Comin’ back for more…

My friends from Singapore came back again for more, after the great time they had here…especially with all the feasting on what this little town has to offer.

They arrived here on Saturday but I had a wedding dinner that night and the next day, I had to send my girl and her friend back to her school so I was not able to take them to the longhouse in Kanowit to spend one night there for an authentic longhouse experience. That was why they had to rent a car and drove there on their own.

I met them upon arrival at the airport to see that everything was all right before they went on their way and goodness me! Despite my telling them not to trouble themselves to bring me anything, all my words fell on deaf ears…obviously.

They had to take a bus across the causeway from Singapore to JB and I was told that there was a free Air Asia shuttle from the bus stand to the airport at Senai where they would take their direct flight to Sibu. There is one every two days and it takes less than two hours to get here. Considering that they would have to go through all that, I advised them to travel light so as not to inconvenience themselves but one of them, Jesse, even went through the trouble of cooking her own nasi lemak

Jessie's nasi lemak

…for me. She said she had read all my complaints about the nasi lemak we have here – well, in my honest opinion, hers was very good. I loved the sambal especially and the rice was fragrant and lemak, just that I would like it to be even more lemak. LOL!!! But with all the added ingredients, needless to say, we all enjoyed hers very very much.

Vivien gave me these lovely Korean tea…

Tea from Vivien

…much to the delight of my girl who went with me to the airport. She and her mum and her colleagues are all into anything Korean these days, it seems…including kim chi.

Alfred saw my post on tau sar peah…and brought me these from Singapore…

Singapore tau sar peah

…to try – one of them, according to him, is the “legendary” one from Balistier Road…though I’m not to sure which. Β The 603 was pretty good, something like what everyone would be more familiar with, while I thought the other one was salty and had a unique taste of its own, with some special ingredients other than the usual in it. My girl and the mum loved it while on my part, I would say it probably would need a little getting used to. At the time of writing, I am hoping that I will be able to find some time to rush to the stall and get some of ours for them to take back to Singapore to try.

Oh me oh my!!! Just look at all the German-made chocolates he gave me…

German chocolates

and that’s not all!!!

There was also this very big plastic container filled with these packets of goodies…and some more that was different underneath….

Goodies from Alfred

Hang around if you are curious to know what was in each of them! I will certainly blog about that…soon!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Comin’ back for more…”

  1. So nice! You complain about nasi lemak, you get ppl to cook it specially for you… and I’m drooling at the pic.

    Knock and the door will open…ask and you will be given… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  2. Wow I see luncheon meat, and lots of liew in the homecooked nasi lemak lunch boxes! I want to have one set too.. Looks so so good, homecooked and all.. Most important is the sambal..Wah suspense wor the packages in the last photo.. I guess bak kwa jerky?

    Nope. In fact, I still have a pack of Bee Cheng Hiang’s in the freezer. Keeping it till when I start craving of good bak kua again. πŸ˜‰

  3. They really did carry so many things for you on the bus, not an easy feat. You are such a lucky man to have such good friends.

    So far, did you manage to cook a nasi lemak that is lemak enough for you or is your standard of lemak lemak impossible to achieve? πŸ˜€

    Yes, they’re such nice people lah. So shy lah, they went through all that trouble. Nope, I have not tried cooking since the one time I did and it was way below par, not great at all. 😦

  4. Did your friends enjoy their stay in the long house? I really cannot tell what is inside those brown packets. Looking forward to read your post about them.

    Day after tomorrow, the truth will be revealed. Post on their trip to the longhouse coming up too…

  5. Oh my, when are your friends going to stop sending you all those lovely goodies. Jealous ku,kekeke… Ok, chocolate for me, enough. Packets of goodies in the container… guess is bak kwa, cos can spot tint of oil on the paper.

    I don’t know when. Nobody’s coming next month so I guess no more lah…for the time being! πŸ˜€ Yalor…just one bar of the chocolates enough already, buah tangan – chor ee su…but gosh, they brought so much!!! Nope, not bak kua…

  6. What in that brown pack?? Alamak. Suspense.

    so many goodies.

    Hehehehehe!!!! A bit of excitement is good, cannot reveal all one go…bit by bit, slowly slowly like doing the striptease. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. Hmm…my guess for something wrapped in brown paper (and kinda flat) has to be something stir-fried…like stir-fried radish cake or those steamed rice cakes with preserved radish? Well, you know the saying….curiosity kills the cat!

    Good guesses. My friend said most likely these would be two of the possible guesses as they are usually wrapped like that in Singapore.

  8. give, and it will be given to you … you’re living proof of that! your generosity begets generosity from others πŸ˜€ that’s quite an international treasure trove to enjoy … german chocs, singaporean tau sar peah, and korean tea πŸ˜€

    Lke United Nations hor? πŸ˜€ Yes, one gets the joy of giving and sharing too…and I enjoyed giving them some of the goodies we have here too – piled them all up, and especially when they had to carry them back, not me…so good. Just gave, gave, gave…a bit of this and a bit of that. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. If I am going to your place and visit you, I will most definitely bring some goodies for you, regardless of what you say. It is just like during Chinese New Year when you tell people to come empty handed because your house is already full of goodies, nobody will pay heed to that! πŸ˜€

    Ok lah, customary, good social etiquette but something light and small will do especially when one has to travel, stop here and there – such a chore to drag a lot of stuff all the way. If one way flight, can check in baggage, no problem…like MAS 30 kg. Pack and check in everything, board the plane empty handed.

  10. How can go see Mayor of Sibu not bring buah tangan….. Cannot la. paiseh paiseh.

    Ok lah, adat…traditional practice, but something small ok liao. Dua biji gula batu good enough… πŸ˜‰

  11. more friends, more food, more yums! I envy your life Arthur.. πŸ™‚

    You? You get all the invites to all those events, all the food reviews at the exclusive places. I would say that I should be the one to envy yours…

  12. sweet of them to bring nasi lemak all the way to you. lucky man…

    hehehe the korean tea that they brought you are really yummy. try the arrowroot one. its good for health.

    Noted, thanks for the tip. πŸ˜‰

  13. With all the goodies each day you received, you can open a mini mart soon!! And a mart that will come with Good Chef as well… you can cook very well and I am sure many would like to try your fried rice, mi sua, fried noodles, big prawns soup….(I can still remember very well you cook that for us) and many more!!

    Yes, their trips are too short – and I would be out all day, taking them all over…stop…stop…stop…eat…eat…eat. Must squeeze in one special home-cooked dinner for them the next time they come. A really special treat for my really special friends…like what you all had.

  14. Wow! One of your friends cooked nasi lemak specially for you! How sweet of her. Went through all the hard work. πŸ™‚
    Never had made-in-German chocolates before. Let us know if they are good.
    If I haven’t read your latest post, I would have guessed the contents of the packets are Singapore fried mee hoon!

    You would? Or you wouldn’t?

    My girl has taken two to her school in the jungle to enjoy. She was keen on the yogurt strawberry one. I will eat when I see some lying around in the fridge but will not go looking for any. Yes, so sweet of her to go through all that trouble – the best gifts would be what one makes or cooks, comes from the heart.

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