Want some more…

I have not had these lovelies

Kuching popiah 1

…for a while now so when my girl and her friend were back for the weekend, we dropped by for some (RM2.50 each)…

Kuching popiah 2

Yes, they were really nice as always but she was closing down for the day. Thankfully, she had just packed some in boxes to take around town and sell so she just took from there and served us…and thankfully also, they had not been in the boxes for long or they would turn moist and somewhat soggy. and would not be very nice.

We also had these meat dumplings (RM5.00)…

Meat dumplings

…and the ones she makes are pretty good as well. My girl sure loved them! She was quite happy and did not want anything else…while her friend had the salad chicken rice and they did share a bit of the meat.

I ordered the braised duck…

Braised duck

…and egg…


…with rice…


…which were all ok – not sensational but good enough and together with the chicken rice, the total came up to RM10.00 only.

My missus said she wanted to order some char kway teow but this (RM3.50)…

Foochow fried mee

…was served instead. It seemed that somewhere between the table and the stall, she changed her mind. She didn’t say anything about it but she did not complain either so I guess it was all right.

That certainly was a pleasantly delightful, albeit simple, lunch, I would say.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Want some more…”

  1. Popiah. I love popiah but it is quite difficult to find good ones. In 1U, there’s this place call Penang Flavour and they serve very nice popiah. That’s the only place I eat my popiah here in PJ.

    I can’t say I’ve had great ones over there – most of them, the filling would be boiled till soft and soggy – doesn’t look like much, all sengkuang. I would prefer this anytime…or our own homemade ones, they say it’s nyonya style, I wouldn’t know. We’ve done it like that in the family since I was small.

  2. Those first two dishes – yes, I think I’d “want some more!” … please. πŸ™‚

    Great choices…but being typically Asian, I’d like something substantial for lunch or dinner – rice.

  3. Oh. Those lovelies are simply delicious-looking. Love they spread those generous nuts on top. Yummy.

    And I also love braised duck rice too. Nice lunch, I agreed with you.

    The crushed peanuts would be the main attraction…and I suspect they use the Bintangor rojak sauce as well – the filling does not look all that special, like raw…but overall, the popiah tastes really great, nicer than any I had anywhere else. The duck was good…but I prefer my missus’. πŸ˜‰

  4. All my favourites!! Popiah, dumplings, braised duck, Foochow noodles, like like like.. There’s this Teochew shop in Cheras which serves braised duck rice with salted vege, egg, tofu and pig’s intestines, so good, I can eat it all day!

    Hmmmmm…sounds like great condiments for Teochew porridge. My cousin stays in Cheras, I remember going once or twice but I don’t think I ever ate anything anywhere there. I remember the horrendous traffic going in and out of the area then – dunno if it has improved since.

  5. Rm 10 for all that sounds affordable

    RM10 for the two popiah and the dumplings, RM10 for the salad chicken rice and the duck rice with egg…RM3.50 for the fried noodles – that would sum up to more than just RM10. But it was good, that’s what matters most.

  6. Loves all the foods you all had…

    You’ll never come here, I know…so you’ll never get to try. My Singapore friend is coming again…next week. Loves it so much here!!!

  7. Love the popiah basah… Especially with so much nuts sprinkles on it. πŸ˜‹

    Very nice. Very generous with the kacang…and the sauce is really nice – it tastes like the celebrated Bintangor rojak sauce. Different from the rest!

  8. now popiah are darn expensive!. Home made better

    Of course! But cannot get fresh popiah skin easily here – have to special order, such a nuisance. Frozen skin, not as nice.

  9. it’s not easy to find good popiah in Miri, either too bland, too little feeling or the cocktail of both.

    Can hardly find here – I managed to track down one but it was no good. This one is VERY nice, too bad only on weekends and in the morning.

  10. love how plump your popiah looks … my favourite popiah is malacca’s popiah … nicely stuffed, flavoursome and featuring bits of crunchy pork lard for extra texture! πŸ™‚

    Never had any in Malacca. I liked the one at Jalan Petaling, in front of the original Popular…and a stall at Mid Valley – did not see it the last time I was there last year, maybe no more. I think I had one at Paramount too that was pretty good.

  11. Popiah – that’s hard to find here. I know of only one place selling this over here.

    You have one? That’s good. We have two, not including the not so nice ready made ones at the kueh stalls…and only this one is nice. 😦

  12. All look so good especially the popiah & duck but the noodles looks so plain. Love popiah with lots of crushed peanuts.

    This lady’s very nice, can ask for more and she will put lots of peanut!

  13. How I miss popiah! Can’t get that unless I go to the hawker stalls. There’s one that operates at shopping malls called Sisters or something like that. I don’t fancy that one because it has lots of crunchy things inside. I prefer the normal popiah like the ones you bought.

    I saw that at Mid Valley. I looked at the filling – I just walked away – did not look like it would be something I would enjoy.

  14. Crispy popiah! Kuching don’t have. 😦

    We have in Sibu – never tried. Doesn’t look like it’s very nice. Many places in Kuching with nice popiah, not in Sibu.

  15. The first one already had me!! Love the popiah … so different from here…

    Same as my reply to Sharon – don’t want to come, cannot get to eat lor… Hehehehehehe!!!!

  16. yum yum for the poppiah! especially with that peanuts! i bet they smell nice!
    i love braised duck as well!

    Best I’ve had anywhere. the duck was nice, my missus’ would be a lot nice. πŸ˜‰

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