In time…

I always make it a point to be punctual or on time and as far as possible, I would make sure that I would not make it just in time, at the very last minute…or maybe, I am a little bit to the other extreme. I would always give myself ample time so much so that when I had to pick my boys for some competition and I told them I would pick them up at 6.00 a.m., they would remark, “Oh dear!!! We would have to be ready by 5 then!” LOL!!! They knew me so well.

Things happen – we’d never know so I do think it would be best to be prepared. Once, I was sending a cousin of mine to the airport to catch a flight…


…and suddenly, I had a problem with one of my back wheels. The rubber peeled off and all the metal wires and whatever inside came out. I had to call my missus to come in the other car to send my cousin so she would be in time and not miss the flight. In the meantime, I got somebody to come and change and fix the wheel. He said that I had had the wheel for too long and that sometimes would happen.

On another occasion, I was sending my girl to the airport – she was flying back to college. Suddenly, the car refused to budge and I stalled by the roadside. I called an ex-student who was driving a taxi at the time and he came in a jiffy so my girl was able to make it in time. I also called my mechanic and he said that I could drive…very slowly and make my way to his workshop. According to him, there was some blockage and the engine would stop if I exceeded a certain speed so I had to go at  a snail’s pace to get him to fix it.

Of course, there are airlines that would take off earlier…


…or later according to their whims and fancies so one would have to make sure there would be “room to swing the cat” whichever way it might be…and some can be quite notorious for delays and cancellations…


Never mind if there is a delay, I would just wait…and that is why if I am taking connecting flights, I would see that the flights are far apart so that in the case of a delay in the first one, I would not miss the subsequent one.

That was why when I went to New Zealand sometime ago…

Air NZ

…I stopped in Auckland for so many hours just to be sure instead of choosing a flight that would leave much sooner after I had arrived.

Oh yes! There was this time when I went for lunch with my cousins in Kuching and we sat and chatted and forgot about the time completely!!! When we realised  the time, we had to rush to the airport. My cousin said it was all right – she would take a bypass, no jam…and we would be there very quickly but it so happened that that day, they had some road construction works or something and we were held up. I did reach the counter in time – they had started opening the seats to those on waiting list already but since I had a confirmed ticket, they gave my seat back to me. Unfortunately, their baggage check-in had closed already for that flight so I had to carry the luggage with me – thankfully, I did not have a lot. I ran all the way and made it to my seat in the aircraft…


…just in time. I could hear my heart beating so very fast that I was afraid it would just explode!!! I certainly would not want something like that to happen ever again…especially at my age at this point in time! My heart would not be able to take it, I’m sure.

So if ever we have a date and you appear, don’t ask if I have been waiting long, Chances are I would have been there for at least half an hour already or longer but it is perfectly all right. It is just me…and yes, I am very patient. I don’t mind waiting, not in the least…and I am not all that fond of people waiting for me.

Well, my sister-in-law was not in time when she sent these lovely prawn fritters…

From SIL

…over to my house early the other morning. She had got up to cook them before going to work and she dropped them off at my house on the way but I had already had breakfast…

My breakfast

…feasting on the sausages that I got from my cousin in Australia. I would say she was on time as far as the ladies in the house were concerned though and they were able to enjoy the fritters when they got up…and I did get to enjoy them myself as well later in the day for tea. Hehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “In time…”

  1. i do tat too for flights… less stress…

    Indeed. Just relax, loiter around, grab a bite somewhere…and now can browse online, time flies by real fast, no problem at all.

  2. Oh thank goodness I don’t fly often so I don’t get all this stressed up too much.

    I love prawn fritters esp with chili dip. Ahh… if only I can get some right now -.-

    Why not? Everyone can fly! Can start with Sibu – cheap and nice!

    Those sold outside, not nice – nothing in the batter, one miserable prawn on top. Just have to make one’s own.

  3. I am not a punctual person in the morning but of course I will make it if there’s an important appointment.
    Aiyo…maybe it’s time to change your car to reduce all those stress. The flights don’t wait for their passengers leh…
    Nice prawn fritters’s really a long long time since I had it.

    Of course I had changed the tyres – that was a long time ago. In fact, before I started sending my girl to her school in the jungle – which is just one and half hours away, I sent the old car for a major overhaul and got a completely new set of tyres. I often see cars stalled by the roadside – engine problem or flat tyres, even very new cars. Can’t understand how people can leave things to chance like that and still have peace of mind.

    Punctuality is a virtue, my friend…and it is rude to make people wait.

  4. I, too, am very punctual, so I can very much relate. I love the plane photos, and the food presentations are so nice. 🙂

    The shots of the planes, old ones…solely for illustration. I cannot imagine how people can board the plane late – smiling happily, laughing away…when they have kept the whole plane load of passengers sitting in the aircraft for so long, fuming mad, waiting for them. Really shameless!

  5. Same here, I always like to be early.. I don’t like waiting for people, and don’t like people waiting for me too.. If there is a flight, ooohh, I’ll be there very very early too.. I get nervous and kan cheong if there is a jam or if I could not find any parking.. Haizzz 😦

    Exactly! Things happen, we’ll never know. Best to be early for anything! Seen students running…arriving late for a crucial exam and of course, the most common of all – guests arriving late for wedding banquets. So rude, keeping everyone else waiting…and waiting! Traffic jam is no excuse – they will just have to leave the house early…or if they are going to be late, send word that they are not going to show up – it’s as easy as that. So thick-skinned some people.

  6. Being punctual is a good thing, something that most Malaysians don’t have LOL so you are a risk-averse kinda guy eh?

    Indeed. That is why I am what they say in Hokkien, “Ciak beh pa, gor beh see!” (eat not full, starve won’t die). Will never become rich!

  7. I always make sure I go early to airport as I hate to be late or in case anything happen. I were very late once for a flight once and oh boy, I rushed like a mad girl running through the hall, pushing my luggage. Lesson learnt!

    I love prawn fritters. Long time did not eat it.

    Go on! Make your own – not too difficult, I think…just that I do not know how. My missus will make all the time. 😛

    Ya, that one time is enough to last a lifetime for me. Never again! Almost died!!!

  8. Being punctual, I can praise myself for that. Like going to Church, I will always be there before mass starts at 6.45 am for 1st service but some people can come in almost half way through the service. Best to give allowance of time for everything.

    Indeed! We see that on Sundays all the time. They might as well don’t bother, really.

  9. That was a close one with so little time for you to board the plane back. I can imagine how fast you ran that time until your heart was thumping so fast.

    As fast as I could. Gosh!!! I could literally hear my heart beating…and see it thumping in my chest! Scary!!!

  10. Yea certainly agree that being punctual is a good thing… I really hate it when ppl are late (eg. when I am at a food review and have to wait 1 hr before others arrive). And I dislike it when ppl say “Malaysian time lah”. Not all Malaysians are late ok.

    That is a lame excuse – Malaysian time. It is all a matter of attitude – bad attitude and poor social etiquette. So shameless, simply brushing it aside as one of those things. Good practices, we must keep…bad ones, we should make an effort to do away with them.

  11. your breakie looks so appetizing !!!

    and em.. i’m someone who will try to be 10mins earlier if possible but definitely not half an hour earlier. Had experience where i was so much earlier, 30mins at least before my appointment (last time had to use public transport, like bus) and my friend arrived 2 hours after the appointment time (she used taxi). Got cheated for more than 10 times last time and i have no idea how I was so patient with her but will definitely not do the same again.

    10 times!!! Aiyor!!! Some friend you have!

  12. I am the same, I don’t like people to wait for me, I rather be the one waiting instead!

    I have never heard of flights leaving early though, it is always late or delay or cancellation. There was once I was flying to San Francisco through Singapore, the connecting flight was 2 hours apart, normally that would mean ample time right? Wrong! My flight from Penang to Singapore was delayed for 1 and a half hours, so when I touched down in Changi, it was a frantic rush across terminals to catch my connecting flight. Thankfully, Singapore Airlines were well aware of my situation, there was a buggy waiting for me right outside the gates. It was fun to ride the buggy for the first time, but also extremely nerve wrecking!

    After that debacle, I always choose to fly in to Changi in the morning and spend the 8 hours hanging around in the airport waiting, with internet and coffee. Better than being late again!

    Air Asia leaves early sometimes…or at least at the airport here. Of course, there are delays too but usually, no cancellations – we have that problem with MasWings – many flights in a day, I guess. Not enough passengers, they just move all to one flight…or at least, that is what they seem to be doing. They have the monopoly, certain sectors…and so expensive some more plus the small aircraft. We are at their mercy!

    Yes, I know someone at Changi, arriving from New Zealand, kids in tow…hand luggage some more…so she had to run for it to catch the connecting flight…even though the ground staff told her no need, take your time…it would be all right. She did not take the buggy even though she said she did see one on the way. Panic already, I guess. I would not take the chance – my connecting flight, Auckland to Wellington was half a day apart – enough time to go to my friend’s house and sleep a bit some more.

  13. Good one Arthur! I also don’t like to be late. About your car right, it’s time to sell already lah. Need I share you some procedures? LOL. I got experience how to transfer the ownership! Still a very fresh experience. “Lai lai~ Didi jiao ni.” 😀 😀

    Oh? Come, come…help me do that and at the same time, do bring some money for me to buy a new one too. Old man, no money wor. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  14. got airlines take off earlier than schedule meh?

    Got! Air Asia…here! Sometimes five minutes, sometimes ten. Delay a bit sometimes, never mind. Will still arrive on schedule! Full speed ahead, I guess. Scary!!!

  15. I’m also not too thrilled about waiting for people coz I’m usually punctual myself. But if I’m having a gathering with friends, I have to deal with it coz they’re always late!

    When I was in charge of staff welfare in one school I was attached to, when we said 7, we would start at 7. Those who came late could eat the leftovers. Eventually, everyone made it a point to arrive on time. These people need to be taught a good lesson.

  16. Usually i prefer to be punctual or earlier a bit, so that i do not have to panic…

    Yes, will certainly live longer!

  17. Being punctual is good. I always make sure that I will come to the airport early, depending on how far the airport. I just dislike the procedures before flying.

    Very easy now, check in online…proceed straight to departure…unless you have a lot of baggage to drop.

  18. ah, we all have experiences and near heart attack incidences of trying to catch flights. Sometimes, in fact a lot of times things happen which are way out of our control, which causes delays. Saying that going earlier helps to an extend, but not always. :D..

    by the way, time to change / upgrade the car? hehe..

    No money. Still hoping for my TOTO jackpot. Sometimes, miracles do happen…prayers get answered. 😉

    I am perfectly ok with delays – it snowballs – something happens at one stop, the delay may be carried forward to the next. My friend told me to take the early morning flights – no delays – the evening ones, usually. But as long as I can get from one place to another safely, that is good – cancellations are worse, stay the night, take the next morning flight…such a nuisance.

  19. A wise old man once told me (in relation to catching flights): “Better one hour early than one minute late”.

    Couldn’t agree more. My old folks would tell me – you do not own the airline, you wait for them, they do not wait for you.

  20. I am just like you! I will always be earlier to allow for any contingencies and I do not like to keep people waiting for me. And I get annoyed when people are late unless if they have very good reason to be.

    I don’t mind if something unexpected crops up but whatever reason, I would appreciate it if they call to let me know. These days, with mobile phones, there is no excuse to just keep people in suspense and let them wait and wait and wait. In fact, I would call to ask if somebody is very late…and of course, they will say…on the way! 😦

  21. The prawn fritters look so delicious. I love them, especially homemade ones where you can actually see the prawns! The sausage look good and fat!
    I, too, try to be early or at least punctual in keeping my appointments. I have the clock in my house and watches set ten minutes earlier. The trick is to ignore or forget it is intentionally set earlier. This way, things can be less stressful if there’s an unusually bad traffic on the way.

    I would not want to do that – can give me a heart attack, thinking that i am late. 😀

  22. my heart goes, dup dup dup dup when i read this post of yours, arthur. hehehe 🙂 it’s after all very much murphy’s law. i’m happy for you despite all the crazy things that happened, you or your daughter managed to catch the plane.

    Oh yes! That reminds me of another time – I was queuing up to check in when my missus came over to tell me that she had forgotten to take our passports…so she and our little girl had to queue up to check in while I took a cab home to get the passports and rush back to the airport again – 30 miles? – and luckily, I made it just in time. They were calling for passengers to board already at the time… That’s another experience I can do without now, at my age!

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