How good it was…

I had been wanting to give this…

Mamee Chef curry laksa noodles 1

…a try to see how good it was ever since I saw that it had made the Top 10 list in somebody’s blog in 2014, Number 7 to be exact, and I also heard that it won some kind of award locally as well.

Why, it has also been endorsed by our own Malaysian celebrity chef, Chef Ismail…

Chef Ismail

…mind you! But of course, the test of the pudding is in the eating so at long last, I finally got round to grabbing a pack to cook.

A pack of 4 packets was selling at RM5.30 each or RM1.325 per packet at one of the shops round the corner from my house. I’ve noticed that the prices of these things may vary depending on where you buy them – some may be cheaper while others, more expensive. Inside each packet, you will find the noodles and these sachets…


…of the oil, the seasoning and the garnishing.

Of course, I cooked the noodles separately, drained it well and put it in a  bowl. Then I cooked the egg, peeled and placed that by the side and after that, I cooked the soup. I boiled some water and added some fish balls that I had in the fridge and then, I added all the contents in the three sachets. Once it was done, I poured it into the bowl with the noodles and egg and served…

Mamee Chef curry laksa noodles 2

I thought it tasted all right – more like curry noodles than curry laksa, I would say as it was not on the lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) side unlike the one that was No. 1 in previous years…or this one that managed to grab the top spot last year but its popularity seems to have dwindled and the prices have dropped drastically. For one thing, I do know that some people get put off (jelak) by the excessive lemak-ness (richness) of the soup and could barely finish half in the end. Thankfully, there did not seem to be any santan in this one even though when I was cooking the soup I was quite positive I could smell it – the smell of over-cooked coconut milk or santan powder that I am not particularly fond of.

The tofu pok wasn’t as big as what they show in the photo on the pack/packet and it was kind of hard, nothing like fresh tofu pok so I wouldn’t mind one bit if they had not included that. I must say that I liked the noodles though – what they call mi tarek (pulled noodles). It is firmer and very much nicer than the regular instant noodles that my missus says smells like (ordinary/common) biscuits.

My egg was perfectly done – no, it wasn’t poached, it was half-boiled/cooked…

Half-boiled egg

…the way I love it! The white was hard and the yolk was still soft and runny.

All in all, I would say it was, at best, o.k…

Mamee Chef curry laksa noodles 3

Maybe it was better in some negligible ways, nothing all that sensational and at that price, I think I would just stick to the cheaper ones and derive just as much satisfaction, more or less, without feeling the pinch.

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17 thoughts on “How good it was…”

  1. But I love this actually. Better than the No 1 because just like you, I like the texture of the noodles. I always have this in my pantry. Will always restock once I see it running low 😀

    Yes, the noodles stand a head above the rest.

  2. I have tried and love the texture of the noodles too and like what you say, can do away with the tofu. Yours definitely looks good with all the added ingredients. Umphhhh!!!!

    If only they sell just the noodles. I sure would want to buy and cook my own.

  3. I always have Mamee Chef tomyam in my pantry.. The purple one, very nice.. I also add egg and assorted balls into my noodles, more filling, hehe..

    Tom yam? That’s not in the list – I only bought this because it is in the Top 10. Tom yam, there are others…cheaper and even nicer perhaps. My add-ons would depend on what I can find in the freezer – if nothing at all, I’d just break an egg into the boiling soup.

  4. I’m not a fan of this too. But then I’m also not a fan of that Penang White Curry one that was super popular last year. When it comes to local instant noodles, I still prefer Cintan curry and Daddy mee.

    Yup! Cintan is good and the made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy too – plus they’re so much cheaper, would rather go for those anytime.

  5. Same as CL…not a fan of this too. For me I preferred Mamee’s Asam Laksa or tomyam. The rest like ayam , vegetarian and kari not really like

    If they’re this same price, I think I’d pass. Would go for something cheaper and more or less the same.

  6. I bought this once to try out , after that, no liao, as now not into instant noodle…

    Healthy eating, healthy living eh? Good, good! 😉

  7. the fish balls and egg look like the most satisfying part of this bowl 🙂 i actually love instant noodles, but luckily i’m not addicted to them right now. my favourite flavour used to be mamee duck flavour … i wonder if it’s still available … it had a nice flavour. i’m not really into the curry flavours, cos you’re right, it get be a bit too cloying after awhile 🙂

    Duck? I’ve seen that…but my experiences will all duck-flavoured instant noodles had been most disappointing. Couldn’t taste any duck at all. Hmmm…will give it a try when I feel like having some instant noodles again.

  8. I cannot say whether or not I am a fan of this or not because I haven’t tried it, but the presentations are lovely.

    Yes, presentation does help in making something seem a lot more palatable.

  9. I tried it but was not really impressed. The broth is quite okay, with a hint of what’s its name, polyganum leaves?

    Didn’t really taste much out of the ordinary. Was ok, just for that price and for making it into the Top 10 list, I had expected more. 😦

  10. That’s the way I like my eggs too with the white cooked through and the yolk still runny – mind you to be a perfectionist I like the part of the yolk that’s touching the white to be slightly done too moving to a more runny centre.

    That would be like the Japanese ones – more towards hard boiled but the yolk is still moist. I do that too sometimes.

  11. I will crave for Maggi Mee once a while, but try not to eat too often la.

    Good girl. We do have some stand by in the house for days when there’s nothing to eat…and when we see some on special offer, we may not resist. Best not to have it too often.

  12. Mamee Chef tom yam is famous and nice. I Can grab a pack for you to try when I am back next month. My hubs love it a lot.

    They have it here too, no need. Oh? Coming back next month? School holidays? I’ll be around. Looking forward to that.

  13. I think this one was famous because of the noodle – ‘teknologi mi tarik’.
    Taste wise, ok lah. I normally buy the normal Mamee curry laksa or Tom yam (not the chef endorsed version). Or the mee Daddy curry also not bad.

    Yes, Mee Daddy’s my regular brand – chicken or curry. The goreng is so-so, Indomie is nicer.

  14. OOhh..I like this too due to the springy texture. I like the way you added other ingredients in it. Mine was just a plain one.

    I will always see what we have in the freezer…and throw in. Will enhance the taste, very much nicer.

  15. Actually I want to say I’m more interested the fish ball than then then noodles, hahaha!!

    Frozen ones, can buy at the supermarket. Ok, this brand…not exactly great! Can’t beat own homemade.

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