Home alone…

My girl and her mum went out that morning so I was home alone…and left to my own devices, I decided to cook lunch.

I still had those Khadijah’s Kitchen’s instant pastes that I received from my cousins. I did not get to use them during Chinese New Year as my missus insisted on cooking her own specialties so those obviously had to wait. I picked the rendang tok

Rendang tok

…and knowing how lazy I am, always taking shortcuts and choosing the easy way out, this…


…certainly appealled to me in no small measure. However, I did prepare some ingredients of my own…

Own ingredients

– one Bombay onion, finely chopped, one stalk of serai (lemon grass), bruised at the end and a sprig of curry leaves.

I fried the onion in a bit of oil till a little brown before adding the serai and the curry leave and then, the beef, in thin slices. I mixed the meat well with all the ingredients and then, I added the water and the paste. While it was simmering, I decided to peel two potatoes that were lying around in the kitchen, cut them into chunks and throw them into the boiling gravy. When it was almost done, I added a bit of evaporated milk…before I dished it all out into a bowl…

Rendang tok 1

I would say it was very nice but no, it did not come across to me like rendang or those that I have had before. I thought it was something like the curry that my mum and all in the family used to cook which was very nice, drier than other curries. All things considered, we did enjoy it…

Rendang tok 2

…very much, I would say.

For our vegetable dish, I decided to fry some leek with garlic, egg and the lap cheongΒ (Chinese sausage) that I received the other day from my friend, Annie


As you can see, I used one only and sliced it very very thinly for the simple reason that they are very nice and I certainly would not want to finish them all too quickly especially when I do not know when I would be getting some more again. Once you’ve tried this, you would never go back to those terribly dry and hard ones that one can get in the shops here. The mere idea of having to cut it into slices would make me break out in cold sweat…and needless to say, they do not taste as nice as these.

I fried the garlic, finely chopped in a little bit of oil till golden brown before adding the lap cheong, mixing it well with the garlic and frying till the fragrance came out and then I threw in the leek, very thinly sliced. I did add a little bit of water periodically, very very little of it – just enough to let it sizzle and cook the veg…and once done, I added the eggs…plus a pinch of ikan bilis stock for seasoning. Then it was done…

Fried leek 1

I guess I would not need to say anything – one glance at the photograph…

Leek 2

…would say it all. Yes, it was as nice as it looked.

There you go – our lunch as it was served that day…and it was all my own work!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Home alone…”

  1. I like both dishes and what a great lunch. Nothing beats home-cooked meal.

    That’s for sure. And cheaper too.

  2. Your meal looks very good, the color of the rendang looks like rendang.. But I dont mind also if it taste like normal curry.. The beef and potatoes enough already for me to eat two plates of rice.. Ahhh leeks.. I like leeks with siew yok, very nice.. But yours is nice too, with egg and lap cheong, must be very very fragrant..

    Never tried with siew yoke. Gotta cook it with that one of these days.

  3. Your homecooked dishes looks great. You know what I like???….of course the leek fried with egg & lap cheong. I used to fry it that way but sometime for a change I cook with 3 layer pork (not so fatty one), taste as great too. Yum!!!…Yum!!!!…

    You too, with pork belly. I would cook with lap cheong or prawns with egg…and sometimes, with bak kua. Also nice.

  4. You really are a marvel in the kitchen. You seem to be able to make gourmet meals with just a few ingredients.

    Simple and nice cooking, that’s for me. Anything that is much of a hassle, forget it.

  5. Your leeks and lap cheong looks exactly like my mom’s! I don’t like leeks, so she would cook it in almost every meals when I go home 😦

    I didn’t like either – newly-aquired taste and I like it cut thinly like nice. Easier to chew.

  6. Interesting lap cheong-leek combination, but i’d go for the beef curry instead :p

    Isn’t that the usual combination? Lap cheong…or prawns? What do you usually cook leek with in your family? Some go for pork belly, it seems.

    1. Err, Tau Kua? “Tau Kua Suan-Na” is one of the famous Hokkien dishes here, with some prawns not definitely no Lap Cheong. Lap Cheong is more to a cantonese thingy….

      Ah yes!!! They do add tau kua, I know…and they do fry with prawns – familiar with that too. Just never had it with siew yoke or pork belly as mentioned by some of the others earlier. Will try that sometime.

  7. Your vegetable dish looks more appealing to me πŸ˜‰
    Lap cheong is the star!

    These wine-infused ones from my friend, Annie, are really nice…and not so hard, not like the usual ones at the shops.

  8. the rendang tok should go well with WildBoar meat…

    Nope, we do not cook our wild boar in curry or rendang…but very hard to get really good wild boar meat these days, and it is not cheap so we do not bother buying anymore.

  9. I’ll have to say the photo of your fried leeks is stunning! The rendang tok tasted like curry, could it be because you added curry leaves?

    No idea…I thought it would enhance the taste. But it was nice, we all enjoyed it very much.

  10. People said those ready packed paste can’t beat freshly made paste. Who doesn’t know. But sometimes…it really save all the hassles of pounding & blending etc etc. That Chinese omelet surely looks good! πŸ™‚

    If I had to do what my mum did, cooking from scratch, I would rather not cook. I’m all for shortcuts. So lazy, me!

  11. Two dishes are enough to make a perfect meal… Yes!! Very nice indeed.. today I start cooking again.. now the soup is boiling and later this evening will do another two dishes… πŸ™‚

    The life of retirees…like us, eh?

  12. now this is a lunch i would love … the beef ‘rendang’ looks creamy and flavourful, and the fried egg looks scrumptious too! πŸ™‚ bravo πŸ˜€

    Any plan to hop over soon? I can whip this up in a jiffy for you and of course, there are lots more that this little town has to offer. πŸ˜‰

  13. Looks great bro… must try to cook curry rendang myself one day. πŸ˜€

    Will have to try one instant paste that is like the real thing – the A1 Mountain Globe one’s great for curry…but their rendang is also like curry, just a little sweeter. Nice too but not quite like rendang.

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