I bought a few packets of the sambal (paste) laksa for that exclusive Sarawak delight for my Singaporean friend, Alfred, to take back home and try cooking it himself. For one thing, there are so many at the shops and supermarkets, including one that is made in Sibu, that I really did not know which one to buy. In the end, I settled for one that seemed rather popular – you would get to see it in all the shops along with a few other brands – the helang matahari (sun eagle) brand.

Well, I’ve blogged about how to go about cooking it but just in case Alfred’s too lazy to go and search for the relevant posts, here’s how to go about it once again. First, I bought some pek hay (seawater “white prawns”), peeled and de-veined them, leaving behind the tails, and removed the heads. I washed the shell and heads and then boiled them in water for the stock. I also boiled the prawns, drained and put them aside…

Prawn chicken egg

…and kept the stock too. Then I boiled a piece of chicken breast and keeping the stock, I took out the meat and shredded it into fine thin strips…and put that aside as well.

I put all the stock that I had from the prawns and chicken in a pot and emptied the packet(s) of laksa paste into it and brought it to boil. I let it simmer for a long while to get the taste out of the ingredients…by which time, the whole house would be filled with a very nice fragrance of the culinary delight.

In the meantime, I fried some omelette (see above photo) and cut very thinly and put that aside with the rest. I also soaked a pack of bihun in hot water to soften…


…and did the same with the taugeh (bean sprouts), tails removed…

Taugeh daun sup sambal belacan

…and I also cut some daun sup for garnishing but I pounded the sambal belacan (dried prawn paste) dip the previous day, ahead of time so I would not have too much to handle on the actual day of cooking.

Then, I sieved the broth to remove the residue of the ingredients….


…from it. Once done, I brought the broth back to boil and added santan (coconut milk) and half a cube of ikan bilis (dried anchovies) stock to it…


To serve, I placed the bihun in a bowl, arranged the prawns, chicken, egg and taugeh and poured the broth all over them…

All my own work 1

…before sprinkling some chopped daun sup on top.

Yes, it turned out very nice and that day, being a Friday, my girl and her friend/colleague came home and had it…

All my own work 2

…for dinner and yes, they loved it too!

There you have it, Alfred! It really is not difficult, just that there may be a lot of things to do. Good luck!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “How…”

  1. Getting the prawn will be a hassle for me as I don’t go to wet market. I only shop in shopping malls so … instant noodles will be the answer 😦

    You’re sure you’re peranakan?

  2. WOW I can smell that from here, sounds really delicious

    Come on over – you will never forget it once you’ve tasted it, nothing like curry laksa (can get that in NZ, not this…I think).

  3. As always, you always put a lot of liew into your noodles, it looks so good, better than eating out.. The bowl of goodness look so tasty and flavorful, I can have 2 bowls, no need to eat out 🙂

    That’s the advantage of cooking one’s own at home. Can add what one likes…and lots of it!

  4. Ok. Now you give me an idea on what I want for breakfast! Hahaha.

    Good morning!

    Morning! Triggered a craving in you, did I? 😉 No problem where you are – can get some pretty good ones easily.

  5. That bowl of laksa looks heavenly. Shiok to the max!!!.. Actually not hard to cook laksa but getting the ingredients done is time consuming. That bowl would cost a bomb if it is taken outside, so much ingredients.

    Around RM15 perhaps. Those prawns, this big, I am sure they would charge at least RM2 each and there were 5 in that bowl. No, not hard at all since we have the ready-made paste – would be easy if lots of hands, one person doing one thing, will be done in no time at all…but working alone, it may take a while.

  6. wow, good stuff, great cook!

    when you’re making one for me, be sure to put extra eggs ya! love those strips of scrambled egg..

    That’s omelette, not scrambled – the only thing my girl would want in hers – lots of it, no chicken, not fond of prawns and especially no taugeh.

  7. Loves it and i’m drooling…

    Can get in Singapore? I think they have this in JB, how nice…I wouldn’t know.

  8. Too much work, but it does look too delicious! Next time, I go to Sibu… *wink wink*

    To cook, one must have the passion…and then the work would not seem like a chore and the joy when one sees everyone loving and enjoying what one dishes out – that’s priceless – worth all that effort!

  9. Wow…it looks very good!! Now i want a bowl of it, maybe one of these days i have to go and hunt my laksa.

    Your kolo mee place at Bangsar, the laksa is good too, right?

  10. Yum! Yum! It sure is convenient with ready made laksa paste. I won’t mind having a lot of things to do for a bowl or two of the Sarawak laksa!

    Yes, it’s easily available – all the shops, the supermarkets…you’ll see lots. Just need to know which brand to buy as some aren’t all that great. Cooking one’s own, one can add a lot of one’s favourite ingredients to go with it – unlike having it outside, just a little bit of everything.

  11. A bowl of laksa with lotsa love & effort!!
    I definitely will not turn down this offer. haha…

    Come, come. For you…anytime! Bet you have not had this for a while now. 😉

    1. Yealo… need to get ppl to import me the sambal paste edi! haha

      Can’t get it there? Don’t remember seeing them around or maybe I did not bother to look. You have CCK in Seremban, Sibu company…maybe they have it there. I think they have, their outlets in Sibu.

      1. Yawor…now that you remind me. Mayb can look see from there.
        Thanks! 🙂

        Or if I’m out and about one of these days, I may get one pack and send over to you. See if I still have your mailing address. PM me your home one, may be better…if there is somebody at home to receive. I hear cases where even the neighbours could help to do it for people who are not at home so no worries about them coming after office hours, office already closed… They always come late evening, can claim overtime.

  12. Just too much preparation to do in advance. I still have the Sarawak laksa paste. Cham duno when i want to cook it.

    You can ask your two girls to help, and your darling too. 4 people, so easy – will be done in no time at all.

    If you are like me, working on it alone, you can pound the sambal belacan the day before. The prawns and chicken can also be done the day before, keep them and the stock in the fridge and put them back in the stock the next day and remove to heat them up when you bring the stock back to boil…before adding the laksa paste.

    So on the day itself, you only need to do the broth…and the bihun and taugeh and the omelette and chop the daun sup. Very easy! Where there is a will, there is a way. Your darling loves laksa wor… Come, come! The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach!

  13. wah, the final result doesn’t look home-made at all … it looks like something that a customer can buy at a well-recommended laksa stall 😀

    Gee!!! You sure are a sweet-talker, Sean! I like you!!! More! More! Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. what a lesson on Laksa! I will try it at home. I tried several times in the past but the stock was not satisfactory. Maybe the amount of shrimp shells was not enough, plus the fact that I did not make anchovy stock.

    Or the brand of the sambal laksa paste that you used? The anchovy stock is just for seasoning, instead of salt and msg – there would be enough in it already.

  15. Wow, everything looks delightful as usual.

    The past few months I’ve been cooking for a lot more people. Naturally, that has made me very happy since I enjoy cooking so much.

    Yes, exactly what I said in my reply to an earlier comment. If one has the passion, never mind if there’s a lot to do – one would derive much joy especially when seeing that everyone enjoys the fruits of one’s labour.

  16. Believe it or not, laksa has become a big favourite amongst the aussies. I remember, about fifteen to twenty years ago when I was still working, being very amused to hear them discussing which place has the best laksa. For me, I sometimes have it at home using Singapore’s Prima laksa pack.

    That’s the nyonya curry laksa, like the Katong 328 laksa:
    -different from Sarawak laksa. I’ve tried the Prima Taste laksa paste, very nice, very lemak…but VERY expensive here – around RM17-18.00 a box:

    On one of my earlier visits to NZ, my brother took me some place in Auckland for the laksa…and no, that too was not Sarawak laksa but curry laksa – HUGE serving for NZ$8.00 at the time, nice…but not the same.

    1. Prima used to cost about A$6, now about A$3. So, it’s not too bad when we’re dying for one; just have a few packs in the pantry. My mother used to come and visit and make very nice nonya laksa.
      Coincidentally, I used to live around the corner from Katong laksa!

      AUD6, after conversion, would be more or less what we have to pay for the Prima Taste stuff here. AUD3 is very very cheap. I love the nyonya mee siam and my cousins in Kuching swear by their Hainanese chicken rice. They’re very nice and very convenient to use but for us, they’re simply too expensive – I don’t think many can afford…so not many choices now, getting fewer and fewer. Other cheaper Singapore brands coming out – like Singkalong, dunno any good or not.

      I stayed at Teluk Kurau Road, Lorong N, I think, in 1973…and yes, I had the laksa in Katong…though I would not know if it is the now-celebrated Katong laksa 328 or not. That was so long ago.

      Let me guess – you studied at St Patrick’s, did you?

      1. My goodness, we just missed each other in Singapore. Till 1966, I lived in Still Road near Lorong K, then moved to Katong near the Laksa stall. No, I was never at St Pat’s; went to Haig Road Boys Primary and then to Raffles Institution. After I got married, we moved on to the reclaimed land near St Pat’s. Small world.

        It is indeed. Wow!!! RI is in the city centre, so far away. Who knows we might have walked past each other in Katong, like two ships passing in the night. 😀 😀 😀 My flat was very near St Pat’s – I could hear their morning assembly and the boys singing Majulah Singapura. That was how I got so familiar with the national anthem.

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