Vino de amor…

The name of this place…

La Vino

…reminds me of this song…

…which, it seems, is the vocal version of this must-learn and must-play piece of all my friends in the 70’s who were into the classical guitar but it has a slightly different name, the Romance de Amor/Amour.

Well, I did mention in an earlier post that I did not cook anything special over the weekend when my girl came home so I decided to take her out for a special treat instead. We dropped by here once before when they first started but they were not open for lunch then and somehow or other, we never came back.

Of course, she was delighted when I mentioned that we would be going for pizza…

Salmon pizza

…and that one with a whole lot of salmon came at a whooping RM48.00. Never mind, as long as she enjoyed it and she loves salmon, that girl of mine!

We also ordered their potato roestti (RM22.00)…

potato roestti

…with sausages…

with sausages

…to try.

It was all right – we wouldn’t mind the potato a little softer but we thought the bigger sausage…

Sausage 1

…was very nice and we were wondering if they made the sausages themselves as the chorizo-like one…

Sausage 2

…tasted quite different from the ones I brought back from New Zealand but I loved it, maybe because it had a taste that I am more accustomed to – slightly like those at the char siew barbecued pork stalls…and I do enjoy those.

I saw the beef kway teow Reanaclaire had in Adelaide and that reminded me of a very nice one here that I had a long time ago. I don’t think they have it there anymore as the boss had retired and I am not sure if the current people are still whipping up the dish but I vaguely recall having it at another place that I have not been to for ages and was contemplating upon dropping by to see if they still serve that there. Then, I saw it in the menu (RM16.00)…

Beef kway teow

…and wasted no time in placing our order for it. It was good, with lots of beef, nice and tender despite the fact that I did spot a slice…


…that was not cut across the grain.

We did enjoy what we had – the servings were huge and what we had were pretty good all right plus the service was great. The place was very crowded though and very noisy…and rather hot. I have read complaints about the latter on Facebook and I thought perhaps it was because of its open kitchen concept and their wood-fired oven…

Pizza oven

…was right in front. We had that at the Italian place we went to in Auckland but it was an open place, not enclosed and air-conditioned and of course, the temperate weather there was so much cooler and nicer so we did not feel the heat at all.

Well, if you ask me, as far as the place, ambiance and taste are concerned, I think I prefer the other one.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Vino de amor…”

  1. A salmon pizza? Interesting indeed. Hmm… I wonder what my daughter would think of that? She’s not much of a seafood lover, so might be best to try something else. I love that wood fired oven!

    Salmon is very expensive here but personally, I would go for ham and bacon and lots of cheese. Pizza sure is nicer baked in a wood fired oven compared to an electric one.

  2. I do like pizza but have never tried salmon pizza.

    Never had it before. In fact, we do not eat salmon all that often here – too expensive. My girl loves it, not me – not fond of the smell.

  3. What a romantic name for the restaurant and I love that pizza! Pizza anytime for me!!! 🙂

    Oh? I thought you’re into Japanese? You have tastes like the young people today… I’m just ok with these cuisines.

  4. The pizza is pricey, but you said it’s good and you all enjoyed everything, plus service is good, so ok la, I don’t mind paying a bit more this time.. The roestti looks very nice, with that dollop of sour cream.. I keep thinking of potatoes now already..

    Yes, not that we go for this all the time. My girl would not want it either – just once in a long while. She is very “careful with money”.

  5. There is a furniture shop here called Lavino. 😉

    That potato roestti is to die for. So beautiful and yummy-looking.

    It was all right, not bad – I loved the sausages but then again, I’ve always loved freshly-made sausages. There was a furniture shop at this location before – Horisen or something and then it became a convenience store…and now, this.

  6. Wood fired is the best. Never heard that version of romance, it’s very good, singer’s not bad either.

    Taiwanese singer.
    She’s more popular for her English songs – this one‘s my favourite. Her brother is more popular in the Chinese music scene, I think.

    1. She’s very good. I think you mentioned her once to me before but for some reason I’m not captivated by the voice. Each to his own I guess.

      I’m into her song, this English one…more than her soft and sweet singing…and ok with the Olive Tree song too – it was such a hit but then again, I think most people were attracted to the actress in that movie – Your smiling face – even though she was not the actual singer.

  7. All looks so good. I think over here we have a place making pizzas using this wood fire oven….the name something like Osome pizzas, somewhere near 3rd mile if I right.

    Haven’t heard of that one, never tried. So far, Italian in Kuching, I’ve only gone to the Bosnian one…and the one at Merdeka.

  8. I would really love to try that potato roestti, never had one before. I’ve also never heard of that song, generation gap LOL

    I guess you’re not into classical guitar either. All those who are would know it and also this one. Music is universal and eternal…and beautiful music lives forever, no generation gap, that’s for sure…but of course, they are people who are not musically-inclined. Not everybody is into everything.

  9. What’s next when your girl coming back for the weekend?

    Coming weekend, of course. Long weekend here, Friday till Monday! Public holiday Friday and also Monday. Nice!

  10. I don’t think I have ever seen a salmon pizza before. I can’t imagine how it would taste like. Like you I dislike salmon smell, so I won’t be rushing to have it.

    I agreed to that as my girl loves salmon and she wanted it – was actually thinking of the ham and mushroom one…or one with pork belly.

  11. Potato roestti looks interesting! I don’t think I had that before…..

    It was…o.k. I enjoyed the sausages.

  12. i heard you can put chorizo into instant noodle too… very nice it seems…

    Should be very nice – with its added flavour. I don’t have anymore though – those I brought back from NZ, finished long ago.

  13. The salmon topping looks quite generous and therefore not surprising that the pizza cost quite a bit. Salmon is so expensive that I cannot afford to have it too often.

    Neither can I. 😦

  14. I like the potato roestti, looks so simple yet alluring.

    We would have liked it to be a little softer…and as for the salad by the side, it was just plain mayo. I only liked the sausages. 😦

  15. love Chiyi’s songs, so haunting. And the sausages, my, oh, my…….

    I love “Whoever finds this…” – the favourite song of my very dear friend, the late Jimmy. You know him too, perhaps.

  16. olive tree was written by a renowned Taiwanese writer Cuckoo Chen. She married a Spanish and lived in Spain and the Sahara for many years. After her husband died, she sank into a mire of depression and eventually killed herself.

    Good grief!!! That’s so tragic!!!

  17. So expensive!
    RM48 can buy my family a good steamboat in JB. 🙂
    Got fish, prawns, scallops 🙂

    Indeed!!! Here too! I saw at one place – the next table ordering…BIG steamboat enough for a table of 10. I know there were fish and prawns, not too sure about scallops. If opt for the giant udang galah/freshwater prawns, then have to pay more. Can’t remember whether it was RM35 or 45. Yet to go back there to try it myself – looked really good.

    Well, this is the price one has to pay here to go for those foreign cuisines – western, Italian, Japanese… What to do? My girl enjoys these and I do think she deserves a well-earned treat after a dreary week in her remotely isolated school. We’ve got to pamper ourselves sometimes to keep our sanity – after all, it’s only money…and if we can afford it, why not?

  18. i love the name of this place and the look of its food … the sausages look very rustic, with a nice coarse chew instead of the usual smooth processed feel .. and the potato rosti looks interesting too! 🙂

    Yes, I love sausages like these – not those rubbery ones they sell at the supermarts. Wish they had done a better job with the potatoes. 😦

  19. That’s like an old song. =O

    An open-kitchen concept is really great because it allows the diner to see what is going on in the kitchen, but it is not suitable for our climate. Far from it.

    Good ventilation is absolutely necessary. If all the heat is kept in, that place can be a living hell!!! Yes, I’m sure it is a very old song, a classic piece for classical guitarists.

  20. Hehehe, unlike you, I love salmon, especially nicely grilled or pan fried. My whole family loves it! Rather expensive to eat salmon in cafes or restaurants, so I normally cook it myself. I like pizza too, but have never tried a salmon pizza. The sausages look very yummy and so fat! But the prices are rather steep. Like in KL! And I also like the fried beef kuey teow.

    Yes, I bought one slab for around RM40, 4 times the size of the steaks they serve you at such western restaurants…but the problem here is that they are not always available, once in a long while. My girl loves salmon – used to eat a lot in Wellington – cheap there especially when one buys during their weekend promos. Yes, this place is VERY expensive – not one to go to regularly , that’s for sure.

  21. I still dont know how to enjoy a piece of pizza… normally ended up eating half or less than the normal one piece… but my kids certainly love them! See, generation gap when it comes to food.. but fried koay teow with beef will certainly attract me… your plate of KT with beef is not cheap also.. but then if tasty, it is justified.. 🙂

    Gosh!!! You are worse than me, so not into other cuisines. No wonder you went all the way to Oz and had dim sum and things we can easily get here all the time.

    Indeed, not cheap at all even though there was quite a lot of beef in it…and I would not say it was sensational – just fried kway teow with beef and at that price, if we get from the chu-char place, there will be enough to feed an army.

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