North and south…

Back to the two ex-students of mine that I mentioned in an earlier post, one is working up north in Penang and the other is down south in Singapore. One told me that he would be giving me two jars of his mum’s homemade acar timun (cucumber pickle) – in fact, he gave me one last year and I loved it! Just like the ones my mother-in-law used to make but she, being old now, is no longer making anymore.

Then, the other one saw me discussing with some of my friends on Facebook – we were taking about the bak kua I got from my Singapore friend who was here recently – Bee Cheng Hiang & Fragrance…and he mentioned another brand, Lim Chee Guan – the moment I said that I had never tried that before, he said that he was on his way…and good grief! After a while, he posted a photograph of his purchase to show me, telling me that he would be giving that to me once he got home. I went and googled and it seemed that this so-called “aeroplane/airplane brand” is among the best, if not THE best, in Singapore.

Of course, it would not be nice to just take their things…

From Hong & Johnny

…and not give so I took the two of them out for breakfast here.

The one in Penang said that he went and ate the kampua noodles at some place in Penang and it was not nice, and not quite the same (though he did say that the kolo mee he had at that same place was quite good). The one in Singapore said he had tried the one at Bugis and the other somewhere around Tampines…and both were not the same either and very expensive. Now that they were back home in Sibu, of course, they would want to go for the real thing…even though I did say that the kampua mee (RM4.50)…

Noodle House kampua

…here would not be all that great (and it doesn’t come cheap either).

I suggested the one with black pepper beef (RM9.80)…

Noodle House kampua with beef

…which I quite like myself so one of them agreed to give it a try – the other does not take beef so he had to settle for the former…and yes, he loved it as I thought he would!

We shared the kompia stuffed with stewed pork belly (RM4.80)…

Noodle House kompia pork belly

…and minced meat (RM3.80)…

Noodle House kompia minced meat

…and they liked how they do it here.

I had their kway chap special (RM7.90)…

Noodle House kway chap

…and it was good, as always.

I always enjoy getting together with my boys and talk about their days in school…and things going on in their lives right now…and this time around, it certainly was no exception, I must say.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “North and south…”

  1. I’ll have to get some Lim Chee Guan to try. I usually get Wing Hiong on Jln Imbi. Wonder if anyone have other recommendations.

    Jln Imbi is Annie-Q’s favourite. Lim Chee Guan is in Singapore. From KL, I liked Sanbanto – got some before, none this year…but I hear it is made to order, not easy to get.

  2. I like the black pepper beef kampua.. Looks very flavorful.. I like that bowl of kuey chap too.. Oooo look at the black thick gravy.. Slurrppp…

    Two of them are among my favourites at this place.

  3. All looks so good especially the kueh chap. Craving for it now. One of the luckiest ex- teacher. You are blessed abundantly.

    I am, and so thankful, praise the Lord. Yes, after all the “specials” for Chinese New Year, we end up craving for the simple stuff… 😉

  4. It all looks wonderful! You are very blessed to have so many people who love you, and I am blessed, as well, to have you as a friend. 🙂

    Thanks, Linda, likewise, the feeling’s mutual. What is life without friends – treasures in today’s world that sure needs a whole lot more loving and caring?

  5. I love that spicy acar! My partner brought some back from Penang and I found it a bit different from the one my mum makes. It tasted like it had curry powder in it.

    Not sure if it is curry powder or kunyit (tumeric) but it is like that colour. VERY nice!

  6. what’s that in the jar? acar kah?
    Gong Xi Gong Xi uncle Arthur! Have fun with all those yummy food!

    Yes, acar timun – very very nice, everyone enjoyed it! Thanks, hope the Year of the Goat will be a great one for you too.

  7. Which place sells good kolo mee in Pg (according to your student)? House of Kolo Mee?

    Didn’t ask. He said people from Sarikei running the business.

  8. Every year during CNY period, sure long Q, the bak kwa…

    Yes, I saw photos on Facebook – in KL too!

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