Please don’t…

If ever there is anyone coming over from Kuching or going there for whatever reason and is thinking of getting me this…

Mita Cake 1

…please don’t!

Yes, it IS very nice…and I even find the pictures on the box…

Mita Cake 2

…very cute and attractive.

The cake…

Mita Cake 3

…has that rich buttery fragrance and the texture is just right. So why am I telling everyone not to get it for me? Well, I heard that it was selling for around RM8.00 and now the price has gone up to well over RM10.00!!! People keep complaining about the rising prices of things and blaming it on this and that and yet, ironically, I see many who would be more than willing to fork out their money for stuff that does not come cheap (and even queue for it some more!!!). Personally, if anything gets a little too pricey, I would rather go without – we will not die from not eating it, that’s for sure.

Anyway, back to the cake, we have a bakery here on the other side of town that sells very nice cakes and other things as well. The curry puffs were RM1.00 each and you buy 10, you get one free. Then, it went up to RM1.10…and now it is RM1.20. Well, you can jack up your prices according to your whims and fancies, that’s your prerogative – I’ve stopped buying. Now, the thing is their butter cakes are just as nice (and some say theirs are even nicer) and they’re selling them for only RM5.00 a loaf. Maybe it is a little smaller but I am pretty certain that it is not very much so. Considering that this one from Kuching is so VERY expensive, I do appreciate your kind thoughts and generosity but no, thank you, folks.

I got this one from my good friend, Lim, who came back the following night after his working trip to Kuching. He also got me these very nice sio bee

Kuching sio bee

…and as you can see, theirs are different from our Sibu Foochow-style ones…

Sibu sio bee 1

…which have a lot more skin and at times, you would find some chopped bits of carrot on top…

Sibu sio bee 2

…and besides, the filling is different. The Sibu ones would have sengkuang/mangkuang (turnip) and minced meat while the Kuching ones have mostly meat…

Kuching sio bee, inside

The quality varies according to the ratio of sengkuang and meat in the Sibu ones…and also the quality of the meat in both. Some are mostly fat and worse, they would add flour, probably to cut cost or what, I wouldn’t know. Then, of course, there would be the differences in the standard recipes between places – some may like the ones here, others may prefer the ones there. That, I suppose, is a matter of personal taste and choice – to each his own.

These, that my friend got for me, were very very nice…thank you so much, Lim, and thanks for the cake some more. Your thoughtfulness is indeed very much appreciated but please do not trouble yourself in future – rushing here and there in between your work and meeting and what not. Been there, done that…and especially when I did not have the transport to go around and would not want to trouble any of the locals, I would just grab a pack of Famous Amos at the airport while waiting for my flight…and no, no!!! No Famous Amos either, thank you. They sure do not come cheap, that I know! Tsk! Tsk!

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22 thoughts on “Please don’t…”

  1. your prudence about cash is something that a lot of us can emulate πŸ™‚ having said that, the cake looks really alluring, and i think RM10 seems like a decent price to pay, especially if they used good ingredients for it (and it’s hard to blame the cake maker if the cost of the butter, etc has also increased) πŸ™‚

    I wonder about the ingredients they use these days. Many will just use those butter substitutes – smell like butter, taste like butter but they’re not butter – palm oil mostly. This one is nice, no doubt…but we can get something similar here and some people say that ours is nicer, only RM5.00!

    Everyone’s complaining about the rising prices. I wonder what they’ve done about it. I do believe in the theory of supply and demand – don’t buy, everybody, and the prices will come down…or the seller will close shop, whichever comes first. The irony is people say they are unhappy but they will still keep buying, queue for it even. They are asking to be slaughtered.

  2. I miss sio bee! All of them look pretty good to me indeed. The last one I had was 2 years ago in Sibu, the restaurant I told you.

    Ahhhh!!! You remember! Those are from that restaurant you went to for dinner.

  3. All of those little dumplings look good. I prefer the steamed variety. Hubby enjoys more the fried type though.

    Me too. If these are sold fried, I get the feeling they’re leftovers…but no, one seller overheard me and got real furious. Oooopsss!!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Haha I thought the cake is not nice and you ask them not to get it for you.. πŸ˜›
    The loaf looks big, and if you say it’s good, I would buy and try it for RM10..

    Come and get ours, RM5.00 only…and some says ours is the same or has an edge over this celebrated one even. Sometimes, one pays for the “name”…right?

  5. RM10 for a loaf is reasonable if they are using the real butter and not substitute. The sio bee looks like the ones from Open Air market. If so, that is one of my favourite too.

    I don’t think so – if I’m not mistaken, his parents will usually get from somebody, homemade. Very nice too.

    These days, it is all what they call “lepa susu”, I’m sure. Or maybe these, they use real butter…the ones in Sibu, they use the substitute so a lot cheaper but both are nice, to me, at least. I don’t mind either, not fussy, but will give the prices due consideration.

  6. Oh. The picture of the ducklings is cute. I seldom bought stuff from Mita but its pastries are good, I have to admit. I have few bakeries around my area (more than 5) to choose from and Mita is one of them. I mostly go to Taka as nearer and easy to park.

    Sio bee. Yum yum. Long time did not have it. The last time I ate was in Big Pau. I still like the one in Open Air Market.

    I hear Taka cakes are nice(r) but Mita has been around a lot longer – been to the outlet at Satok, next to where Miramar was…and elsewhere too, don’t really remember.

    Big Pau at Padungan? Nice? Yes, the Open Air ones are nice.

  7. I just bought a box of famous amos from Giant, at RM 9.90 πŸ˜›

    That’s cheap! I would buy a 500 gm bag at the airport, I think that would be over RM10.00! 😦

  8. I see the sio bee, makes me craving for it, must go get it and eat, hehe….

    Come, come! πŸ˜‰

  9. I too will forgo little pleasures if the price goes up too much; but I’ve noticed the younger generation does not seem to care as much. A few days ago, a cyclone went through our north and banana plantations were wiped out. When this happened some years ago, the price of bananas went up from about $2 to $16 a kilo! we could not afford bananas for months.

    Yes, seems to be a trend and the young ones are all for it – standing in line, fiddling with their smartphones, quite happy to wait. Gosh!!! Bananas are cheap here, and I love bananas. Not into the imported ones and many of the rest that we have here.

  10. I reckon part of the RM10 went into making those custom designed boxes, and if they are famous and operate out of a factory or something, then the increased labor costs and operating costs. It’s not easy to expand a business, especially F&B. Usually prices would go up and/or quality would go down and if they’re unlucky, they’ll go out of business quickly.

    RM12 or 13…and the box is at least RM2.00, I’m sure. Dunno if they are that big, with a factory and all but they do have a lot of outlets in Kuching. It is ok for prices to go up if they maintain the quality and if it is really really nice and worth buying, I wouldn’t mind. The thing is we can get something more or less the same here for RM5.00, such a big difference.

  11. Good butter is getting more and more expensive due to the exchange rate. Golden Churn butter used to cost me RM9.50 for 250g and now it is RM12.50. So I use it very sparingly and only when I want to bake a good and proper butter cake.

    My missus will use the canned ones, very expensive but the way the prices are going, we will just have to make do with butter substitutes and settle for less…or not bother to make anymore.

  12. RM10 still okay mah.

    Actually, it’s around RM12 or 13…but if we can get something more or less as nice here for only RM5, it’s not worth the money nor the trouble to buy something at that price.

  13. Siobee and butter cakes grow on me. My older sister can make very good butter cakes and siobee. She makes butter cakes using Golden Churn butter and makes siobee with minced pork and fish paste.

    My missus made really great cakes, butter cakes included and also Golden Churn no less…until we got a new oven and her cakes turned out disastrous. I believe she will never ever bake again. We do make our own sio bee – minced meat with prawns, nice but usually, we do not bother, will just go out and buy.

  14. The cake seems very fresh leh …. just out from oven ?
    Wah..dim sum and it’s so meaty inside!

    He came back to Sibu on a night flight and I had it two days later, fresh from the oven? We would be able to get the RM5 ones here piping hot if we know their baking schedule… Yes, the sio bee sure was all meat.

  15. love the siobee from Song Kheng Hai hawker stall instead cos theirs have like more pepper compared to the rest.. but theHub loves Sibu siobee cos the size is bigger and tastier he said πŸ˜€

    and yes.. the prices on many things just got up like there’s no tomorrow. I went to the bakeries less these days cos I think to eat a normal meal outside like kolo mee vs bun at almost the same price, i would go for kolo mee instead. O.o

    I know there’s this one shop selling egg tarts for RM2.50 .. almost cried when i made payment of 5 not knowing the price in the first place, thinking it was less than RM2 per piece. O.o

    Never tried those – I liked the Open Air ones….but not those at Fook Hai. Indeed, some of those buns are ridiculously priced. Soooo expensive – here, I’d much sooner go for a plate of kampua – RM2.50-2.80 only, much cheaper and much more filling! RM2.50 for an egg tart. No, thank you. They can eat it themselves.

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