Your wish…

Alfred saw my post where I had fish head curry…

Fish head curry
*Archive photo*

…and Vietnamese prawns…

Vietnamese prawns
*Archive photo*

…served with this very special bun…


…and he said he would like to have those when he came to Sibu and of course, I told him that his wish would be my command.

However, I decided to take them here for the “original” that many would say is the best in town…

Sheraton fish head curry

…but one of the ladies was of the opinion that it was kind of sweet and was not quite accustomed to it like that. Perhaps she would prefer what they call assam fish head curry which would be quite different, a little sourish – something like what I had a long long time ago at a place called Maxims in Miri and to me, that was really very nice as well. In fact, I do know for a fact that this fish head curry dish varies from place to place and between races too. I had the one in KL and it did not tickle my fancy and someone told me that the Indians have their own version too.

Unfortunately, they did not have those Vietnamese prawns on their menu so we had to order something else instead and settled for their so-called Peking duck. which included this plate of roast duck…

Sheraton Peking duck 1

…and the paper thin egg crepe, strips of scallions and cucumber and the special sweet bean sauce…

Sheraton Peking duck 2

…and Β one of the waitresses would do all the rolling…

Sheraton Peking Duck 3

…and serve…

Sheraton Peking Duck 4

…so we did not have to do that ourselves. The difference between the one here is that they do not just give you the skin unlike at other places where they would roll up only the skin with everything else in the special white pancakes (but Alfred did say that they do have places in Singapore where they use egg crepe like what they do here…or some would give diners a choice between the two) and then, they would take away the meat and cook something else with it and take it out and serve again. I was told that at some places, they would use the meat to fry a plate of noodles – hmmm…I wonder what that would taste like and I sure would love to give it a try.

I guess everyone loved it. There were no comments all round but of course, my missus did not touch it – she doesn’t eat duck. Alfred liked the or nee (yam paste)…

Or nee 1

…and I really love how they serve it sandwiched in between cheese crackers, covered with sesame seeds at the side and deep fried…

Or nee 2

Very nice, I must say…though it may not go down too well with people who are not really into deep fried stuff!

After dinner, I took them to the hawker centre here just to look around as we were already too full and anyway, most of the stalls were closed – I guess Monday is their off day. We just had a quick drink and then I sent them back the the hotel to rest – they would be making their way back to Singapore the next day.

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22 thoughts on “Your wish…”

  1. I don’t know how to appreciate fish head curry. It was Jessie who wanted to try it…being a peranankan herself (if my memory didn’t fail me) :p. The duck was alright, too bad didn’t get to try the spicy chilli prawns coz you blog about it a few times and praises it to the sky :p :p. Next time….next time…. must really write down a list and follow the list to eat next time, in order not to miss out anything :p :p

    Oh? She’s Peranakan, eh? No wonder she can cook nasi lemak so well. Heard her say something like the mum came from Malaysia or something. Too bad she did not like the sweetness – should have gone to the other place with the Vietnamese prawns. I was so very sure they had the prawns here – but no, they’re not spicy, no chili – not like Singapore chili crabs though they look similar…just that they come in the thick eggy sauce and go very well with their nice own-made bun. Post on that coming up very soon. Nice, but I would say Singapore chili crabs are nicer. I go over, you treat me to that, can? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. When I went to Penang, I find their food on the sweeter side too and Ken said that Penangites love their food that way.

    I’ve not eaten or nee I think. I don’t remember eating anything like that.

    I’m sure they have it there…but anyway, do plan a trip, come over and I’ll take you to eat this – and the best in town. They even sell it at the pasar malam here.

  3. Oooo I like curry fish head, any curry fish head. As long as the taste is lemak-ky, I can eat two plates of rice with just the gravy..Never seen the yam paste, would love to try this coz I like yam..I can finish all the yam paste!

    No? I am sure it is not an exclusively local Foochow thing – not like kampua or kompia. Maybe you have it there, just that you’ve never eaten it before. This fish head curry here is slightly sweet – had one that was not sweet, a very light hint of sourish taste – my missus liked that one better. Post on it coming up real soon!

  4. Yum yum yum. I love all the dishes. If I go to Sibu, you must bring me here. ^^ Can or not?

    No problem. Very famous and very popular restaurant, very established – been around so long. I am surprised you did not get to dine here when you were back in Sibu or did you?

    1. Nope. Did not go there. Haha. Heard it is expensive?

      Restaurant prices, the smaller ones would be cheaper…except maybe Fisherman. Ming Mei Shi seems kind of pricey too lately – getting to be like their Blue Splendour days. I guess you do not know that one – was at Wisma Sanyan years ago before they wrapped up their business.

      1. I did. I had a wedding reception in Blue Splendour in Wisma Sanyan when an ex-colleague had it there. Just that once and how my ex-colleague (now a friend) said its good food but pricey menu. Haha. That was my 1st visit to Sibu.

        Ah!!! I see! Very nice place, food was very good…but yes, not cheap. Too bad they decided to terminate their business, rental too expensive, I hear. But at Ming Mei Shi, the people were from there so food is just as good, if not better.

  5. Every dish looks so nice. Fish head curry, sweet taste???…I don’t remember coming across sweet one, mostly sourish, makes one got the appetite to eat. Love how they roll & served.

    This one’s different from all the rest – the lady boss’ original recipe, I hear she’s Indonesian. Maybe that’s why it’s different. It’s just slightly sweet, not all that sweet really…just that the sourish assam taste isn’t there.

  6. Prawns and or nee seem convincing. i would like to try the cheese cracker version but it seems a lit greasy?

    Not really, like those fritters or fries – they’re all deep fried. Maybe this would be nice if they toast it in the oven…but then again, just can’t imagine oven-baked or toasted cucur pisang. Wouldn’t be the same, not as nice, I’m sure.

  7. Go Sibu, must not choose a Monday

    See my reply to CL(RealGunners). There are places that close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays too.

  8. the food actually looks quite spectacular … the fish head curry looks hearty and creamy, ditto for the vietnamese prawns, the duck has gotta be delectable, andmmmm, the yam paste is the perfect ending to a meal like this πŸ˜€

    Yes, I would say on the whole, it was very good – not cheap by our local standard, but nice. Only fair to fork out a bit more for the quality of the food, service and venue, all in.

  9. ooo curry fish head! Actually, I’m more into the veggies inside the dish..hehe. I don’t remember the dish being on the sweet side, but then again, I can’t recall the taste, as I only had it once.

    Haven’t had or nee for a long time liao. I googled about or nee and guess what, it seems like it is indeed a Foochow food, or more specifically a Fujian cuisine dessert and Foochow cuisine is one of the four subsets of Fujian cuisine πŸ˜€

    Oh? So it IS Foochow, after all. No wonder it is not as common in the peninsula, not like here – can even buy at the pasar malam!

    Yes, whenever we go for fish head curry, I would ask them to add lots and lots of the vegetables…and then I would not need to order a separate veggie dish. My girl loves the brinjal, ladies’ fingers, and the tahu pok…and yup, the sweetness is hardly noticeable…like those dishes where we add sugar like stewed pork leg to counter the saltiness of the soy sauce. It is there but we wouldn’t say that it is sweet, would we? Not in that sense of the word.

  10. Mmmmmm….I haven’t had duck in a long time. πŸ™‚

    I had it twice last week. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Another one coming up real soon!

    1. that week not free leh……
      but i scare i free de period donno u free o not, later i sesat at sibum since alone right….wahahahhaa

      I’m free, retired already…so every day free…just that on Sundays, I would have to send my daughter to her school 100 km away. But you can always come along, see jungle…nature at its best! πŸ˜€

  11. Love all the food above especially the last one!! Or Nee… so special … and eaten with cheese crackers…. oh my!! Wonderful… really! Over here in Johor, I only know of one shop which serves or nee and I have been only one time… 😦

    There is a shop there? Now that you’re there, can go anytime lor…

  12. Curry prawns/chicken with bun is indeed very yummy, here the bun is round, not like yours… =)

    Over there, I’ve had the curry wrapped in bun – very nice. That one’s baked, this one’s deep fried. Some places, they use cling wrap inside – I wonder if they use the good quality heat proof type or not… 😦

  13. Eh, I missed this post! Ooo…Peking duck! So special. Years ago I couldn’t have cared less but now l love duck! I hear that only the skin is eaten with the rolls but I would prefer the meat as well. I’m not too fond of or nee. Had it once and only once.

    Yes, the authentic Peking duck, you eat the skin only. Here, you get the meat too…and like you, I sure do not mind.

  14. Wahhh…this place really served yummy dishes. Bet it is not cheap but I think I don’t mind having those luxury dishes once in a blue moon. GST now…lagi I eat lesser outside.

    Yup! That’s the best we can do – cut down on eating out, avoid the expensive places – go for the cheaper roadside or coffee shop ones but once in a while will be fine – save those for special occasions.

  15. Yeah! Or nee again. I like! But such a big portion! 😯
    That’s how they serve the ‘Peking’ duck over here too, more or less. They would include the skin and you can choose to have the meat to be cooked as another dish. Normally it’s noodles with the duck meat, or fried rice or just the meat (stir fried with capsicum, onions…etc).

    The or nee here is very fine, a bit too fine…and smooth like toothpaste. I prefer it a bit coarse, nicer…or to me, at least.

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