Second to none…

It was Friday again and my girl would be coming home from her school. The previous week, I cooked Sarawak laksa as a special treat for her and this week, I decided to make some popiah (spring rolls).

Yes, we can get these very nice ones here but nothing can beat our own home-made ones, a recipe that has been in my family since God knows when. I don’t know where my mum or aunties or whoever got the recipe from but all these years, ever since I was small, the popiah in my family has always been done this way and of course, if you ask me, I would state in no uncertain terms that it is second to none.

This is the very basic and the ingredients I prepared…

Filling ingredients

…for the filling included some prawns, peeled and de-veined and chopped, French beans, very finely sliced (I prefer these to long beans but that may be an alternative), tau kua (firm bean curd), cut into small slices, mangkuang/sengkuang (turnip), grated and one whole bulb of garlic, peeled and finely chopped.

I fried the garlic in a bit of oil till golden brown before adding the French beans followed by the prawns. Then, I added the tau kua and stirred well to break the slices up into smaller bits and after that, I added the mangkuang/sengkuang. I kept frying until it was good and ready…

Filling, done

…and then, I dished everything out. I said this is the basic as at times, we may add some minced pork as well…or even crab meat. Some people like to add carrots cut into thin strips to give it a bit of colour but I do not recall any of us ever doing that in our family.

Other than the filling, I had to fry some omelette and cut it into fine thin strips…


…and I also had to prepare the “glue” – which is actually caramelised sugar, with cornflour added to make it thick and starchy and that is used for taste and also to hold down the skin after rolling. For the kacang tumbuk (crushed peanut), I just used the very nice khong therng that I still had in the house and my missus had just made some fresh chili dip so I did not have to do that…and I also bought some greens to go into the popiah.

There was some popiah skin in the freezer…

Frozen popiah skin

…so I did not bother to order any of the freshly-made ones, not that it is easy to do so here in Sibu. There is only one place where one can get that here – a tofu stall…and one would have to go there and place and order and collect the next day…and I am quite doubtful they would bother to entertain an order for just one kg or two and I think the last time I bought some, it was already RM10.00 a kg. So, these frozen ones would just have to do.

I placed the skin on a flat plate, coat a layer of the chili, place some bits of lettuce and on top of the leaves, I added the filling, followed by the omelette strips and lastly, the crushed peanut…

Add filling

…and then I rolled it up…


 There you have it! One popiah, ready for the eating…

First bite

Yum! Yummmmm!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Second to none…”

  1. looks yum yumm for sure. lucky girls!

    i will need to buy outside if i want such good popiah

    That’s the problem here – can’t get good ones outside…until quite recently. Just one place, different but also quite nice – the only problem is she only opens her stall on weekends, morning. The rest, a few from the Chinese kueh stalls…none that is nice. You can get these in Dubai?

  2. Yours are the best. Daddy is the best. Melissa is one lucky girl.

    Daddy also lucky, have a good girl. 😉

  3. i like this.. used to be able to down 30 of these… those days… those younger days… haha

    I used to make HUGE ones but this skin not so good, will tear if try to put too much filling. I think I had 8 only…old liao, cannot eat so much anymore. Sobssss!!!! 😦

  4. Daddy Cool! 🙂 Super cool Melissa to have a super cool daddy 🙂 speaking of which…i haven’t had popiah for ages… owh..

    Ask your dad to make. I am sure his would be more or less the same – your grandma and sisters and my mum and aunties, same gang one last time. 😀

  5. Daughter always has a special place in daddy’s heart. Yeah, I still have one packet of kulit popiah left & this is a good idea for me to do away with it before expiry date…middle of August. Most popiah fillings is more or less the same as chai kuih. Your popiah looks lovely.

    Yes, with carrot. We do not usually have that. Same filling can be used for kueh pai tee too…but can’t get the shells here anymore. I dunno how to make those either. 😦

  6. Yummmzzz, your homecooked popiah looks so so good and juicy and stuffed with liew..I can eat 10! Mel sure enjoys every weekend coz the dad will cook good food 😀

    After the long week there – all the work, stress, frustration and all, I just want to do a little bit to cheer her up a little…so she will always have the weekends to look forward to.

  7. Never thought of this can be handmade at home, I always bought this at pasar malam only!! Super impressed me lo!!

    Pasar malam ones nice kah? We can get some at the stalls at the market and elsewhere, all not worth the trouble – will not bother to buy.

  8. it’s heart-warming to imagine that you would also have passed this popiah recipe on to your daughter, and she will in future also pass on the recipe to her kids, and it’ll always stay in the family 🙂

    She loves this popiah very much but not sure if she will want to go through the trouble of making – she enjoys dishing out some western stuff like pasta and the rest.

  9. Homemade one is the best, but a lot of work…

    I actually enjoyed it, especially when it turned out very nice and all of us loved it!

  10. Just found a place that sells Sarawak laksa, a lot better than the one I had previously but they did not score well in terms of Kolo Mee, probably a little too authentic, didn’t like the pork lards :p

    Laksa is easy to replicate as long as you have the laksa paste, a good brand….and the passion to go through the preparation of the birth and all the condiments.

  11. What a thoughtful papa you are! I am sure your girl feels very blessed to have parents like both of you! Kids are meant to be loved, right! 🙂

    “…I am not prejudiced but just me
    For I am born in love
    And was brought up in love
    As I cannot be polluted by hate and prejudice”

  12. Oh I see that you used the frozen popiah skin as it is and did not fry it. All this while I thought that the frozen ones had to be fried. Your home made popiah sure looks good. Can put extra filling too 🙂

    No need but I do think it is nicer for frying compared to the fresh ones but I would avoid doing that – can do without the extra oil.

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