Checking it out…

It was quite a while ago when someone mentioned in passing that the coffee here was very good…

Jing Kopitiam

…but I never got round to checking it out till the other morning.

If anyone is interested, it is located almost opposite one of the private hospitals in town and the Sibu Polyclinic is right down that same road…and if you are seated in front at that shop, you will see the “UFO” not very far away.


Well, the coffee is o.k…


– I would not say that it swept me off my feet but it was all right, better than a lot of other places but it is RM1.60 a glass though while others may be going for RM1.50 or less and some have already gone up to RM1.80 for quite sometime now.

There are two stalls up front – one, a pizza stall, that was not open that morning and the other, a roti canai stall…

roti canai

…that certainly seemed to be doing pretty well.

The kampua noodle stall is at the back, behind the drinks section, and not visible from the road so those uninitiated would probably think they do not have it there. I ordered a bowl (RM2.80)…


…to try and yes, it was very good. It was pretty obvious actually as they did seem to enjoy a roaring business and though it Β was just 8 something in the morning, they had run out of liver soup. In the end, I had to settle for their mixed soup (RM4.00)…

Mixed soup

…and it was really very very nice and flavourful. I did not quite care for the sausage and crab stick though – I’m not a fan of those so the next time I order this, I would have to remember to tell them to leave those out and substitute them with a couple of their fresh minced meat balls instead.

All in all, it was a good breakfast, for RM8.40 in total.

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19 thoughts on “Checking it out…”

  1. RM8.40 for a nice bowl of kampua and a bowl of yong tau foo was affordable! ANd I love the kopi – O ice too! Over in JB, a char kway teow at hawker centre almost cost us RM6 per plate.
    I Like the zebra UFO … fancy them colour it so uniquely…

    JB people very rich mah! Especially those working across the Causeway earning SGD! That’s a reservoir – belongs to the local water authorities.

  2. That is a very nice breakfast you had. I like soup but just like you, I don’t fancy those sausages and crabstick too. I prefer fresh homemade meatballs.

    We are alike in so many ways hor? πŸ˜‰

  3. I’d like to learn a little more about local coffee – I hear it has a LOT more caffeine than western espresso styles. PS. Tried the Oxtail Assam Padas in KK – OMG! So delicious!

    Yes, glad you did. Something not to be missed when in KK. πŸ˜€

    I don’t know anything about our local coffee other than there are the usual beans from all over – Arabica, Brazil coffee…and they’re not dry roasted. They add butter for that special fragrance. The guy at the shop told me that they mix margarine with the butter these days as butter is too expensive…so of course, it is not as nice as during my growing up years. Still good though, better than most…elsewhere.

  4. Yup. I would go for the stuff beancurds and balls. Crabsticks and sausages are not my thing.

    Never try that kopitiam. I know the place though.

    Only one in the two blocks of shops, surroundings not so presentable with the car workshops and all. I would not have bothered to go and check it out if I had not heard about the coffee.

  5. I just had kolo mee few days back! too much lard, no likey 😦

    I sure wouldn’t want to go all the way to Penang to eat that, we have lots here. But I am curious and would probably want to try – who knows it may even be better. You can go for the halal ones, NO lard…but generally, the drawing power is the lard. I thought Penang people love that, freshly melted for the char kway teow and leaving the crusts in the dish? I don’t mind the lard…but I would pick out those crusts one by one.

  6. Just 8+ in the morning and they have ran out of liver soup? Yep, same like you, I’d ask them to omit the sausages too, would like to have more minced meat balls instead..

    I wonder why they add those…when nobody seems to like them. 😦 Or maybe some people do, we wouldn’t know.

  7. The kopitiam looks quiet old from the outside. Kampua mee & mixed soup looks nice. I don’t mind having sausage but not crab stick.

    A private area, among some houses. Spaces for cars to park also not properly tarred, not a very pleasant sight…but the coffee shop does enjoy bustling business. My first time – not attracted to drop by owing to the not-so-attractive surroundings.

  8. I found the UFO thing is so cool duh, what’s that by the way? Water tank?

    Yes, I always think it’s funnel-shaped to collect rain water. Not too sure though, never bothered to ask.

  9. I just had a white coffee that set me back RM 4.50 yesterday. Makes me miss sub RM 2 drinks now 😦

    You went to one of those classier cafes, eh? I hear drinks over at your side are cheaper than here.

  10. I’m not a fan of crab sticks too. They are tasteless. πŸ˜ͺ

    They do have taste, a very strange processed food kind of taste, and that is what I do not like – nothing like real crab. 😦

  11. First thing I noticed in the soup was the sausage and I think it is rather strange to put that in a soup hah..hah… I don’t like crabstick at all 😦

    There are definitely more than just the two of us, it seems.

  12. omigosh … i was staring at the UFO for 10 whole seconds … i can’t decide if it’s brilliant or bizarre … or both! πŸ˜€

    I think I’ve seen bigger ones, maybe in other countries, except that they do not reach up so precariously high, touch wood! It certainly is quite an attraction though and a great landmark for giving directions. πŸ˜€

  13. The coffee looks strong. Do you flavor it with anything or just drink it black. I’m not a coffee drinker, but have used it for a variety of other things.

    I always have my coffee block – I may have it with sugar but not all the time. No milk for me, it makes me sleepy.

  14. Hey man,

    For that kind of breakfast, 8plus is kinda worth it, for me. Hehe. But rm2.80 is cheap. I haven’t found any noodle so cheap like that here in JB lol.

    Happy Tuesday, tomorrow, man.

    JB, all the people working in Singapore and all the Singaporeans coming over so of course, it is more expensive…like Miri and people from Brunei. You too, have a great day.

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