I’m in the mood for love…

Ummmm…not me but I guess many were. I heard that the place was packed the night before, Valentine’s Day and I noticed that they had dimmed the lights too, probably to make the ambiance a little bit more romantic. I certainly hope that is not permanent though as it would be so difficult to take nice snapshots of the food…unless I go during lunch hour in broad daylight.

We dropped by the following day, Sunday, for a light dinner after attending the evening service at the cathedral close by. They had done up the place…

Payung decor 1

…very nicely…

Payung decor 2

…but I do think it was more for Chinese New Year…

Payung CNY 1

…with all the lanterns…

Payung CNY 2

…and everything…

Payung CNY 3

…or perhaps it was for both – killing two birds with one stone.

My girl went out with her friends for lunch that day and she said she was still very full, come dinner time and I was also full from eating the bak kua, while cutting…and whatever we had in the house, all ready for Chinese New Year. So both of us ordered the beef noodles (RM8.00)…

Payung beef noodles

…and the mum followed suit. Theirs is different from any elsewhere so we can’t really make any comparison but we all enjoyed it. I’ve tried it before though – when they were running their other outlet but they’ve since given up the place to some other people and are no longer there now. I wouldn’t say I could recall exactly what it was like, just that it was nice, but I’m quite positive it was kind of different. Maybe they’ve fine-tuned it…but they topped it with a fried egg the last time and we did not get any that night. I wouldn’t mind the extra actually.

We also had their celebrated Payung rojak (RM10.00)…

Payung rojak

…and shared their not-to-be-missed durian ice cream (RM8.00) – with a brand new style of presentation…

Payung durian ice cream

…and that was our dinner that night.

I noticed that they had homemade kaya (RM6.00)

Payung homemade kaya

…on their list of specials so I bought some home to try. It was very good as far as the taste went – very very lemak (rich with santan) and fragrant and no, I wouldn’t think it is a lot more expensive than those half-filled little ones that one can get from the roadside stalls here for over RM2.00 and they’re definitely not as nice, no way. However, I wish they could make it a little thicker – I found it a little watery.

Incidentally, if anyone (especially those home from some place for Chinese New Year) is thinking of dropping by, they are closed today…and yesterday, two days only so they will resume business tomorrow. You can drop by and check it out then. You will not be disappointed, take my word for it…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “I’m in the mood for love…”

  1. It is midnight now and after looking at these, my stomach suddenly feel like having feast! Thank goodness they are lots of goodies downstairs… yummms to your Food!!

    Eat…eat… Chinese New Year must eat till full…so whole year will be bountiful! πŸ˜€

  2. Ermm….most of the bak kua goes into your tummy than into the container. Rojak, rojak, I like it, so generous with the paste….but the kaya looks pale.

    The best serimuka (tinggi/kueh salad) would be the pale ones as that would mean a lot of santan is used so it is so very very very lemak. If it is very green, it only means more pandan…or worse, colouring!

  3. That homemade kaya looks so rich and creamy.. I love kaya but could only get those commercial ones from the mart.. Once a while, if we do go out for shopping, I buy them from those carts that sell nyonya kuih..

    Those are quite good ones too, good enough for me…but getting more expensive and getting less some more. 😦

  4. For the first time I did not recognize Payung from the first few photos! Only got it when I saw the rojak πŸ˜€

    They’ve done up the place nicely, redecorated…sort off. I do think they did a very good job.

  5. Peter is an artist, beautiful decor. I was looking for good homemade kaya last year. Didn’t know Payung was selling them. Hope Peter will have them again in June. Is that green color coloring or pandan?

    Pandan, of course! When it grows rampantly, uncontrolled, (like the one in my garden), who would want to use artificial colouring here? I saw some photos – he has a piece of land right beside his house, growing all these things – the herbs, leaves and all that he uses in his dishes. He did not have kaya before – something new. Very nice, very rich and not so sweet…but I would like it a little bit thicker.

  6. By looking at the foods makes my mouth itch that i have to pop some foods into my mouth while reading your blog, hehe…

    Great thing to do! πŸ˜‰

  7. Durian Ice Cream and Rojak, I so miss both of them. Drooling now

    Both would not be anything like what you have had before, of that I am sure. They do these their own way here.

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