A walk in the park…

My girl’s school took Easter Monday off so we did not have to send her and her colleague/friend back on Sunday and I took the opportunity to take the latter around to parts of Sibu that she had not been to yet. Every weekend, they would go shopping for their food rations for the week, things that they would need for their lessons and school…and we would go out to eat some nice stuff that we have around here and that was about it. At least, over the long weekend last week, they managed to go and watch a movie and we did get to drop by the Bukit Aup Jubilee Park…

Bukit Aup

I was so very disappointed to see the green colour of the water. The last time I saw this happening, the people there told me that the pump was spoilt so the water was stagnant and because of the excessive growth of the green stuff in the water, the fish, deprived of oxygen, all died and there was a horrendous stench all around. They said that there were no funds to repair or replace the faulty pump so there was nothing they could do other than to sit and wait.

This time around, it was not as bad…yet – the fish were still alive but they were barely visible due to the colour of the water. I did share this photograph on Facebook and tagged the secretary of our town’s municipal council so hopefully, something had been done since to eliminate the problem.

We dropped by the other attraction right across the road…

One Malaysia Cultural Village

…as well and I must say that nothing much had changed since Day One. I guess this was supposed to be a fountain…


…but it was not on – I wonder if it ever is!

The various booths that were already ready the last time I came here…

Around the village

..were still there – empty, absolutely dead. Perhaps the authorities concerned could just hand them over to the respective associations, for instance, the Chinese/Foochow association could take care of the Chinese House, and similarly the Iban, Malay, Melanau associations as well. They should be able to put up some nice displays and exhibits of interests for visitors to see and admire…and perhaps, they could even have some souvenirs for sale. As it is, there is really no point bringing visitors to Sibu here.

The “village” has been around for a few years now and yet, I saw some construction works going on. Don’t ask me what on earth those people were building – I honestly do not know. The aviary that was incomplete that last visit of mine is now ready…


…but it was quite empty…


…except for TWO mynahs…
…and a few chickens, including one of the small Philippine variety.

If I’m not mistaken, once in a long while, they may have some variety show or some kind of function there and the restaurant…


…did seem to be doing pretty well. We decided to give it a try and have lunch there…and when we went in, we found out that there was a blackout in the area (and maybe that was why the fountain was not functioning) so the fans could not be turned on. Ah well! It did not really matter as it was not all that hot and the place was quite airy.

We ordered their sweet and sour pork…

Sweet and sour pork

…and the 3-egg bitter gourd…

Bitter gourd

…as well as their salted egg pumpkin…


…and claypot tofu…


…that did not come in a claypot but it tasted great though. Everyone liked all that we had though I was not too fond of the pumpkin – it was cooked in the exact same style as what they call the kiam sor (salty crusty/crispy) dish, be it meat or fish fillet or prawn so it tasted exactly like that and I could hardly detect any taste of salted eggs in it.

Together with the rice and drinks for the four of us, the bill came up to only RM46.00 which I would say was very cheap compared to most places in the town proper these days. Too bad this place is a little bit out of the way or I would definitely come more often to try whatever else they have on their menu.

After that, we stopped by a couple of places to pick up a few more things that the girls needed to buy and then we headed on home.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “A walk in the park…”

  1. What a gorgeous park!!!

    We do have a few “places of interest”, small but pleasant, worth bring visitors to but if only the authorities concerned would make an effort to maintain them and keep them presentable at all times. Sad that some are in a miserable state of neglect.

  2. Oh dear, the water is so green.. I hope they really do something about it this time.. So nice of you to ferry the girls around, I like the salted egg pumpkin, but too bad it didn’t have any salted egg taste…

    I certainly hope so. I tagged the council’s secretary on Facebook and he untagged himself – I guess he had seen the problem so hopefully, he has done something about it.
    Everybody else loved the pumpkin but I think I prefer the ones at another place in town…but the food here is unbelievably cheap!

  3. maybe budgetary constraints have prevented the place from achieving its full potential … the mynah looks lovely but perhaps a tad lonely 🙂

    That is why I suggest handing the booths over to the various associations to manage – can’t be doing everything, others concerned should assume a bit of responsibility. Much more meaningful that way. No worries, the mynah has a partner…, two’s a company. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. What a pity sight to see the green water. Other than that, the cultural village looks alright. Nice lunch…and I love the pumpkin & claypot tofu.

    Yes, it was a good lunch and relatively cheap too. The village is beautifully done, lovely place…but all the booths allocated to all the races and ethnic groups were all empty. Nothing there to see and enjoy.

  5. no funds to repair? hmmm… 3 eggs bitter gourd sounds interesting! i never try before! next time can cook myself something like that! haha

    Come on over – they have that at many places here. Very nice.

    Well, there’s this thing about Malaysia – they build a nice new place, all the grandeur at the start…but after a while, it is subject to neglect and decay. Really sad. Maybe they can privatise such places…if they have their hands full with everything they have to handle or they do not have the money to see it through.

  6. Did not go to Bukit Aup. Look very reserved. The food in the restaurant look nice and not expensive.

    We went lunchtime, so hot! But we did see a few people having a pic nice in the shade of the trees. Usually crowded weekends late afternoon, people go there to exercise too run uphill and down. I would not mind eating there again if I happen to be around that area but it is rather out of the way to go there on purpose just to eat.

  7. In another couple of years, when it is near elections time again, then maybe the fountain and everything else will come alive.

    We’ll be having one before sometime next year – state.

  8. Droppimg by from Linda’s place and I am glad I did. Thank you for sharing your world and your thoughts. Will be back again!

    Welcome, any friend of friends is a friend of mine. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do hop over again.

  9. Nice park, only that the water is green…

    The other one also nice, the cultural village, except that the booths…all empty, nothing to see. 😦

  10. Not a “park” person, i’d prefer shopping malls 😛

    Gotta scrimp and save now, prices of everything going up…but I guess it’s ok for you – grad pay these days very lucrative…all kaya raya!

  11. interesting walk in the park. The poor fishes! glad that you have triggered the authorities..

    only rm46 for all that food? now that’s a steal.

    It was! Just that the location is a little out of the way.

  12. Too bad the park is not well maintained. Rather deserted too.

    Lunch time, very hot. I hear very crowded on weekends late afternoon, popular with joggers too. Some even go there, have BBQ on the hilltop, facilities available.

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