The choice is yours…

I dropped by this place again the other morning and I decided to try their kway teow goreng (fried flat rice noodles)…

De'Mas kway teow goreng

It seemed to have the exact same taste as the fried noodles I had the last time I was here. I guess it must be the same recipe, the same ingredients – they just substituted the yellow noodles with the kway teow…but it was nice, the way they did it, so I did not have any cause for complaint over the fact.

However, I could remember when I had the noodles the last time, though it tasted great, it was devoid of any added ingredients so when I saw them taking out the fried chicken wings from the kitchen, hot from the wok, I asked for one…

De'Mas fried chicken wing

…to go with my kway teow. That was a mistake! No, no…it tasted fine but when I was paying for my orders, I found out that it was RM3.00 each! Oh me oh my! I wonder how much the Colonel charges for one piece of chicken at his place. Long ago, chicken wings (usually the barbecued ones at the roadside stalls…or the deep fried ones at my school canteen before I retired) were RM1.00 each and then it went up to RM1.50…and then, RM2.00…but RM3.00!!! I might as well order a second plate of the kway teow! Tsk! Tsk!

And talking about the kway teow, it certainly was very reasonably charged – at RM3.00 only…compared to those chu-char places where they used to charge RM3.50 a plate (dunno if they have jacked up the prices now) and no, they would not have a lot of added ingredients either – bits of meat, egg and green veg that are hardly visible to the naked eye. So, what I had that morning – the kway teow and the chicken wing…

De'Mas kway teow and chicken wing

…came up to RM6.00. Ouch!!!

Thankfully, the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee)…

De'Mas kopi-o-peng

…was only RM1.30 compared to RM1.50 at the Chinese coffee shops or RM1.80 for quite a while already at some others. It wasn’t really great though, not as kao (strong) as I would like it to be and typical of many Malay shops, it was very sweet. I certainly would have to put in a kurangkan gula (less sugar) request if ever I would have that again.

Works are going on in the area right now to give the place a nice new image – Bandong Walk, it will be called…

Bandong Walk in the making

…so all the makeshift stalls have shifted to the other side of the road for the time being but this one is new…

New stall

…located in the open space right beside my regular car wash place opposite.Β One of the guys told me that they would put out tables and chairs and the boys working at the car wash would help out with the serving at night. For one thing, they would be using electric ovens for their pizzas, not the traditional wood-fired stone ones and while I was getting my car washed that morning, the boys had turned the tv on…


…full blast, with some lady belting out a dangdut song.

Of course, the choice is mine…but if it is going to be that noisy, I think I’d pass…thank you very much!

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25 thoughts on “The choice is yours…”

  1. What’s the difference between Kway Teow Goreng and Char Kway Teow?

    Technically, the one and the same thing. Goreng is in Malay and char is in Hokkien/Chinese, both meaning fried…but at one place here, if you order kway teow goreng, it would be in their own style…and if you order char kway teow then it would be something like how they do it in Penang, not exactly but with prawns and the two turned out to be quite different. I did blog about this sometime ago:

  2. Ah, fried chicken wing, I would love to have that, but long time didn’t eat cos just recovered from illness, don’t want to fall sick again

    Oopss! Duplicate comment, almost. I’m ok with fried, would prefer baked or roasted in the oven.

  3. Ah, fried chicken wing, I would love to have that, but long time did not eat, cos just recovered from cough so don’t want to fall sick again, by the way, I love my coffee sweet

    Not too sweet for me, but I’d like a strong coffee fragrance though.

  4. The colonel sells more than RM3 per piece I think.. That plate of kuey teow goreng looks nice, no cockles also never mind..

    More than RM3.00? Oh my! I’d rather go for a plate of noodles. Yes, the kway teow was good, very tasty!

  5. Lol. You did not dangdut there?

    Yup. 1 piece of fried chicken wing cost RM3. I know because I sometimes tapau for my kids when I ordered from Chinese economy rice stall. Drumstick even more expensive!

    No, I did not want to cause an earthquake. Hehehehehe!!!

    Oh? So that is the standard price these days? Gee!!! I heard from my missus that it is quite expensive if you buy just the wings at the wet market – seems everybody’s going for that part these days, so demand increases, the price also likewise. 😦

  6. Aiyo, the chicken costs rm3, that’s a lot…should be rm1.5 like that what…sigh….

    Wahhhhh!!!! Your ringgit so big one kah? RM1.50 was so long ago, and then it was RM2.00, the last time I had one, Dunno when it has gone up to RM3.00 or whether it is just at this shop, cheaper elsewhere.

  7. I like chicken wing…

    See my reply to Irene Tan’s comment below…but perhaps, for ladies it is ok. Can be more voluptuous and sexy? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. Ouch!!!!…. I feel the pinch too, RM3 for 1 chicken wing. With that price I would definitely go for another plate of char kway teow/noodles instead. That plate of char kway teow looks decent & tempting. Oh no, my head would spin if the TV or radio is at full blast.

    Old age? I’m like that too – I cannot stand places that are too noisy and worse, if they play music…out loud! If I wanted that, I would have gone to a club or a disco. Tsk! Tsk! Much prefer to eat and enjoy in peaceful and quiet surroundings, light soft music is fine.

    I am not into chicken wings especially when one third of it, there’s nothing much to eat, one third is like breast meat, only the middle part is nice…and there is a lot of skin too. Besides, people were saying that these days, they give the hormonal injections under the wing, last time used to be the neck…until the burly KL taxi driver who loved chicken necks started developing breasts!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. Maybe not in Sibu, but here, I don’t think you can find any chicken wings sold for less than RM 3 now ( definitely not the Colonel!), probably RM 4 or RM 5 expected :/ ..

    Is that so? And I thought the Colonel’s is rather expensive…and even this one here at RM3 each. They did say something about RM2.50 for the smaller ones or something but I was not paying much attention.

  10. Listened to a bit of dangdut on Youtube – not quite for me, I think.

    Not for me either but it is rather popular here, many dangdut karaoke pubs all over town.

  11. Awesome! I love chicken wings! I made some homemade chicken soup tonight with chicken wings, onions, cabbage and rice…it was delicious. πŸ™‚

    You do? My girl too but I like them baked or roasted in the oven…and I love drumsticks as well.

  12. The kway teow goreng looks delicious.I had no idea chicken wings can be so expensive. At that rate, we better cook it at home instead.

    Not all that cheap either, I think, according to my missus but she buys the fresh ones…not those fossilised frozen ones that people buy by the boxes. She bakes/roasts them in the oven – my girl loves them that way! Nicer than fried…and healthier too, that’s for sure.

  13. wah, so far the photos of the work-in-progress bandong walk and its surroundings look like a quaint blast-from-the-past … these photos could have been taken 15 years ago πŸ™‚

    Dunno what the end result will look like – they certainly are taking a very long time, working at a snail’s pace. Before this, it was just a nice Italian-tiled pavement…nicer than many other places in town but the people would put up their make shift stalls, like the pizza and pasta one, and use their own tables and stools…quite ghastly, I would say but it did not bother me much – as long as the food was good. Let’s just wait till it is completed and we’ll see if it is any better or not.

  14. Nice combination though a bit pricey on the chicken wing…. maybe GST punya pasal? Next time order a drumstick instead.. ask for the price first before ordering this time… hahaha…

    Looks like this is the current price – if you look at the other comments. Just around SGD or AUD1, so can consider very cheap lah. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  15. As usual, everything looks delightful. Chicken fried in a wok? Oh, I must try this. I’ve never done that before. I’ll prepare some next week and serve for my family.

    My daughter loves seeing noodles on your website. I know I mentioned before she’s a big noodle fan. I’m slowly getting back into making most of my own homemade pastas. It’s so much fun preparing and making my own food; however, finding the time to do so can be challenging. I tend to make the staple food items in bulk and just add the produce, spices, and meat as needed.

    That’s what they do – coat in batter and deep-fry in hot oil in a wok. Nice but not so healthy, deep fried stuff so I would opt for baking/roasting in the oven. I wish I knew how to make all our different kinds of noodles but I never got to learn – I guess it is easier just to go out and buy. The fresh ones, less than USD1 per kg, real cheap…still.

  16. the Fried kway teow looks different from those we had here. Colonel…. you refering to KFC? If yes, I can say your fried chicken wing looks so much better than theirs…. which is shrinking and standards not maintained… different standards in different restaurants. Some not even well-cooked!!

    That’s what I’ve been saying all this while – the kway teow itself, that is. But there are people who prefer this, not the very thin, very fins, translucent ones you have over there. I’m not one of them.

    Have not been to the Colonel’s for years and years now…so I really don;t know how things are now. The last I ate, the chicken was like jelly – maybe not defrosted properly before cooking. I never went back again.

  17. One piece of fried chicken at Sugar Bun cost RM3. So the cafe has the same standard with the fast food restaurant. Wow!!

    Bandong walk? My kampung will be Sibu attraction in future. 😊

    Add 6% there now, GST – no more RM3.00. Hehehehehe!!!! Ya, hopefully, they will do a good job and make the place look really nice and attractive.

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