All that’s left…

Somebody commented that she could not see the label of the very nice tom yam paste that my friends from Trengganu gave me so here is a close-up shot of it…

Tom yam paste

I don’t think we have this here but then again, I have never really looked and most of the time, I would just grab a small bottle of the Nona brand but this one is definitely nicer.

After enjoying the bihun that I fried with it so much, I could not wait to cook something with it some more. I did have a pack of the noodles in the pantry but I decided to try it out with some leftover rice that I had in the fridge instead. There were the chicken and the taugeh (bean sprouts) that I had left from the Sarawak laksa that I cooked that day so I decided to use those too and these other ingredients…


…as well – the usual shallot and garlic, peeled and sliced, a chili, seeds removed and sliced, some fish balls, sliced thinly, one stalk serai (lemon grass), end bruised, Thai basil leaves and a bit of spring onions, chopped for garnishing.

As usual, I fried the garlic and shallot in a bit of oil till golden brown before adding the Thai basil leaves and serai and also the chili, chicken and fish balls. After mixing everything thoroughly, I added a tablespoon of the tom yam paste…and soon after, the rice. When everything had been fried enough, I added two eggs and the taugeh…and once done, I dished it out and served…

Tom yam fried rice

…garnished with the spring onions.

No, I would not say it was very nice – at best, I would say it was all right. Firstly, I would think that tom yam is more compatible with bihun, not so much with rice, though I do know that it goes pretty well with spaghetti the way they do it…

Payung tom yam spaghetti
*Archive photo*

here. They even had tom yam kampua noodles…

Tom yam kampua
*Archive photo*

…at one place in town and likewise, though it was quite nice, I would not say that it swept me off my feet. Other than that, without the usual prawns or sotong (squids) in my fried rice, it did seem that something was missing and it was not all that great.

Ah well…at least, I managed to finish off all that was left from the Sarawak laksa and was still sitting in the fridge, and lesson learnt – next time, it has to be bihun…AND seafood!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “All that’s left…”

  1. Anything cook with seafood especially prawns taste great. Your fried rice & tom yum kampua looks good. Anyway, 1st time heard of tom yum kampua.

    Dunno if it caught on or not so not sure if it is still available. Never went back after dropping by once to try. Just so so, did not get me jumping up and down with joy! Ya…I’m sure the fried rice would be very much nicer with prawns.

  2. Ahhh as usual, nothing could go wrong with your fried rice.. A lot of liew and enough wok hei.. Tom yum always always goes well with bihun (and dried shrimps)..But it’s very flavourful with fried rice too.. Yummzzz..

    Tom yam with dried shrimps? Gotta try that one of these days. I’ve had fried rice with dried shrimps, very nice!

  3. I’m quite surprised that the tom yam fried rice was not up to your expectations. It sure looked good to me. Thanks for the close up shot of the tom yam paste/ That brand sounds familiar. I could have seen it somewhere before. Will look for it and hopefully I can find it. It’s been a while since a had a good bowl of tom yam soup!

    It was ok, probably would be nicer with prawns but I still think it is better with bihun.

  4. at some point, you could do a comparison of different tom yam paste brands, and see which one has the most ooomph for you 🙂

    I’ve always used Nona, always liked it…but this one is even better. Don’t think it is available here though. 😦

  5. tom yam fried rice is a very delicious dish, but i have to admit this brand of tom yam paste is not that suitable for fried rice, it was quite sour as compared to other brands, and somehow the flavour (and the sourness) seemed to amplify in fried rice rather than fried beehoon. 😛 btw, i saw this tae-pee brand once in sibu, could be ta kiong or daesim.

    Ok, good. Will look for it when the bottle runs out. For me, the sourish taste is part of the attraction. I wonder what brand Payung uses, will ask the boss one of these days – theirs very nice too.

  6. Compare to other types of mee, I always prefer meehun, if my mom cooks meehun, I always asked for two bowls, hehe! =]

    You’re like my girl.

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