When you see chandeliers…


…all over the restaurant and the captain all nicely-dressed up…


…and folding cloth napkins, no less, for the main tables for that night’s function and braised peanuts served as starters…


…you would expect the bill at the end of the meal to be quite high, you reckon?

Well, we dropped by one like that the other day for lunch and had their signature dish – their fish head curry…


…with a special request for extra vegetables thrown in…


…so that we could have a one-dish meal with rice and there would not be any need to order any other dishes to go with it.

That, by itself, was RM55 and absolutely worth it considering that they do it so very well here, better than any that I have had at other places. The peanuts were RM2.50 and rice was RM1.50 a plate. We all had iced water which was only RM1.00 a glass – I do know of a few places that charge much more than that!

Needless to say, we all enjoyed our lunch here…

Sheraton, Sibu

…and if there is anyone who does not know where it is, just drive along Brooke Drive from the town, past Telekoms and you will soon get to it on your left – the big, relatively-new Lin Clan Building is across the road, on your right.

Now, moving away from our lunch, these came via one courier agency here…

Via courier

…on Saturday afternoon from my very dear friend all the way in KL. Thank you, Mandy, for the lovely Chinese New Year card…

CNY card

…all red and gold for good luck and prosperity, and also for the very nice Mount Kinabalu t-shirt…

T-shirt & key card

…and thank you so much also for all the hotel key-cards to add to my collection. It’s so very sweet of you to remember to save them for me everytime you go travelling. You’re truly a gem, sweetheart – hope you will have a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration too and an awesome Year of the Goat! Cheers!

On a more solemn and very sad note, I would like to close today’s post with this special dedication in loving memory of my very very dear friend who left us very suddenly on this day last year

Missing you heaps, Jimmy. You will always be forever in our hearts.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Chandelier…”

  1. I remember Jimmy’s departure. It was a very sad day even though I don’t know him in person 😦

    It is. So very sad, and you’d feel the pain too if you had known him personally.

  2. God Bless and all the best in life. Thanks for sharing such wonderful song.

    “…Life’s so fragile and love’s so pure
    We can’t hold on but we try
    We watch how quickly it disappears
    And we never know why…”

  3. I love that all in one pot curry. Yummy.

    Time flies and I still remember vividly well of his departure. That’s a nice dedication in loving memory of your dear friend, Jimmy. God Bless.


    Yes, the curry was so good that when my cousin and her hubby came from Kuching to eat this, the hubby was so excited when it was served that he dived in right away – forgot to take the photograph. 😀

  4. Time really flies. 1 year anniversary of Jimmy’s demise.

    I love what you had at Sheraton. Wish I tasted that fish head curry. Now craving for it. Sigh.

    Yes, it has been a year.

    You went to Sheraton and you did not eat the fish head curry? Aiyor!!!!! You don’t know what you missed. 😀

    1. No. I did not go there. Haha. No kaki as no one interested in fish head curry. Maybe my hubby’s side not so good in eating spicy food so they are not interested. I am all out for food and I do enjoy curry. Fish is my favourite food!

      Hah!!! I would have brought you there had I known that. You will keep going back for more. The old chef left and joined Paramount – very popular too…but no, it is not as nice.

  5. Lovely chandelier and that Chinese New Year card is beautiful. 🙂

    Ok, not all that fond of chandeliers here…unless you have maids to clean them regularly. Can get rather dusty. Card was from my good friend, never fails to send me something every year – she’s such a good friend.

  6. Only one dish? But it has everything inside – fish, vegetables, lots of gravy.. I like too.. I like the gravy, if it’s nice, I can drink it like soup..Yes I remember Jimmy from your previous post, God bless him.

    Yup, we asked for more veg so we would not have to order a separate vegetable dish. Love the brinjal and ladies fingers in curry.

    Jimmy was like a brother or a son, gone so soon but never forgotten.

  7. I love those braised nuts. I think I could eat a whole plate to myself.

    Yes, we would buy those in cans at the supermarts but dunno why, the ones at the restaurants always seem to taste better…and look bigger too!

  8. Sheraton Restaurant … interesting that they named their restaurant after a hotel chain! 😀 oh the curry looks good, with lots of chunky fleshy fish 🙂

    Simply the best. Been around for as long as I can remember – 70’s, I think. Great food, can say the best in town…but not so cheap, like that hotel chain. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. Although i do not know Jimmy, but that time, when you post his demise, the saddness and pain is there…

    Yes, always missed. Sure left an emptiness in our hearts, no one can fill.

  10. Chandelier and Fish Head Curry??? Macam very atas! Not sure why my comment didn’t go through earlier ago…hmm…

    Search me! Nothing in spam either. Lost in space. If you ever come to Sibu, I will take you to see – one GIANT chandelier…at one house here, IN THE CAR PORCH!!! Either they have too much money, don’t know where to throw…or they have very bad taste.

  11. Time flies…Jimmy has left for a year already =_=
    The fish head curry looks nice…and goes perfectly with steamed white rice.
    Wishing Arthur & family a prosperous Chinese New Year.

    Thanks, and wishing the same to you and yours.
    Yes, very very nice! None better…anywhere.
    Indeed, time flies…and a year has passed. Still miss him very much though.

  12. When I see chandelier, I only think of that new song by Sia (Australian singer) LOL!

    I have never seen such an ‘atas’ restaurant that sells fish head curry, the price is great too..

    Ya, not cheap eh? But because of this one, at some of the others, they are serving this as well here – especially the one where the former chef from here moved to. Others, available upon request. Not usually available at the smaller restaurants and those chu-char places. Sibu, Foochow place – like Rose’s family, some may not be into curry…or spicy stuff.

    Ya, not exactly a new one from Sia…but if I’m not mistaken, she sang it at this year’s Grammys. I think she has something newer – Elastic Hearts. Australians, I love the Veronicas, You ruin me…but just that one song from them.

  13. I also like more vegetables in my fish head curry. It does look good this one and for RM55.00 it is worth it!

    Worth it, I guess…especially when it is so very nice and no one can even come near.

  14. I like the presence of lady’s fingers in fish head curry. The more, the better.
    Sorry about the demise of your friend.

    You may know him too, met him at one of the courses or workshops perhaps…when he was attached to a school in Bintulu.
    Yes, nicely done the ladies fingers…crunchy, not overcooked.

  15. So Sweet of Dear Mandy! She is truly a gem… Looks like the food is nice.. thoughtful gifts and ended with a pang of sadness for the loss of your friend … be comforted that he is now in a better world…

    Yes, for that we pray. So blessed to have such wonderful friends like him and others like Mandy and the rest. Give thanks and praise.

  16. When I see the chandeliers, I remember Sia song. Lol!

    I like the song though I can say that I like the lyrics – like she’s a loose woman, partying all night long…or somebody in that line of business. I love “You ruin me” best – lovely lyrics, lovely melody…I love miserably sad songs, brings to mind Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts. 😀

  17. Already one year, time flies. I still remember you posted about it, it is sad. 😦

    Sheraton, i miss the huge ice kacang!!!! one want to eat with me, too big to have it just myself and kids!

    Yes, so sad.

    I ordered the ais kacang ones…but I did not like it. The red beans were hard. That’s why I never ordered it again. 😦

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