Go for it…

Yes, one would just have to go for it to achieve one’s dreams.

We have been friends for quite a while now though only in the cyber world or blogosphere and we never got to meet before this. What I knew of him was that he was not given what he wanted but went anyway to do his first degree and when he was 27, he applied again and succeeded this time around so he went and studied medicine in another local university and graduated as a doctor. Then he was sponsored by a local university to pursue a specialist field of study and he just finished that last year. Right now, he is bonded to the aforementioned university and lectures there and he has to go for his clinical practical at a local hospital for six months before being confirmed as a full-fledged neurosurgeon.

Now he comes to Sibu sometimes to conduct examinations for his students and the last time he was here, he commented in my blog that the kampua noodles he had weren’t at all great. Of course, if you do not know where to go and just stopped by those places around the hotel, chances are you will not get to eat any nice ones, much less the best in town. I managed to track him down and got to speak to him but he was busy and we could not get to meet then.

Well, he was back in town and this time, we did manage to go out for dinner together. I took the chance to show him some of the better places in the vicinity of the hotel where he was staying – at least, he would know where to go or where not to go when he would want to venture out on his own.

He said that he would want to go some place to try what would not be available in Kuching so, needless to say, we ended up here…

Payung Cafe Sibu
*Payung Cafe‘s photo on Facebook*

I did not have my camera with me but anyway, we have had enough of the photographs of the things I would order here…again…and again…and again! He enjoyed the Payung rojak a lot and also the mushroom roll…and he thought the otak otak was very nice, nicer than the Johore ones. He said he never tried the Penang ones so he could not say anything about that.

I saw that they had some new items on their menu – the Bangladeshi chicken and the Bangladeshi fish. We tried the former and he said it tasted like Indian curry. Of course, it did – it was Bangladeshi, neighbours. LOL!!! I did not think very much of it though plus it was a little too salty that night and I would prefer the lamb…

Payung's lamb curry
*Payung Cafe‘s photo on Facebook*

…that we would usually order and enjoy so much.

For our dessert, I had their durian ice cream…and here was someone who did not like the fruit so I ordered the mango…

Payung mango ice cream
*Archive photo*

…for him and he thought it was great.

I went to settle the bill but he was quick in coming after me and insisting that he picked up the tab. Sigh!!! I thought I wanted to give him a treat as he was a guest in town and I was the host. Thank you so much, Simon – I owe you one. Do let me know the next time you’re back in town. Cheers and all the best in your undertakings!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Go for it…”

  1. Simon says he pays means he pays. Don’t argue with Simon πŸ˜›

    You really like Payung Cafe alot. I must keep this place in mind in case one day I ‘ter drop’ into Sibu πŸ™‚

    Yes, yes…always do what Simon says.

    It is a very nice place – things you can’t get elsewhere, or different from the rest. A must-visit to anybody hew in town, sure will like it…but for me, I wish they would add new stuff to their menu or have some specials for the day so I would not be ordering the same things again and again.

  2. I would also avoid the durian πŸ˜‰ but the mango ice cream looks yummy. I like the look of the saucy bit in the middle.

    That’s the cream made from fresh local mango – we cal it quinee here.

  3. Wooot, neurosurgeon πŸ˜€
    Ahhh Payung – rojak, mushroom rolls, kacangma chicken, jelly pisang.. He must be very bz doctor and it’s good that you could get hold of him to bring him go makan, haha..

    He is. Couldn’t go out for dinner the following night – meeting with other examiners over the day’s evaluation of their students.

  4. A lovely chap!

    I also would go for lamb.

    Yes, Kuching guy. So glad to make so many great friends via blogging. The lamb’s good – tapao-ed for Chinese New Year last year, did not do it this year though. Wanted a change.

  5. Payung rojak & mushroom roll, always the smartest choice. Curry looks good though. For dessert, I would go for durian, am a durian queen, don’t forget, hihihi….

    Ahhhh!!!! Then you would love my choice…a lot more than the mango.

  6. Something has been bugging me for quite some time. I noticed quite a number of times when you mentioned so and so came to Sibu and had some food that is not all that great because they went to the wrong places.

    I don’t know, I thought usually when you go to a city/region and have their signature dish, it would be quite difficult to have a bad meal. Like if you come to Penang to have char kuay teow or laksa, doesn’t matter which stall you go to, it will be done decently, even an unknown CKT stall in Penang would dish out better CKT than some of the famous ones in KL or JB. Same goes to pork noodles in KL or taugeh chicken in Ipoh.

    It seems like that is not the case in Sibu, and that if we ever go to Sibu, we must look to the Sibu Food Mayor for guidance, or suffer the consequences of having unsatisfactory meals. πŸ˜€

    Not really. If you go to that tourist trap, Gurney Drive, for instance, first the people are very “unfriendly” (maybe only to locals), the food is not good and expensive and the furniture sure has seen better days. My friends would take me to this place…or that place, that one not so good…that one is overrated, this one is much better and so on and so forth. So there is a difference between one and the other – but of course, there are people who are not fussy, as long as they get to eat something.

    Like my Terengganu friends that day – they had Sarawak laksa in Kuching and said they did not like it. Then I took them for one here and they were swept off their feet – so very nice, they said. Turned out that they had the laksa in Kuching at the hotel where they stayed…and don’t we all know about hotel food, usually nice but not great – and it depends on the hotel as well. After two or three days, all taste the same, smell the same.

    Then there are people like my very good friend, Mandy in KL, she eats anything, all the same to her and at times, the same things again and again, chicken rice or char siew rice or wanton mee or anything, anywhere at her regular pit stops wherever she goes where her work takes her in the peninsula and when I go over, she would ask me where to go to eat this and that. She’s not bothered to know or to find out – and that’s her. Everyone is different.

    And talking about kampua noodles in Sibu, for instance, every coffee shop has a stall…and here, every block of shops has two or three coffee shops, at least…and everybody thinks they can jump on the bandwagon – never mind if what they dish out is below par. As a result, there are very good ones, ok ones…and those that are edible but of course, there are people who do not mind/care and that is why, these people can stay in the business. Probably you fall into this category…but if you travel all the way to one place for just a day or two, I am sure you would not want to settle for these or anything that is just “decent” or ok and as far as possible, you would want to go for the best there is in town. Right or not?

    1. Yes, it is Terengganu, not trengganu…

      …and Johore Baru, not Johor Bahru…and Malacca not Melaka… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      1. Cikgu ajaran sesat.? tsk tsk

        Ajaran orang putih bah!!! Old people…zaman orang British. πŸ˜‰

  7. wit the number of foreign workers here, it’s time to have some of their tasty foods!

    They have all kinds of people working at this place – Indonesians, Myanmarese, Banglas, Indians and a few locals as well…and the boss travels to their homes regularly to learn more about their cuisines…and comes back and creates his own – that is why the stuff they have on their menu may be similar to some elsewhere but is not exactly the same. For one thing, the ones here are very nice and friendly, speak English and are well-versed with what they serve…and are very hardworking which is more than what I would say about some of our locals – temperamental, demanding, lazy and unreliable, dunno who’s the boss…and would squander their wages away on wine, women and song! That is what makes them so “un-employable”!

  8. I’m with you on this one. You can probably find decent and edible ones of the signature dish but not the really good ones unless you are in the know. Citing an example…I had Ipoh sar hor fun in KL that tasted better than some in Ipoh! πŸ˜€

    Indeed!!! Just go for the same thing right next door and you will taste the difference…and even if it is the father/mother or the son/daughter…or the daughter in law cooking that same thing at one same stall!

    Actually, I did blog about two coffee shops opposite each other at a junction along Penang Road in Georgetown…
    Many would know the not-so-good-looking one as it is well-known to have pretty good stuff…compared to the other one, just ok, good enough to eat when the other one’s closed for the week…or way too crowded, full house.

  9. Your friend is a very determined person and he achieved his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. I admire such tenacity. Good for him! Ah, it had to be Payung! πŸ˜€

    Yes, very admirable indeed. Many would just carry on living their lives, miserably doing things that they have absolutely no love or passion for.

  10. Wow, so nice of you to make the effort to track him down the first time and now take him out for a good dinner.

    Sibu is a small place. He mentioned where he went for the noodles and I could guess straight away which hotel he would be staying in, the one in that same area. Not all that many here – I would say, only 4 or 5 big(ger) ones.

  11. Simple Simon says he will pay.. means he pays… hahaha.. Merryn really got it! Yes, normally hosts will pay but since he is a doctor, oh well.. respect you, Sir…
    And the food in Payung never goes wrong… so yummylicious!!

    I suppose doctors earn a lot but not sure about him as he has just started. Never mind, the next time he comes, I’ll treat him.

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