Oh me oh my…

My cousin in Brisbane, Australia sent me word asking me to buy her some kacang tumbuk (rolled crushed peanut cake) for her. Like I said, we have a very  good one here just like those we had in my good ol’ younger days but as I have mentioned many times in my earlier posts, those would be so difficult to get. Very often, we would just have to make do with these…

West Malaysian factory made

…which would be, at best, just ok – cheaper but sweeter and rather lacking in that special peanut fragrance but beggars can’t be choosers.

Well, it so happened that around that time, before the Chinese New Year came around, I happened to see some on sale at the stall…

Medan Mall stall

…at the Medan Mall here, the good ones and of course, I bought some to keep at home. So, I decided to pack them in a tin, put in all the little packets of dehumidifier that I had saved from the packets of mooncake or anything that had those in the vacuum packs…and sealed it tightly to send to my cousin Down Under.

I was at the mall again last week and I saw that the lady had some that day, not many – just a few left so I bought some more for my cousin and repacked everything in a bigger box. I did ask her and she told me that if they are kept in the sealed packs and stored in a cool, dry place, these should last for quite a long time.

Finally, my cousin’s hubby came to town for a few days and I was able to pass them to him to take back to Brisbane…and oh me oh my!!! Just look at all the things that she sent to me through him!!!

During my growing up years, I so loved these Quality Street toffee and chocolates…

QS cheese and jam

The tin was much nicer then, not like the present ones…and I did see this once at a shop at KLIA and I almost had a heart attack. Then, there were also the cheese and the raspberry jam…and a HUGE pack of bacon…

Bacon and sausages

…big enough to last one whole year, I’m sure! It looks like the frankfurters are due to expire very soon but I think they should be all right for a little longer if I would just keep them frozen in the freezer. Good grief! AUD2 for that big pack of 12? My! My! That sure is cheap compared to the ones here especially the imported ones – those would cost an arm or a leg and they are not easily available some more in this sleepy little town.

There you have it – all the things that my cousin sent to me, so so so much…


 …for the few miserable packs of peanut cake that I got for her. Wait a minute! You may have spotted that parcel in the photograph, top left and would probably be wondering what was inside…


Curiosity kills the cat, they say but never mind! Let me put you out of your misery and reveal the contents of that mysterious parcel…

Tim Tams

Yes, more Tim Tam’s – the Adriano Zumbo range no less…including the new coconut cream variety.  I’ve tried their raspberry white chocolate and it was very very nice – my favourite, besides the red velvet ones…but I’ve yet to try this one that is also new as well – the choc raspberry. Thank goodness the weekend is here and my girl will be home – we can sit down together to enjoy these delights to our hearts’ content!

Thank you so very much to my cousin. It is always my pleasure to get you nice stuff from here – just let me know anytime, no trouble at all…but please, you really do not have to get me so many things – something small, easy to carry (especially when flying), a simple token would be good enough. As they say, it’s the thought that counts.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Oh me oh my…”

  1. Ooooo kacang tumbuk! I can eat the whole packet! I love the ones that melt in the mouth and you have to put the whole thing into the mouth.. Yummzz, I see cheddar slices.. I buy cheese every week, the kids and I eat a pack of cheese a week.. Coconut cream Tim Tams!!!! Give me 😛

    Come! Come! 😀 😀 😀 This kacang tumbuk very very nice, nicer than any. I would buy to give away…if and when I can get hold of any, it’s that nice – post on this coming up. Not always available. 😦

  2. Wah! I am so jealous now. Wish I am in Sibu and even better stay next to you. Can “curi-curi” some of those goodies from you. Lol.

    Already finish them? Enjoy yourself ya. Hard to find here.

    Yalor! Too bad you’re not here anymore, can share-share. Nope! Haven’t eaten anything yet. Waiting for my girl to come home, enjoy together. School holidays start today for one week. Yipeeee!!!!!

  3. I do like those crushed peanut biscuits. Mmm.. I wonder if you’ll attempt another Tim Tam slam. 😉

    Oh no! Too precious to finish one piece in one gulp! Must nibble…nibble…nibble, enjoy slowly. 😉

  4. Yay! More Tim Tams!

    Heaven is a place on earth! 😀 😀 😀 Btw, I saw on Facebook…your food-blogger friend in Penang ordered from Oz and is selling them in sets – all the flavours?

  5. I love this kacang tumbuk & peanut candy. I remember you used this kacang tumbuk to sprinkle on your rojak but I used peanut candy, more work, have to pound them but have more feel of the peanut. Happy holidays to Melissa and to you, enjoy munching all the nice goodies.

    Thanks. Looking forward to that. Ya…I use this for my popiah too, and my salad dressing – already sweet, no need to add sugar – very nice, very fragrant. The supermarket ones…not that nice, not as fragrant, just sweet mostly.

  6. omg! rolled crushed peanut cake sounds super delicious!
    Your cousin is really nice to get you so many delicious things! So great!

    Yes, so very sweet and thoughtful of her especially when the hubby had to cart all that stuff all the way from Australia.

  7. What dishes do u intend to do with the bacon & frankfurters?

    Nothing in particular. My girl would love those for breakfast with egg and toast and the like.

  8. OOhh that’s really nice of your cousin! I also want the kacang tumbuk! I send you Red Velvet Tim Tams ok?? hehehhehee

    Too late, the hubby got back to Oz yesterday…with 12 packs of kacang tumbuk. 😀 😀 😀 Would cost a bomb to send by mail.

  9. I remember the kacang tumbuk is what you used for your very delicious salad dressing 🙂 Wow, nice gifts for you again. Good lord! 1kg of bacon! hee..hee…

    Yes, good Lord indeed!!! Will last a very long time, that one! Yup…our local kacang tumbuk will be very much nicer than those, more peanut fragrance.

  10. that’s true, i’m really appreciative of people who take the trouble to hand-carry presents for their friends on their flights … very thoughtful! 🙂

    Yes, personally I don’t mind bringing lots of stuff for family of friends…provided they are non-perishables that I can just pack and check in. So troublesome to carry things by hand…but if they’re perishable, like food, will have to do that – no choice.

  11. Tim Tam! Always forgot to look for them. Gotta try since they are so famous! ahh.. miss kacang tumbuk

    Look for them where? This Adriano Zumbo range is limited, not available in Sibu. I hear some get them via special order direct from Oz. Dunno if Sarikei still has the old school kacang tumbuk – so hard to get hold of a really really good one here these days.

  12. Frankfurters and bacon for me please. Hehe.

    Come, come! Drop by for breakfast tomorrow. You like your eggs scrambled, fried, poached or boiled? 😉

  13. You’re so nice to your cousin, and she is equally nice to you. But I do wonder, why would someone bring you bacon from Oz? Does bacon from Down Under taste much better? I would know what to bring back when I go next time then! 😀

    You can get them easily there anytime – places like Tesco, Cold Storage – love those counters where one can pick the cuts and everything. Our major supermarkets here may have some, not all the time – only those halal local made chicken and beef sausages, no ham…and lately, there are those chicken slices that look like ham but taste horrible. I would rather go for the canned luncheon meat. So once in a while, we will get to see some ham and bacon in a little fridge at some obscure corner – frozen hard like stone…and you get them in packs of around 4 selling for over RM10.00. Same thing with those imported pork sausages. We may buy once in awhile when they look fresh or new…not when they seem like fossilised dinosaurs from the Ice Age.

  14. Wah so much food! Your relationship with them sure very good!

    Yes, and I sure am glad. Keep the peace, spread the love. Life would be a lot happier and more meaningful.

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