones long ago – they’re a franchise now and they’ve gone into other things as well.

  20. The cabbage patch dolls got nose and mouth woh, can’t you see? muahaha

    Note the word “minus“…Must be very imaginative to be able to see it on the curry puff.

    1. Where got the word minus, can’t see

      “…made them look something like cabbage patch dolls, minus the nose and mouth…”

  21. I tried the OCK curry puff once at a stall just outside Bukit Bintang Plaza. Now they also have an outlet at 1-Utama but I didn’t find the curry puffs all that much exciting and I have not bought any for quite some time. Perhaps it warrants a revisit. Never tried the IKEA ones though.

    I think the general opinion is that between the two, the IKEA ones are very much nicer, even though some are not really fans of those either.

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