All the small things…

My friend from Singapore, Alfred, is coming again next week so the other day, I decided to go back to that stall at the mall here to buy some more of the kacang tumbuk (rolled crushed peanut cake) for him…and then I got word from my good friend, Lim, telling me that he would be going to Kuching the following day and asking me if I could give him a lift to the airport so I decided to send the whole lot to an aunt of mine there through him. On the way home, after dropping him off, I stopped by the mall again. The lady was shocked to see me – she could not believe that I had eaten all that I had bought the previous day! LOL!!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did hear sometime ago that the tau sar peah (bean paste biscuit) from this stall was very nice so I decided to buy some to try. Goodness gracious me! They were so very small…and did not come cheap either – 60 sen each, 10 for RM6.00!!! Nonetheless, I just bought a few to try. I did not buy any of those with or tau sar (black bean paste) as for some reason or other, my missus’ head would go spinning whenever she ate that so she would not touch it with a 10-foot pole.

I got the pek tau sar (white bean paste) ones…

Pek tau sar 1

…which were indeed very nice – small, expensive…but nice. The filling was very fine and so smooth…

Pek tau sar 2

…and not really sweet. I would say they were a little nicer than the very nice ones that I received not too long ago from my cousin in Miri but theirs were very much bigger, by 25%, at least, I think.

The lady asked me to get the other type that she had as well – she said it was savoury, not sweet so I agreed to grab some of those…

Pek tau sar, savoury 1

…to sample.

The filling was a shade darker…

Pek tau sar, savoury 2

…and yes, it was not sweet…or perhaps, very very slightly nor was it really salty either. I would say this one had a perfect balance and was very nice. Somehow it reminded me of the celebrated tambun biscuits in Penang and the surrounding areas up north but the filling was finer and a bit on the moist side, not as dry and on the whole, I would say that I liked this one a lot more.

Will I be buying them again? Well, maybe yes…and maybe no, the only deterrent being the price which I thought was kind of steep for something so small. I would rather go to the shop/stall to the left of the mall, located by the side of the building where they sell all kinds of fritters and stuff. I had bought the fried or koi (yam cake) once before and I thought theirs were really good, nicer than many others around town.

They were selling that at 50 sen each…

Medan Mall or koi

– a little cheaper than the small tau sar peah and a bit more substantial in comparison. I bought some for tea that afternoon and it went absolutely well with the homemade hand-pounded chili and garlic dip that I had in the fridge.

These were cheaper – the fried chiew chu koi (tapioca cake)…

Medan Mall chiew chu koi

…selling at 3 for RM1.00 and yes, they were very nice – not sweet, not hard or rubbery – just right!

That makes two things sold at that shop/stall that I like – I certainly would go back there again to check out what other nice things they have to offer.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “All the small things…”

  1. Everything looks good. Indeed the peah reminded me of Tambun biscuit. Tasted it once when visited Penang many many years ago.

    Yes. Everything is expensive and small. Cannot imagine the price hike next month when GST is here.

    We’ll just have to learn to live with it. Don’t buy, don’t spend…live simple lives, within our means. Will be fine. Others have always managed with a lot less.

  2. All looks fine. I like tau sar, being it black or white but I don’t like the tau sar of Penang tambun, very dry. Or koi goes well with the chilli dippings, love it. Have a great & long weekend with your loved ones.

    I’m ok with tambun, will eat when there’s any but no, I will not go out of my way to buy…much less, queue for them. Heard of people doing that!

    You too, enjoy your weekend. Ours will be a long one – one week school holidays. Nice!

  3. all my favourite fried stuff.. hehe πŸ™‚
    tau sar pneah.. used to love it, but everytime i buy them, i overdose on them, too addictive! Pop it one after another.

    In Penang I like the Ghee Hin brand.

    Ghee Hiang, you mean? The famous one. I had others – all ok, the same. I prefer these tau sah peah version, not so dry.

  4. I was expecting pek tau sar to be really light in colour, but it doesn’t seem that way. It looks a lot like lotus paste to me. Or is it that I mistook that picture, the one where you cut the biscuit in half?

    Yes, I know the old school pek tau sar, lighter in colour – we have those as well, big pieces, RM1.00 the last time I bought. I like those too. This one’s finer, smoother…texture and colour like lotus paste but the taste is different, like pek tau sar. Well, time goes on, things change…some for the better, others not really. Thankfully, this one’s very good…just expensive for so small, about the size of a 50 sen coin. 😦

  5. Oooo fried yam cakes.. I thought they were fried radish cake at first.. Mil always buys lots of these, cut into cubes, then fry with egg and taugeh, yummmzzz..

    That becomes something like koay kak, I guess? Radish cake is not commonly found here – other than at the dim sum places and even those, we only have two good/reasonable good ones.

  6. I am not much of a tau sar peah fan. But I do love those yam cake and fried tapioca cake. Yum, yum!

    Can’t say I’m a fan of all but will eat sometimes for afternoon tea…for a change.

  7. I opposite with Phong Hong, i like tau sar peah, hehe…

    You can get to try these if you come over! My Singapore friend is getting me the “legendary” ones from Balistier Road! ❀ ❀ ❀

  8. The sweet-savory version here has salted egg yolk inside….

    You mean the yolk puffs, those mooncake ones. We have those here, bigger and lotus paste inside so of course, very very much more expensive, just half a yolk inside though…ours. 😦

  9. Not easy to make the tau sar peah leh. The inti and all. Now the ingredients all naik harga liao. Not surprising if in April will naik harga lagi lor. That time maybe can only eat rice with kicap liao. Even kicap also might naik harga.

    Have not tasted the ones in Sibu yet but have tasted those from Ipoh. Yummy. Not too sweet too and have egg yolk.

    Wah!!! Got egg yolk, must be very big then. These are VERY small…very nice, but small, so I would think they are somewhat expensive.

  10. when i read pek tau sar and tau sar peah.. i thought like.. eh.. since when Sibu got this? How come I did not buy last time..hahaha.. i do think the ones in Penang somehow, are overrated.. i don’t know. maybe the time i went there, was peak season due to penang bridge run that everyone is buying and the quality dropped? no idea..

    reading your posts made me miss sibu food a lot.. i just had kaya bun, kompia and kuih telur that my friend brought back yesterday from sibu !!! Now i feel like eating.. ding bian hu !!!! i need to go grab my 2nd round breakfast now !!!!

    Kuching has pretty good ones – I think my relatives get them from some shop at Padungan. We have had these for a long long time now…but they do make very nice ones now. Sometimes, I do miss the old-school ones though, those that people say are not as nice. Same thing with the kay-nerng-kor (kueh telur). I’m old mah! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ My friend said there’s one place in Kuching – the dianpianngu is very nice, but I cannot remember where now.

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