Tell me where to go…

I have a friend who is always sharing photographs on Facebook of everything he eats here, there and everywhere in town. I wish, however, that he would not forget to mention where and if possible, give the precise location as well considering that with the uncountable number of coffee shops in Sibu, searching for one can be like looking for a needle in a haystack…though it is usually not a problem for me as I am quite familiar with many places around here and at times, I can even tell by merely looking at the table top or the crockery…or the presentation!!! But still, if you give me the name of a road, I may not know exactly where it is….like when my Singapore friends and I went in search of the giant prawn tom yam noodles served in a coconut…even with the address and the photo of the shop in Huai Bin’s blog.

There was once when he shared a photograph of something he had here…

Kedai Kopi Sibu

…and when somebody asked where he ate that, he told them the name of the shop. Being located in the back portion of the shops in the area facing the houses inside, many would not know where this shop is. The directions he gave would not help much, I think…so I told the guy to go into that road after the Shell Station opposite Sacred Heart School and go straight ahead past Bread Sense and he will see the coffee shop on his right. For one thing, I do know the place very well as I was teaching in that school across the road for 19 years and I would come over quite frequently for brunch so it was easy for me to tell him exactly where to go.

Actually, I have blogged about this place before in 2008 (when I was still using my ancient mobile phone camera) but usually, whenever I stopped by, I would go for the kampua noodles at the stall right in front…

Kampua stall

The ones here are pretty good and yes, it is the same guy doing it still, he and his wife, I guess.

Well, my friend’s photographs (he featured it more than once) showed the Foochow fried noodles that he had here and yes, I have had some of the stuff from that stall – the one after this kampua noodle stall and yes, I would say that I did like them as well. But the one in his snapshot had liver, intestines and all…and I had never had anything of the sort before. That was why I made it a point to check it out when I was in the vicinity the other day.

Hmmm…the same guy is still running the coffee shop and after all this time, he does not look a day older – exactly the same. I ordered my usual – the iced black coffee…


…and yes, I would rank it among the best in town – if this is what it is like all the time…plus it is only RM1.50 a glass while other places have jacked up the prices to RM1.80 since quite sometime ago.

I had a problem ordering as the lady was conversant only in Foochow and though I am a Foochow myself, I grew up speaking Hokkien…but somehow or other, with a sprinkling of the little that I know, throw in some Mandarin plus a few Hokkien words here and there, I did manage to get my wishes understood…and after a while, this was served…

Kedai Kopi Sibu Foochow fried noodles

Wowwwww!!!! It was so so so good, truly like the ones I had growing up – the real thing! I dare say there are not many around even though you may find hawker stalls and shops or restaurants selling Foochow fried noodles all over town, the ones that can do it this well, that is.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of intestines…


…in the plate of noodles but no liver! Probably there was none available that morning…but never mind, I could jolly well do without that but I did wish they could give a little bit more of the green vegetables. It sure did not come cheap though – that plate of Foochow fried noodles special cost RM6.00 but it was perfectly all right considering that I did enjoy it so very much…and one thing’s for sure, I most certainly would be back…for more!

Moving away from the post proper, if you remember, sometime last year, my friends from Trengganu came to Sibu on a brief visit and they gave me these…

Goodies from Trengganu

They told me that the tom yam paste (in the bottle) is the best, better than any other. Well, I sure took a very long time to get down to opening it and cooking something with it (it did not matter much though as it would only expire sometime in 2016)…and I finally did so that day.

I fried some garlic and shallots, peeled and sliced, till golden brown in a bit of oil before putting in the lemon grass, bruised and some chopped Thai basil leaves. The prawns went in next and then the bihun and two tablespoons of the tom yam paste. I mixed everything together well and after a while, I added two eggs. When I tried a bit, I found that it was so tasty already so I decided not to add anything else…and just dished it all out and served…

Tom yam bihun

Yes, it was indeed so good – in the past, when I was using some of those pastes from the shops, I remember I had to add fish sauce, ikan bilis (dried anchovies) stock and what not but not this time around. I sure would want to fry some more of the same…or try cooking some other dishes using this very delightful tom yam paste, courtesy of my kind and generous friends in Trengganu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Tell me where to go…”

  1. Your iced black coffee looks like Coke at first.. Oooo got intestines inside the noodles but no liver? I would prefer just liver (and kidney, if available) and no intestines..

    Why? You don’t like its chewy texture? They must know how to clean properly, must be hollow inside. I like kidney too but must know how to clean as well, otherwise there will be a very unpleasant smell.

  2. Put tom yam paste in anything and I’m happy – well almost πŸ˜‰

    My favourite cafe in town has tom yam spaghetti with prawns. Tossed, not fried. VERY nice!

  3. A LOT of intestines? No thank you…

    Oh, good! We’ll go and eat together and you can pass me all the intestines. Yum yummmm!!!!

  4. I love the intestines too! But they need to be cleaned properly though, else it would ruin the entire plate of food!

    Yes, some have some kind of white stuff inside, may be bitter…but not as bad as the kidney – horrible smell, if not cleaned properly. Had that in the kueh chap at some places in Kuching. 😦

  5. I love the bright colours of the chairs! πŸ™‚

    Lots here. Some have all in one colour and the shop becomes known by the colour – e.g. “yellow chairs”.

  6. Same with Princess Ribbon, at first i thought the iced black coffee is coke…

    I like it kao kao…extra black!

  7. He is not advertising for the shop ma….so tarak put address lo..some more in FB leh. Your blog you also tarak put shop address la. Hmm…maybe your friend thinks Sibu is not that big. Say landmark people will know la. Tourist will have headache trying to find the place

    We are not into these things for the money so we do not advertise for anybody. All we are doing is to share information on where one can get to eat the really nice stuff in town with friends with mutual interest…so the name of the place and simple directions as to how to get there is in order.

    Yes, landmarks would be very useful – like when I gave the directions, I gave the name of the school, the SHELL station and the name of the bakery. Easy. Can’t remember what my friend said to a friend of ours who asked – he gave the name of the area which many people do not know…and some things in the area that do not stand out much.

    Still he was better than one lady once – she said Ah Pui pao was very nice. Now there must be thousands of Ah Pui in town and when I asked where, she said Lanang Road. Now that road is from the town….right up to the Maritime school (which you all saw when you all went looking for the Ark) and beyond… How to find Ah Pui pao with directions like that?

  8. I would have enjoyed the noodles as I love spare parts! I see your friends gave to lots of keropk as well. I couldn’t make out the brand of the tomyam paste. Poor eyesight 😦

    Save the photo in My Pictures and enlarge 200% to view, Kelantan-made, if I remember correctly.

  9. I am a fan of innards, and like you, particularly livers. I also like beehoon, done the Mee Siam way.

    Mine’s nicer than any I had outside e.g. at Nyonya Colours, Gardens/Mid Valley in KL. πŸ˜‰

  10. oooo, i don’t want intestines either, but i love liver, haha (all your readers have different feelings about intestines and liver) πŸ˜€

    Yes, one or the other. I love them all!!! Nom…nom…nom!!!

  11. We r just being fair… We love both… and more…

    I’m being fair too…and diplomatic and kind too! Good things, I will say good, will go back for more…not so good, I will say, ok…quite all right. After all, there may be people who prefer it that way and may think it is good. To each his own.

  12. Wow! That Foochow noodle is worth anything. So much and so many stuff in it although I do not take innards.

    I like your fried mihun better.

    Different. Both very nice.

  13. Haha you are good – being able to recognise a restaurant by its dish or crockery… and your fried mihun looks good!

    Oh ya, and by looking at the food too, and the presentation… Somebody can post a photo on Facebook and I will be able to guess the place. πŸ˜€

    1. Oh yes Arthur, you’re very terror, scare die me sometime. hahahha

      Hehehehehe!!! You share the photo on Facebook and I name the place. But sometimes also wrong lah, not always correct. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  14. aiya….you can easily identify all the eateries, don’t think any eateries can left out by you…hahaha
    The ice kopi O really kao and nice leh ….

    Nicer than any kopi-o in the peninsula, that’s for sure. All I had at the coffee shops there, very black and very sweet…and no coffee fragrance…and the black colour stains the glass. Not the coffee here.

  15. Oh, very good fried foochow noodle, keep in mind, will try that next time.

    I love liver too but not intestines.

    Gotta try it out. Tell your mum about it. The fried noodles are a lot nicer than the ones at that very popular one in front that she goes to for the kampua. I used to have hers too when I was teaching across the road.

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