Good thing going…

Everybody is moaning and groaning about the rising prices of everything…but despite all that, it sure looks like these people have a good thing going. If I’m not mistaken, they’re the same people running this relatively new coffee place…and I heard they had connections here too but they insisted they were only helping around, giving them advice on things there. Well, they’ve opened a sparkling new Italian place in town

La Vino

…back to back with this one that I’ve blogged about twice…here and here.

Well, when my girl was home for the weekend, I drove there in the hope that we could check this new place out and try what would be good on their menu. Unfortunately, when we got there, they told us that they were not open for lunch (temporarily) and asked us to come back that evening – they would only open for business at 6. Sighhhhhh!!!!

Anyway, since we had our minds set on pizza, we went back to the old place where they had put up a new sign…

Bistecca & Bistro new sign

Hmmmm….don’t the bright colours look kind of familiar? Like the ones used by one brand of pasta or pizza place or something?

We took our seats at the table…

Bistecca & Bistro table setting

…by the glass panel/window for better lighting despite the fact that they had let the blinds down…and promptly placed our orders.

To start off, we had their Ceasar salad (RM15.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro Ceasar's salad

…which was nice but this time around, they had mashed the egg. I remember on our previous visits, they served the egg on top, whole and we had to do it ourselves. I think I would prefer that.

I also asked for this aglio olio bacon mushroom pasta (RM16.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro aglio olio bacon mushroom pasta

…so that we would have something more filling along with the pizza…

Bistecca & Bistro pizza braccio di ferro 1

…that we had. The pasta was great and sure was a welcome change from the usual tomato-based bolognese or the overly rich and creamy sauces. We agreed that it tasted better with a generous sprinkling of the parmesan cheese provided and there was a hint of spiciness from the bits of chili in the dish. All in all, we quite liked it and sure would not mind having it again next time.

My girl wanted their pizza braccio di ferro (RM29.00)…

Bistecca & Bistro pizza braccio di ferro 2

…with the egg on top though it was a little overdone this time around. It did not really matter though as it sure tasted great too this way.

The total came up to RM61.00, iced water is FOC here, and while I was settling the bill, I asked the staff about that new place of theirs. They said that they would open at 10.00 a.m. and they did not know why we were told otherwise. Another thing that they told me that would be of general interest would be the fact that there would be new chefs at the new place and the original chefs here would be staying put at this outlet “to maintain the standard of their quality“, in their own words. Hmmm….if that is the case, I think I’d just stick to this one then. We’ll see.

A parting shot, I liked the very pleasant and friendly staff that day – one girl and a boy with a rather trendy haircut, and I was glad the two that I spoke to were conversant in English unlike a couple that I had encountered here before…but I do wish they would turn the music down. I loved it when they were playing some very nice Italian songs once and I did not mind their selection of oldies including Whitney’s “I will always love you”…and on other occasions, they played Westlife or Taylor Swift but this time around, they played Maroon 5 and…Uptown Funk, full blast and it sure felt like I was in da’club, not at some (classy fine) dining joint. Make no mistake, I do love that funky Matt Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars) song but surely there is a time and place for such upbeat numbers.