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How much of what I write in each post do people actually read, I wonder? I would think generally, we are all visually-inclined. We love to see photographs like how as kids, we would love reading comics compared to books with words…words…and more words. I do think, however, that if there are too many photographs, that would lead to an overkill. As they say, too much of a good thing ain’t all that good for you.

On my part, I would usually skim and scan when I hop over to other people’s blogs to browse. I would just skim through everything quickly, speed reading or so to speak and if there is any information that I think I have missed, I would go back and scan for it…or sometimes, I would see somebody mentioning something in his or her comment and I would say, “Hey!!! I didn’t see that!!!” Then, I would go back and look for it.

I have a good memory – I always say that I look like an elephant and I have a memory like one too!!! I would remember what I have read in other blogs should I encounter the same thing again elsewhere. I don’t really know but it seems that not many people are like that. For instance, there are places and things that I have blogged about MANY times and out of the blue, somebody would ask, “Where is this place?” or “What is that?” It’s the same with the photographs I share on Facebook.

Like the other day, I uploaded this photo of some Malay kuihs (cakes) that I had bought for tea…

Malay kuih
*Snapshot taken using mobile phone camera*

These were RM1 for each type, RM4.00 altogether…and then, there were people asking what that brown thing was….or they knew of it, ate it before but they did not know what the name was.

Actually, it was in one or more of my earlier posts but of course, since there are so many, it can be quite tedious to SEARCH for it. You may have noticed that magnifying glass on the right at the top – you can just type, say kompia and click the icon and all the posts that had kompia in them would appear. Of course, if you want to look for this particular kuih, you would need to know the name. It is called kuih ederam

Kuih ederam
*Archive photo*

…here or kuih pederam or kuih deram though there may be those that I’ve seen in some blogs with only one hole in the middle like a doughnut.

The ones here are made using gula apong (attap sugar, our version of palm sugar which is not quite the same as gula Melaka in the peninsula). There was a mini-market around half a mile from my house that we called Sungai Bakong (market) after the stream that flowed by it and whenever my mum needed something, she would pack me off on my bicycle to go there and buy. It is no longer there, of course –  a fire wiped it out completely sometime ago but at the time, there was a Malay man that I used to call Haji who had a stall there and I would buy this kuih from him.  He would always have some kept bottled up in a glass jar and if I remember correctly, it was 5 sen/cent each at the time. Now, they are selling at 3 for RM1.00…with the toasted sesame seeds added. I don’t recall there being any at the time.

Incidentally, there were only two of us in the house that day so we could finish all of what I had bought so I put away the curry puffs and the kuih ederam in the fridge and heated them up in the oven the next morning for breakfast. What I discovered then was that the kuih ederam tasted a whole lot nicer after being toasted. Usually, it would be quite soft and crumbly but the heat in the oven would make the outer part crustier and the kuih very much more fragrant, probably due to the sugar in it being caramelised further, best eaten when it is slightly warm. I certainly would do that again the next time I buy some home.

Anyway, back to the post proper, there are people who would ask again and again where this place…

Bandong shops

…is even though I’ve given the location more than once in my blogposts in the past. When I told them it’s at the shops along Jalan Bandong, then they would ask where along Jalan Bandong. Good grief! Jalan Bandong is a very short road and there is only one small area there with shops – a lot of people would commune there to eat at night and we would do the same too sometimes – for the ayam penyet, pecel lele, satay and ikan bakar. I even shared an aerial map showing the location…

Aerial map: Bandong
*Archive photo*

Ah well…I guess it is easier just to ask.

Then there would be people who have seen things in my blog and when the opportunity arises for them to go for it, they would just ask me via a comment on the current post…or the post in question for the location. I would give the information usually but if it is at a place that I had blogged about before, instead of just repeating myself, I would just provide the link…and at times, one may have to hop, step and jump…via one link to another to get to what one is looking for. Old people tend to repeat themselves, I know…and I may be old but I’m not that old…yet!

Others would contact me by phone or via sms to ask me where in town they would be able to eat this or that – they had read all about it in my blog, they said. Well, if that is so, they can jolly well browse through my blog again to search for themselves but of course, it is a lot easier to call and ask…and if you think they would have the courtesy to ask me if I would like to join them (and of course, I would say no, thank you very much), think again! I am like somebody providing this kind of public service – free for all. Tsk! Tsk!

And the worse would be those who would come and disagree with you and insist something else somewhere would be a whole lot nicer…like the kampua noodles that I like very much here

RTM Cafe kampua
*Archive photo*

…as opposed to the one that seems to be very much more popular here

Hock Lok Hong kampua
*Archive photo*

…or they would insist to no end that a certain brand of instant kampua noodles is a lot better than The Kitchen’s, seeing that I’ve blogged about the latter a lot as if I have vested interest in the enterprise, just to state a few examples…and maybe I am over-sensitive but it come across as if they are implying that I am so so so wrong and they are so so so right even though I have always stated time and time again that one man’s meat is another man’s poison – to each his own!  Note that I NEVER ever say something is THE best – I would always say it is my favourite…or the best, in my opinion. More often than not, it is not what they say but how they say it – they could have just said that they like that one some place else more and suggest that I go and try and that would be more civil and a whole lot more pleasant.

Well, unlike many other bloggers, I’m not making any money out of my blog so who knows, one fine day, when enough is enough, I may just decide to call it quits…for good. As they say, it is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Read all about it…”

  1. I hope you won’t let you critics get the better of you. Focus on your core audience so i was told.
    Keep doing what you’re passionate about. You don’t have to stop at every dog that barks. 😉

    Thanks. That’s a nice one – not to stop at every dog that barks. Like I said in my reply to zmun2, from now on, I’d just kick them out of the way – delegate to SPAM.

    But I do think some people do need to be taught the social graces, how to put things across tactfully and nicely – some are downright rude. I don’t mind being of help to anybody but…these people would just comment to scold me, or at least, that’s what they sound like…for let’s say, not stating where a place is (like I’m some incompetent nincompoop, not doing what they expect me to do)…when there is a link to an earlier post where the info would be available…and at times, even a photograph of the place. So pissed off by the likes of these…like I owe it to them to provide the service or what – and that’s the thanks I get for sharing. 😦

  2. Well, Arthur, a lot of people appreciate your posts. There are always those who will argue about everything, maybe because they think it makes them look smarter. But I wouldn’t worry about them. Thanks for taking the time to share.

    Welcome and thanks for your words of encouragement. Ya, I welcome that really – not everyone shares the same opinion or view…just that it would be nice if they could be a little civil about it, not like they’re telling off some little kid – “you know nuts, I know better” kind of tone. Not that I owe them anything or what. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. Aiiikss I know you won’t quit.. This is a hobby and you are just doing what you like.. Blogging daily and a post a day is not easy, you are doing a great job.. I believe most people speed read too, like reading a text book, I bet they dont read word by word, so it’s hard to remember every single detail, but I sure would always remember your fried rice, missus’s pounded chillies and a few signature dishes 🙂

    LOL!!! Because I talk about them all the time. That’s why teachers drill their students in school – to get things to go from the STM (short term memory) to the LTM (long term memory) that they will remember. 😀

  4. Malay sweet pretzel. Just name it that way, classier.

    That sure has a nice ring to it…but the ones over at your side has just one hole…or at least, that was what I saw when I googled – like a doughnut.Malay sweet doughtnut sure doesn’t sound as glamorous. 😛

  5. I often find pastries are better warmed up or toasted too.

    I do too! Makes the pastry a little crustier and more fragrant. Some will turn real hard when cooled after reheating though, best eaten warm.

  6. Firstly, I would like to say, I have been following your blog for a year now and thoroughly enjoy reading it. I think that some people are just too lazy to do things for themselves when it is much easier for them to just ask.
    My husband and I plan to visit Sibu at the end of the year. So, what I have been doing is bookmarking the places of interest and good food to eat. Even where to stay. When we get there we will hire a car and visit these places. Nowadays, information is so readily available, it just require a bit of effort on our part. Hmm….but then, I think I am from a different era.

    Ooooo…thanks for dropping by. I wonder where you’re from. Do let me know when the time comes – would love to take you around like what I’ve done for other visitors that I have had before this. Just the two of you would be fine, my girl and missus can tag along too. I actually enjoy doing this. Stick around – there may be more to add to your list by the time you get here. 😀

  7. really elephant memory.. i have a goldfish memory (i remember there is this term). you’re the few blogs I come to whenever I have the time, just to see what you have been up to recently! 🙂

    See whether I’ve been good, eh? Not naughty like you. Hehehehehehe!!!! Thanks for sticking around.

  8. i totally understand what you mean by they just ask without even taking the effort to search/read properly. Say Instagram for example. I’ve checked into the place where I ate that certain food and even stated the pricing.. and people can just comment to ask me where is this place.. like wth… but of course, i reply them stating the location and what’s worse, they even ask WHERE? like.. are you kidding me? just click on the check in link and you can find the exact location la.. ggrrrrr !!! hahahahaha.. but it’s nice to see comments, just that it’s irritating when you’ve all the info there and yet people still ask..

    and nooooo.. it’s very nice to read all the posts in Sibu… it’s my Papa’s hometown and your blog is always my reference when i have the chance to go there 🙂

    The worst is when the info is right there in the post proper…or even worse, when I have mentioned it in the VERY brief caption for the photo I’ve shared on Facebook. Looks like reading is a skill many would need to acquire and learn. They just see the photo…and they just ask, not bothered to read at all.

    I guess you seldom come to Sibu – twice…in so many years, I think, and both times we did not get to meet. Come on over, I’ll take you around…drag your hubby along! 😀

    Something wrong with your blog? “Suspended page”, whatever that means?

    1. exactly !!! I guess, like you have mentioned, they just look at the photo, and start asking without even read them.. sometimes i will just ignore those people when I’m pissed off.. hahahahahaha !!!

      I’ve been to Sibu 5 times in many years.. 4 times with family.. once with friends.. hahaha.. was supposed to visit Sibu at least once every three months, rotating with teammates but someone took over our class there so she sort of go there every month now. But hubby and I would love to visit you one day… with all the good food we know you will recommend.. hahaha..

      Yupz.. page was suspended cos I forgot to make payment to my hoster… didn’t know until a few friends msg me to tell me.. hahaha.. now they are back to normal d.. >.<

      Ahhhhh!!!! Claire! Here’s the answer – a blog, if you do not pay, it will be suspended. You cannot hope to have everything there as a permanent record forever…unfortunately.

      Oh? You’ve been to Sibu 5 times and we never got to meet? Gee!!! That’s bad! Make sure we do not miss the chance the next time you hop over, ya!

  9. kampua noodles looks really nice, i always love to eat this type of noodles!!
    actually u can trace your blog traffic or blog post traffic by google analytics,haha~~
    sometime i even don’t know i write that sentences in my blog…so i guess i’m not the elephant type memory….lol

    That’s the trouble. I hear if you google food in Sibu or any of those things found here, you’ll get my blog in the list. I remember…and I will have to search for the old posts myself to link, not that they will just pop up like magic. Yes, everyone who’s tried has fallen in love with it – our kampua noodles.

  10. elephant memory means you still young la. Not yet nyanyuk. LOL.

    most of the time , I am not sure of the kuih names too. Sometimes the same kuih are called different names according to the state where a person is in

    Yup…that is why I mentioned three names for the same thing.

  11. I think some ppl are just plain lazy, as ahlost say earlier, I sometimes post photos with location tagged on Instagram and ppl still ask me “where is this from”. Or some ppl have selective reading and they just miss what you have said.

    Just a matter of attitude, they are simply not bothered. Easier to just ask. Maybe there is this question of upbringing – the backlash of doting parents these days who do everything for their kids, make sure they get everything, all nicely laid out and served to them on a silver platter. We never had it so good in our days – kids were different then.</strong

  12. Blogging is a sort of a daily homework to me now… if I don’t post up for a day, it is like something is not really done.. and now I have started it, (not posting on Saturdays) I will try to continue and take a day off blogging.. I hope one day when I quit, my blog will still be alive in generations to come.. hahaha.. What a Big Hope I have, right?
    Talking about where and where, I normally type in the keyword in my blog and click search.. cos I have a poor memory too!

    I do that too…when I want to link something in somebody else’s blog or in mine. Seek and you shall find! Hmmmm…yours is a blog – will they remove it when you stop paying the annual fee?

  13. Hi Arthur.I had not been reading your blog for such a long time!
    Let me tell you,you have lots of reader and I think most of them do not have a blog!
    I was one of them and I started blogging just because of you!
    Have a nice Friday!

    Ya, haven’t seen you around for a long time. Hope you’re doing well. You’re from here, right? Or have you always been here? Around for Chinese New Year? You too, have a great day and a lovely weekend ahead. Cheers!

  14. Most people will take the easy way out. Honestly speaking, I appreciate & enjoy every single post of yours. I hope the day you call it quits is still a long way to go.

    Thank you, thank you. Always nice having you around.

  15. My grandmother loves Kuih Ederam so much. ❤️ Who’s asking where is Kampung Bandong?? Very famous in Sibu leh… True true, go google lah. Hehe. After all, always proud to mention that’s my kampung. Hehe. 😁😁

    Yalor…and Jalan Bandong is so short – you kentut at one end, the other end can smell. Chesh!!!!

  16. ya, it can be tricky to deal with casual readers who demand information that we don’t have or try to state their own opposing opinions but in a very harsh and impolite way. i think you do a nice job in introducing people to the food around town, and i would definitely trust your taste buds 🙂

    You do get those too? I do not mind people airing their views but it would be nice to put it in a nicer way – not telling me off, implying that I know nuts….and of course, that they know a lot better.

    Why, they should just start their own blog then and feature their favourites – after all, it still is a free country! Obviously they think their reviews are a lot better and more reliable. The likes of those, they themselves choose to drop by and find a bone to pick – nobody invited them…so if it makes them so very unhappy, they can just stay away – I certainly have no problem with that.

  17. Well, you cannot please everyone and keep blogging. There could be folks who just wants you to write about their eateries and ‘advertised’ for them when they claimed theirs are better. I guess you just blog of what you thought of it , though as you said in the proverb, everyone is entitled to their opinions. As for me, I usually blog about the good places and tasty food in my blog and don’t bother to mentioned the lousy ones. No point saying bad about others la..but that’s my opinion.

    Oh. yeah ..sometimes I do find your blog a bit too long and wordy, thus I will skim over ….. muahahahaha…

    Nope, nobody here wants you to come and blog about them…and especially not in English. They do it themselves via the local newspapers – the Mandarin dailies…or through their own Facebook pages. They may know that I’ve blogged about their places, there have been people who have gone to eat after reading what I’ve written…but no, they would just pretend they do not know – MOST of them, that is. Don’t expect any invitation…don’t expect any free food tasting treats, no way. So far, I would say only at Payung, there have been nice gestures from the boss as a show of appreciation or special discounts at places like Ruby…or a bit of sedekah at my regular Malay kuih stall. The rest? Even 10 sen on the bill, they would wait for you to dig it out and pay them!

    I am usually very impartial – I will say what’s good…and subtly hint that they could improve on this and that. Even what is not nice (to me) is edible…and many people go and eat…so all I would do would be to suggest ways in which I would like it better – up to them to take it up or to just ignore, that’s their prerogative…or at times, it may be about the service, the people working – it would not hurt one bit to see what others think and try to improve. If you are lacking in any way, people cannot comment, cannot criticise meh? At least, I do it subtly and gently…usually – like the poke about the songs they play at the Italian place yesterday, if you noticed.

    Wait a minute!!! This post is NOT on this issue, is it? This is what happens when people simply skim through and comment…missing the wood for the trees! Tsk! Tsk!

    Old people are entitled to the right to be long-winded (lor sor). Hehehehehehe!!!!! To read or not to read, that is your choice. No need to complain. >.<

  18. I think I would have to admit that if and when I decide to visit Sibu one day in the future, I would be guilty of the crime of “taking the easy way out” too. Maybe I should try to preemptively defend myself first (and maybe some others who used to do that to you) and hopefully not earn your wrath.

    I actually read through all your posts, in some of the posts where you visit new places, I can see you describing the locations and addresses of those places. But for a non Sibu local, those street names and landmarks would probably not leave a long lasting impression, and when the impression is not strong, it is easier to forget those details. It is just like when I wrote Jalan Bunga Mawar 2 for the famous mini egg tarts near my home, people would probably not remember it.

    And then when you wrote about repeat visits, I noticed you do indeed link back to earlier posts that contain the location information of the place, but I think you (sometimes) like to use phrases like “had a bit of this, tried a bit of that, I had better tasting ones at here, like this so very nice dish that I had from there” instead of just writing what food or which place it is in the new post. If the reader is someone new to your blog (like me) who has not bad the chance to read through all your old blog posts, they would probably just be confused with what is “this”, “that”, “here” or “there”. If they are lazy, they would probably not bother to click on the links to find out.

    For my case, I am usually doing some other things when I blog hop, so when I read posts with these type of words and links, sometimes I would click them to find out, but most of the time what goes through my mind is: “This is nice! I’ll come back later and check out the links!” but sadly, more often than not, that does not really happen as I will forget when I continue doing my other things.

    When it comes time to visit Sibu, the things that they remember from some of the newer posts would be the nice pictures of “this” and “that”. They won’t even be able to remember what keywords to search. So, people are lazy (or busy) would not partake in the effort to search through multiple posts to locate the information then need and just.. ask the Mayor!

    Wow I haven’t typed such a long comment in a long time. I hope nobody (and especially not you) hates me for providing another side of the coin…

    No worries! If you come, I will be here to take you around – no need to know the location of anything. That is why I always say that if you go some place where you do not know anybody and you do not know your way around, all you can do would be to try any shop around the hotel…and chances are you will not get to eat what’s best…or worse, get to eat what sucks big time…like a doctor blogger-friend who was here just the other day. He dropped by to comment in my blog…just to say that the kampua mee he had was horrible, like instant noodles – so I just had to get into contact with him (and believe it or not, I managed to track him down him at the hotel he was saying – let’s say he was very “surprised”) but he was not available the rest of his stay – hopefully, the next time he comes, I can take him around…and perhaps change his mind about what he can get here.

    Jalan Bunga Mawar 2 – the GPS is 3.118464,101.761436. You can use this link to find your way around: You want a photo of the aerial map too??? So very easy. If THIS OLD MAN can do it, anyone can do it – I am, after all, not that technically inclined…and I do not have all those sophisticated gadgets that you all have. The question is whether you want or you don’t want. But yes, the location is mainly for people who DO know their way around – otherwise, calling me to ask for directions will not help in any way – I give the name of the road, you would not know. I give the landmark, you also would not know.

    If they are lazy, they would probably not bother to click on the links to find out” and “So, people are lazy (or busy)…” Therein lies the problem. In writing a post, if I want to link something in my blog or in another blog, I would have to go and search – at times, I google…or if I remember where, I would go straight there and dive in. So in actual fact, I have ALL the work cut out for them – all they would have to do is to click the links provided to get there and that definitely is a lot easier…and if they cannot do that, that is their problem, not mine and don’t take it out on me.

    But yes!!! “When it comes time to visit Sibu, the things that they remember from some of the newer posts would be the nice pictures of “this” and “that”. They won’t even be able to remember what keywords to search.” On the other side of the coin, there are people doing that – not all are like the ones I mentioned in the post…and people have told me about how they had customers who would show them the photos on their smartphones or ipads and say they would want to eat this and that. In fact, they do not even have to search for anything in my blog – just go to google, type Sibu food and click on IMAGES…and you can pick and choose from there. Easy!!! And my friend, Julia, home from Perth (you will read the post on her in a few days) told me herself that everytime she wanted to go out and eat, she would check my blog first…and she HAS been to all the places that I say are nice but she’s originally from Sibu, no problem getting around…and no need to call me or sms me or PM me via Facebook to ask me anything. So let’s say that it all boils down to the INDIVIDUAL.

    The bottom line is…all right, you want to call me. It would not hurt one bit to ask nicely instead of speaking like some kind of Ah Long, “Ah…you say that thing is nice, where ah? You sure is nice kah? Later I go not nice, how?” like I’m some kind of a liar or what and Heaven have mercy on me if they actually go and eat and it is not to their liking even though personally, it may be something that I like best. And especially if you have been away all this time, living in KL, Penang, Singapore (mostly), it would not hurt to ask out of sheer courtesy, “Would you like to join me? Haven’t seen you for a long time.” Of course, I would say no. There is such a thing as simple basic manners – a big thing during my time, maybe not so anymore in today’s dog-eats-dog world.

  19. That kuih ederam is rather unusual. It was what caught my eye when I looked at the photo. I don’t think I have seen it before. By the way, I do read your post word for word. If I don’t have time, I come back later. Anyway, before I ask you for your recipes hee.hee.. I do the search first. I always feel that it is not nice to just ask without having a go at it yourself first. So….I did search for your shepherd’s pie last weekend because I remembered you had a nice one in one of your posts 🙂

    I hope you found it! And even that there would be people coming to declare – you use beef, that’s cottage pie. Shepherd pie, you use lamb. What’s the big deal! It’s just a name. Secret Recipe calls theirs shepherd pie…and yes, it has beef in it – how come nobody ever marched in to tell them off – excuse me, you call it shepherd pie, how come it’s beef…not lamb? Takes all kinds to make the world and these know-it-all are a dime a dozen. But of course, it is good to know – never too old to learn, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? But it would be nice to put it across nicely – like I said in the post, it is not what was said but how they said it – like you silly old man, rotting all your life here in that God-forsaken obscure little town in the middle of nowhere, what do you know? 😦

    Actually, I do not get to see these Malay kuihs all that much in KL and the other places in the peninsula. Maybe I was looking in all the wrong places, did not know where to go. If I’m not mistaken, they are also called kuih telinga keling there.

  20. well not many people are smart, good with maps, great patience or know-how-to search information. They just start demanding answers directly.

    New generations preferred pictures with less words i guess! like comics. haha.

    Can learn. I also started from scratch, a real goondoo when it comes to computers, still no good…sometimes I get so worked up, all stressed out and worried…but I guess I do know enough for my needs. Young people probably use what they have for playing online games, dunno what else…and when it comes to seeking information and more serious stuff, they’re lost.

    I just got a PM on Facebook from my girl’s friend in the peninsula asking me about a school here – her junior has been posted there. I did not have the slightest idea…and I googled and then, I located the school on a map…and was able to provide them with the info they need. Well, if I can…I am sure they could have done the same too. Hmmmmm….not very good news though – school in Kanowit area, quite interior but looks like it is accessible by road – that should be a bit of comfort, no need to use sampan, go upstream inland.

  21. Can’t help smiling to myself at your comment “look like an elephant and have a memory of one too!” 😉

    All I can say is, there are haters everywhere. Just ignore them and our lives would be better. Keep doing what you’re doing, as long as you enjoy it.

    I have been following your blog for some time now. Can’t recall how I discovered your blog (now what kind of memory is that? certainly no elephant!). But I remember very well I have wished you Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, Happy Blog Anniversary, Merry Christmas a few times already. From Melissa in Sibu to her study in NZ and now back as a fully qualified teacher!

    Have a good weekend. 🙂

    Yes, it has been a while, hasn’t it? This will be a permanent record of things in my life…after retirement. Pretty obvious that I have not been sitting on my laurels, wasting away after I have stopped working. Keeps me busy and mentally active and yes, I do enjoy it very much…despite a few glitches along the way.

  22. Keep on blogging, old chum. You make my world (and tummy) a brighter place 🙂

    Thank you, thank you. Will keep on going as long as there are folks like you around… 😉

  23. It happens, I also saw it from my blog, it’s so obvious I stated there, but people still ask in the comment and usually I’ll reply them!! To be honest, I usually go through pictures only when blog walking, but when come to comment, I’ll read through the post first one I comment!!

    Good girl! That’s the way to do it!

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