Don’t ask…

Don’t ask how much these cost…

Meat pie 1

…if your heart is not strong enough to take it.

I’ve blogged about their sausages…


here…and yes, they were very nice indeed. Those were over RM27.00 for 8 at the time but I did mention then that prices might range from over RM30 to RM40, depending on the type/flavour.

Well, my girl and I went loitering around one of the hypermarts in town the other day. Big mistake! In Hokkien, the old folks always say, “Bak chiew ching phai!” (Eyes are very bad) as we tend to be tempted to buy what we see. The best thing, of course, is to just stay at home so we do not see and we will not end up buying anything.

Anyway, my girl spotted them first and I asked if she would like to try them and since that was what she wanted, of course, I bought them for her…without checking the price. As soon as we got home, she said she wanted it for dinner so we popped one into the oven…

Meat pie 2

…and let it bake for an hour. Wowwwwww!!!! The fragrance filled the whole house! It was so very nice…and even before eating it, we could tell that it was going to be really very good.

Finally, it was done…

Meat pie 3

…and when my girl cut into it…

Meat pie 4

…we found that it was all meat in the filling and there was so much of it too! We were kind of wishing they had chunks of meat inside instead of just minced and perhaps, they could have mushrooms too. Nonetheless, it was really very good, as good as the awesome smell we had to endure while it was baking. I don’t know if they have other varieties but we saw two others here – the chicken with mushroom and leek and the black pepper.

Ok, brace yourselves for a shock! I asked my girl if she took note of the price and she said it was…over RM30!!! *faints* That means that one pie like that is over RM15.00. Ok, it was really very nice, nicer than some of the stuff they dish out at some western joints here that may cost a lot more even…and besides, I would think it is perfectly all right to indulge in something like this once in a very long while. After all, we do deserve to pamper ourselves with some really very special treats sometimes, don’t we?

No, I did not help myself to the other one. Since she liked it so much and it truly was very nice, I just let her keep it for another day when she would feel like having it again. I remember when I was young, everytime we had chicken, my brother and I would get a drumstick each and my father would have the wings and then we would go on to the thigh…while my mum had the neck and the parson’s nose (butt) and most of the breast meat. At the time, I thought she actually loved those parts, silly me, so young and innocent…but thinking about it now, it is pretty obvious that it was all because she wanted us to have the best and it gave her such joy to see us eating and enjoying what she had cooked for us – that, I must say, is a true reflection of a parent’s sincere love and sacrifice for the family…and now, it is my turn to do the same.

Incidentally, at this juncture, I would just like to add this little bit to say thank you so very much to my cousin, Yvette, from Perth in Australia for the bag of goodies…

From cousin Yvette

…that she gave to me when she came to town. It sure was lovely to see you again…and nice meeting your hubs and sister-in-law too. All the best & God bless till the next time we see one another again. Cheers, all!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Don’t ask…”

  1. wow pricy but it do looks good tho. Buy all the imported goods before GST!!! πŸ˜€

    It’s not imported! Made in Malaysia…but yes, it is very much nicer than many, if not all, of the imported ones that we have had before – which, of course, do not come cheap either.

    1. haha… i was implying on the imported goods that ur cousin got for u. We here in Malaysia can either buy now before GST or get people at oversea to buy for us πŸ˜›

      I’ve such thoughtful and generous relatives and friends overseas that I don’t think I would ever need to buy any here – the goodies keep coming!!!

  2. heheh, i like how the word “MEAT” is stamped on the surface of the pie … nice little touch, ya πŸ™‚

    Brings to mind Uncle Miki Japanese baked cheese cake – his has his logo branded on the face of the cake too.

  3. Once in blue moon, indulge in such goodies is alright. The pie does look tasty.
    My hubby always said it is alright to spend on good food. That why when we shop, we (I mean, him) really just drop anything we fancy into the cart without bother much about the price.

    Some more yummy goodies from your cousin. I like Quadratini but never taste its tiramisu before.

    School holiday is almost coming to an end.

    So sad! πŸ˜₯ Only one week, passed by so fast. 😦

    Ya, I’m like your hubby, take, pay and enjoy…never even keep the receipt from the cash register. This one, I asked my girl – she did check the price – if not, I would not know how much it costs either. I believe if it is very nice, value for money, it is worth it…and once in a long while is perfectly ok. Better than spending less on things that are not so great. I hear they have this at Cold Storage in Kuching – you can grab one and try.

  4. Love the meat pies with so much fillings. I bet most parents would do that, saving the best for the kids. Naturally, when they are happy so are we. Wow, lots of nice imported goodies to munch. Enjoy ya…

    Yes, aren’t we all the same? Only want our kids to be happy. When we see them depressed, moody…we also get to be the same as well. Going to grab a box to try – very nice but I think there are nice pie shops in Kuching, can go for those – fresh from the oven. None here…and those from our bakeries, pies, meat pastries, all not worth the calories…and not worth the money either. No point getting those.

    1. Yeah, got a few nice pie shops here but I particularly like pies from Aloha & John’s pies. Bestnya….

      Not fond of John’s, this one is much nicer and I’m not crazy about the puff pastry…but I really love the quiche from Aloha – I hear they are VERY expensive though, a lot more expensive than John’s.

  5. For a moment I thot Yoong, your Perth good friend, visited and sent you those stuffs… So long dint see her here in your blog. Prolly too busy eating… Haha…

    I have many relatives and friends in Perth…and also elsewhere in Australia and New Zealand. Ya, no sign of her for a long time now, no sound.

    1. Mana itu yoong sudah pigi? Long time silence. Hope she is ok

      Dunno, never post comments here anymore, not on Facebook either. No sign of our friend in New Zealand either… 😦

      1. which friend in New Zealand?

        Not that fruit from your same tree – that one would comment once in a long while on Facebook.

    2. if u send some kampua over there, they might appear…

      I sent THE book, postal charges were shocking! And yes, I did get an sms then to let me know it got there safe and sound.

  6. If the ingredients used to make that pie are all as fresh as the packaging claimed, then I think the price is about right. Expensive, but so worth it! Beef and angmoh sauces does not come cheap nowadays. Actually, they have never been cheap ever! πŸ˜€

    Yes, it was fresh all right – maybe that was what put it a head above those frozen imported ones. Very nice and truly worth it – so much satisfaction for one pie…compared to the canned stuff that would cost as much. SPAM is over RM16.00 a can now – I sure would not want to buy anymore, thank you very much.

  7. I am unfamiliar with any of those products. If you ever get to come to Canada, especially Quebec, you must try the poutine and the Tourtiere (meat pie)…just not together, though. πŸ™‚ They are staples and things that began here.

    Same here, not familiar with the things you mentioned either. Wish I could try those too…

  8. “Ahah!!!! Contradiction in his story! He said he paid without checking the price…I refuse to believe that!!! Such a calculative kiasu guy, you think when he handed his money over, he didn’t faint? That he did not query when checkout person told him the total? That he was not monitoring the checkout screen as they scanned his stuff thru? Hah!!!” Have a happy saturday!

    No, it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Usually, I would check the price when I take something and see whether I would want to buy or not – too expensive and probably not worth it, I would put it back. This one, my girl saw it first and she said she would want to try…so I just took and put it in the shopping basket. I only asked her when at home and she was happily enjoying the pie.

    Once at the cashier’s, I never bother to keep track. Very easy to cheat me one – my Maths is so poor, almost failed in Form 5 (Cambridge), I would not be able to calculate…anything more than all my fingers and toes. I’d just wait to see the total and pay… Ohhhhhh!!!! So that is what you do is it? Watch their every move…and then, anything you find suspicious, you make a scene? *shakes head in disbelief* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. Speaking on Chicken, i don’t eat drum so both my parents can have them while i eat the breast, no need to sacrifice anyone’s favorite πŸ˜€

    So bad, this son – eats the healthy part…the unhealthy ones, leave to the parents to eat. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. The pleasure of a fine product is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

    Yes, indeed. Anything that is so nice is indeed value for money – worth having but of course, not too often. πŸ˜€

  11. Oh yes I was waiting for you to reveal the price as I was reading.. The beef pie certainly looks very buttery and nice, since the whole house smells so nice.. Very nice of you to grab it without thinking coz Mel says she wants to try it..

    The only one I have – anything she wants, I will give. It will all go to her, anyway…

  12. As seen from the picture, I can imagine how awesome the pie is! But, buying stuff without asking for price is just way too self pampering. Good good! πŸ˜€

    Why good? Later, no money to pay, how? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Come, come…I can get a box of those pies for you to try. πŸ˜‰

  13. Arthur, eat and enjoy while we still can… money is not a problem especially it is around RM30 only… and it is even more worth eating when we see our love ones enjoy every mouthful of it… hahaha… 340gm is quite heavy and I think it is worth the price..

    Yes, it was quite big and full of meat. I would say it was worth it especially considering that it was indeed very nice. We pay a lot more at some cafes and restaurants for stuff that may not be as satisfying. 😦

  14. Well, am I glad that the pie tasted very good! I was afraid that it was an expensive but not so tasty pie. True at RM15.00 per pie it is expensive, but if it was delicious, I guess it was worth it then. Once in a while, indulge!

    Yes, once in a very very long while.

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