I choose you…

If I were to choose one brand of luncheon meat that I like, it would be this one…

Porkies 1

…made in Denmark…

Porkies 2

…and because there isn’t all that much fat in it…

Porkies 3

…it is not so mushy like some brands and that would put me off right away.

It is salty though so one would have to eat it with rice or bread or add more egg when cooking. To reduce the fat/oil and to get a nice red crusty exterior, I grilled the pieces in a non-stick pan first till all the oil came out  and then I used the oil to fry the sliced Bombay onion and the eggs…and mixing all those together, it was done…

Porkies 4

So very easy! If you want to see photographs of what I did step by step, it is all here in my 2012 post…except that this time around, I did not add any curry leaves as it was raining very heavily that morning and I had no intention of going out to pluck some.

This is available at a number of places in town and prices vary around RM7-8.00 a can. I bought mine at RM7 something but I can’t remember exactly where now. These days, I jolly well can’t afford any of these…


…anymore as I saw some at the supermarket near my house going for over RM12.00…and the last time I checked at another supermarket in the town centre, it was already over RM16.00. Absolutely outrageous, those prices…and they’re kind of hard and dry, anyway – not as nice.

These made-in-Singapore ones…


…and these made-in-the EU, Singapore recipe…

Made in EU Singapore recipe

…are good too but I have not bought any for quite a while now so I am not sure of the current prices of these.

I was ok with the made-in-China Gulong brand at one time but if I’m not wrong, theirs do not come cheap anymore, around RM8.00 a can, and I did read somewhere that there are imitations. Anyway, as long as it is from China, my missus would not touch it…like the RM2.00 something (compared to RM5 something at least these days for the other regular brands) can of sardines that I thought was very nice but because of the bad press the products from there have been getting, I guess it is best to play safe and avoid buying any.

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22 thoughts on “I choose you…”

  1. My mom loves luncheon meat. I used to like it too but am trying to cut down on processed food so am not eating this as often these days. Ethan loves it a lot especially fried with rice.

    Loved it so so so much as a kid, Ma Ling brand but that is is the worst these days, quality gone to the dogs. Can’t have it too often anymore these days, anyway – RM7-8.00. The Ma Ling ones were so cheap, RM1 something, now still cheap but so mushy, geli geli want to eat…and the smell is awful!

  2. I go for Porkies now. RM7.50 sold here. Last month they have promotion. RM21 for 3 cans.

    No longer buy China-made luncheon meat.

    Nicer, eh? And cheaper too! Yup, same here…avoiding those made-in-China products as well.

    1. Sorry. It was RM19 for 3. Per can is RM7. Now RM7.50. Cheaper than some brand.

      Wow!!! That’s cheap. That’s what they do overseas – wait for offers and stock up their pantry. Things like SPAM can be so expensive at normal times, after conversion may be more expensive than here.

  3. The minimart sells a can of (Singapore) luncheon meat for RM9.00, that was before GST.. Now, maybe RM10+ already.. I must have luncheon meat in my pantry, always stock up on a can or two.. I usually fry with egg like you, but minus the onions.. Eat with bread, or rice, anything also can, yummyyy…

    Oh? THAT expensive? Will check the ones here, dunno how much now as I have not bought those for a long time. My girl loves it too but of course, can’t eat all the time. Best to go for the fresh stuff, once in a while, ok lah.

  4. I guess the one my mom cooks always is SPAM, but not this flavor…

    Wowwww!!! Can’t afford it now – over RM16 some flavours and a few, over RM17.00…can buy two cans of these.

  5. Luncheon meat???….brings back childhood memories. That’ the way I cooked my luncheon meat, with bombay onions & eggs but omit the curry leaves. All in the family love this dish. Simple & yet yummy.

    Yes, loved those Ma Ling ones then. Would steal and eat in between meals…and come dinner time, there would be very little left and my mum would be furious! Loved it so much. Hehehehehehe!!!!! I saw at the shop near my house, RM2.70 only but if it is mushy and has a smell like the last time I bought a can a long time ago, I wouldn’t want to buy that.

  6. Haven’t seen Porkies; but love Spam. Cannot eat a lot at my age, very unhealthy!

    Yes, once in a long while is fine. None for me now, Spam – cannot afford, just these more affordable ones…and even these, must make sure, not too often.

    1. Some corned beef is also nice. From memory, I think Libby’s brand is quite good. Maybe you can blog about that, if you also like corned beef.

      Libby’s good. Here, Linkz is cheaper…
      …and nice too and there’s Highway and Mili…
      …as well. Again, we never buy the China ones anymore – used to be our favourite but like the luncheon meat, the quality is really the pits these days.

  7. ooo, interesting comparison of different brands from different places … i’d go for porkies too … denmark sounds like a decent source of consumer F&B goods, and the premium labels on the can are hopefully genuine and honest! 🙂 plus the name porkies is fun, haha 🙂

    Yes, the name is cute, eh? I wouldn’t want to be called that though. Hehehehehe!!!! Yes, as long as it’s not China.

  8. For me, I don’t have any favorite brands of luncheon meat, any brand is ok for me since luncheon meat is good on its own! :p

    Not all, some are really bad – the Ma Ling ones that I grew up eating and loved so much, but the last time I bought, there was so much fat, all mushy…and it had a horrible smell. My missus always says dunno what meat they have in the can – she would not touch anything made in China. Some people say those are the imitations but we really don’t know how to tell what’s real – and yes, I do notice different shades of orange in the labels.

  9. I like luncheon meat, but no preference brands…

    But there are brands that are not only not nice buy are quite awfully inedible. You would not want to eat those, I’m sure.

  10. What a cute name, Porkies. Never seen that brand though. The only Denmark brand I have come across is Tulip. That reminds me, I have a can of luncheon meat somewhere in the house 🙂

    Yes, we have Tulip here too but no, it is in the same category as SPAM, not that affordable. I used to love their sausages…and the mini-cocktails – used to add those in my salad…but now that they’re so expensive, I can jolly well live without it. Go and buy siew yoke, RM10…add to the salad…a whole lot nicer!

  11. I’ve seen alot of SPAM and those China brands luncheon meat here, but I never noticed Porkies or the Singapore brands. I’ll have to pay attention and give them a try soon.

    Dunno how much SPAM is there but here, it is double the price…but unfortunately, not double the taste – not as nice, not at all.

  12. Whatvto do…everything also naik harga lo. boycott masak at home also same. The bahan price increased.

    Nobody’s complaining about the rising prices here lah – just the taste and the quality and comparing the prices of each, see which one is more value for money, but really, not everything has gone up – this brand has always been around RM7-8 and it is the nicest! SPAM has been over RM16 long before GST…and of course, I would not go and buy that especially when it is not even the best – at best, I would put it at No. 4. for taste and texture, and at the very bottom for price.

    Eating out here, still ok, it seems. Just have to keep an eye open for those opportunists. My friend shared on Facebook his favourite special fried noodles RM5, now RM7. Want to increase, also have to be reasonable lah, increase a bit…no problem – 50 sen already 10% – increase so much, 40%!!!!! That kind of place, all must boycott sama sekali, don’t go and eat anymore…will not die also…kasi dia tutup kedai, betul-betul cilaka punya orang!

    Places with 10% service charge – sure I will not go…especially when it is self service some more. I serve myself and then I pay you, where got meaning like that? I know places like Pizza Hut is cheaper now, no more 10% service charge…only the 6% GST. My girl happy lah! She likes…not me.

  13. I love luncheon meat!! And hey, you gave me two i still have not cook it yet. Must do it soon before it go expired.

    LOL!!! You have too many nice things to eat, that’s why! When did I give you ah? Not this trip – you refused to accept ANYTHING!!! Must be the previous trip, so very very long ago. Quick! Quick! Give it a try, see whether you like it or not.

  14. Yes, SPAM is quite pricey… I also don’t buy anymore.. in Sg, if got sale, it cost around $4.. otherwise $5 over….but I like to eat … not too often but once awhile…

    SGD would be around the same as the cheaper place here, not up to RM16-17. No problem for you, son earning SGD…can buy anytime, for him, so cheap.

  15. I remember my mother would use SPAM when my brother and I were younger. At one point, she used it often, so came to really dislike the product. She stopped preparing it, so perhaps she grew tired of it also?

    That would be nice to have a curry tree on your property. I love curry and use it in a variety of dishes. Yesterday, I added it to a garbanzo bean dish I’d prepared. To that dish, I also added a bit of shrimp paste, chicken and some veggies. It was just me adding what I wanted. It must have been a hit, because that dish did not last long at all.

    Yes, too much of a good thing. If we eat it all the time, sure we’ll grow tired of it. Yes, curry leaves give an added fragrance to one’s cooking but I guess one will have to see whether they are compatible or not. Even the Chinese restaurants here add them to their dishes these days, they never did that before – their prawns and crabs and everything.

  16. Oops the above comment, that is in moderation, is from me…. Opal! That’s just my crafty website. Heh….

    Ahhhh!!! I guess so. I saw the Opal in the email add.

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