365 days of a year…

The other day, I noticed this on my dashboard: Check out the fireworks you created on your 2014 Annual Report so I clicked on it and this was what I got…

2014 Annual Report 1

Gee! That was nice, I thought.

I scrolled down and saw this…

2014 Annual Report 2

Of course, I had a post a day, 365 days in a year without fail…and at the time of writing, the total number of posts has already increased to 2,573 from the day the report was published.

According to them, these were the posts that got the most number of views in the year…

2014 Annual Report 3

Top on the list was that time in 2013 when I was so pissed off with our national courier, Poslaju Malaysia as the consignment I sent to Seremban in Negeri Sembilan took almost a week to arrive despite its assurance that it would arrive the very next day – Dijamin sampai hari esok. I am surprised that there were still people reading it in 2014.

Now, it certainly was with very much interest to note that one very old post of mine was next on the list – this one features a patriotic poem that I wrote way before I retired from government service/teaching and since its publication, I have had people asking for permission to use it at their school assemblies, come August 31st or September 16th every year. You can see some of them in the comments on that post.

Third came the post on the making of The Kitchen’s instant kampua noodles. Hmmm…I certainly did not expect that to get so many views. I guess this and all the rest that I had on the noodles must have helped in some small way in promoting them to the general public so much so that the man behind the venture, Eric, saw it fitting to give me a special dinner treat even though he was not obliged in any way to do anything of the sort. That certainly was so sweet and generous of him.

The fourth on the list was written during that very sad time in the year with the extremely tragic and untimely passing of a very very dear friend of mine, Jimmy. It has almost been a year now and ever so often, I still think of him and there have been times when I missed him, his infectious laughter and his delightful company so much and I will never ever forget his selflessness, his readiness to be there whenever anyone needed him and of course, his unsurpassed generosity. He certainly was  a true friend, one that is so very hard to find, if at all that is possible. Without a second thought, I knew then that I just had to make the trip to his hometown for his funeral to see him one more time and bid him the last farewell…and to this day, the question remains – WHY?

Number 5 is another post on The Kitchen’s instant kampua noodles. I guess when people google for it, they will get the links to my blog so in a way, it has helped in increasing the traffic to my blog…or so it seems, not that it matters much to me as mine is not a money-spinning blog unlike those monetised ones that are desperate for an avalanche of views so they would be able to earn more. Right now, the total number of views has gone past 1.5 million, over 1,592,000 to be exact and the comments on the numerous posts currently totals around 72,000 with the best day in 2014 being Tuesday, February 18th, 2014. the day of Jimmy’s funeral.

Now where did all these people come from?

2014 Annual Report 4

According to the chart, they came from all over the globe, 152 countries altogether but the majority came from Malaysia with “Australia and the United States not far behind“.

Ironically, the posts that garnered the most number of comments in 2014 was Say something – a wordless post…and yet, many certainly had a lot to say about it, 56 comments altogether. LOL!!! Many came, some went…and according to the report, in 2014, these were the top commenters for the year…

2014 Annual Report 5

Hmmmm….it would be interesting to see the list in 2015. Will it still comprise this same 5 people or would they be knocked off the pedestal by some newbies to the blog? That, we will have to wait and see.

So, that wraps up 2014 – thank you all for your support, for never failing to drop by and most of all, for commenting – your comments are what keep me going, I assure you. Otherwise, it would feel like I am sitting here talking to myself and yes, I may be old but I am not that old yet and I am certainly not ready to go in that direction just yet. Cheers to all!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “365 days of a year…”

  1. Judging by this stat I say that you have done well last year on your blog. May you surpass your record this year. 🙂

    Thanks. Do keep dropping by and commenting – that’s what keeps me going. 😉

  2. Oooo I’ve seen similar report/chart from Gunners.. Too bad Blogger doesn’t have this..152 countries read your blog! Wow!

    Oh? He’s put up his too. Don’t recall seeing it. Old liao…memory not so good. 😦

  3. Oh i’m on the list! *flicks hair* but yea, you have been very consistent in publishing blog post, not only 2014 but past few years as well 😀

    Every day…except at times when I was travelling and did not have enough scheduled posts and did not have any internet connection…or when the connection was down. Very seldom.

    Btw, you’re not in the current list, based on the last 1,000 comments or something like that. Come, pull up your socks! Hehehehehe!!!
    Somewhere in Singapore 60
    roseliew 60
    zmun2 53
    Princess Ribbon 51
    Irene Tan 50
    contact.ewew 49
    Phong Hong 47

  4. You can see which 152 countries if you click on your detailed WordPress stats 😀

    Ok. I put the cursor on the map – some statistics would be revealed too – country and number of visitors.

    P.S. I just checked and good grief!!! So many countries that I did not know exist! Hehehehehe!!!

  5. Hahaha!!!…a great surprise for me being on the list. Motivates me to comment on. Like I say before, your post is like my everyday first cup kopi kaw kaw which I must have to start off the day. May the year 2015 be a more blissful & fruitful year for you & your blog. Keep it up.

    Thanks for your unfailing support…every day! Keep dropping by and commenting! The likes of you keep me going!

  6. Oh, i didn’t expect to be top of the list in your active commenters…

    Surprise! Surprise!!! 😀

  7. yeah , you never failed to post a blog daily !well done ! Unlike me , sometimes too lazy to blog or nothing to write ! You seems to have a lot of visitors , keep it up !

    Self-discipline is important. You do get money from your blog, right? Maybe not that much so it does not get you all inspired and motivated?

  8. Interesting analysis, especially the most viewed posts of the year. Your consistency and discipline in writing and putting up a post daily is something to be awed. Keep up the good work. May 2015 be a more interesting blogging year 🙂

    Persistence. Sad to see many nice blogs, awesome photos and all but they do not last very long – all sound and fury…signifying nothing. Die out within a few years, some even sooner. Maybe this is what draws a line between men and boys? Sure looking forward to another great year ahead!

    1. Yes, persistence is the word. Another key point is motivation, in my opinion. You’re right, so many blogs come and go, many do not last long enough to gain respect and genuine followers. Some blog for monetary gain, some for fame…but these will not hold the fort. Readers and followers can read between the lines, whether there’s genuine interest and sincerity in the posts. Of course, good photos make a lot of difference. I must say your photography skills have improved tremendously over the years 😉. Anyway here’s to another great blogging year 🙂

      Yes, that is why many people have asked me to monetise my blog – I am not at all keen as I can imagine it losing its character. Somehow when one is blogging for money, the personal touch just is not there – one would be pushing to sell or promote and it is different.

      I just go on doing what I enjoy – after all, money isn’t everything. I do get a lot of rewards in various forms…and above all, the many friends I’ve made through blogging, whom I would not have met otherwise. Priceless!

  9. eh, i was wondering at first why i never saw any fireworks on my dashboard … then i remembered, you’re on wordpress, i’m on blogspot, heheh 😀 heheh, so sad … i’m not in the top five for your commenters … but i’d hope i’m in the top 20 😀

    Should be – all the rest are one-a-day people…usually, same as you. Dunno how wordpress gets those statistics drawn up.

  10. Congratulations – a post a day is no mean feat, especially as they are also interesting and well photographed posts.

    Oooooo…thank you, thank you for your very kind words. You’re very nice.

  11. I am so happy for you, dear friend, and your posts are always so enjoyable and informative. 🙂

    Thank you, thank you…for your kind and sweet compliments.

  12. NIce Stats I bet the traffic was good as well.
    Glad to see a bit of blue on New Zealand 🙂

    As of now, 6.072 views from New Zealand, way behind Australia an dthe United States. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. You’re so good in blogging daily, usually I’ve the passionate for few days then got lazy, hahaha!’ Don’t know why……

    Yup, young people, lots of exciting things to do, too many distractions and not much time to sit and blog.

  14. Oh, I see my name! hee..hee… You have and you are doing really well. I know that you will keep it up and I know what I’ll be doing everyday when I retire. hee…hee… 😀

    Yes, I did not start blogging till I’ve retired. Can’t imagine spending so much time while working…and anyway, I did not have much time for much else then, buried in my work.

  15. So I was the top 5.. but no more for this year.. hahahaa.. anyway, good to know that… once upon a time I was active too.. nowadays pretty busy and just contacted flu recently… still on medical leave until today… sigh… will need to rejuvenate myself back to normal…

    Medical leave? I thought you’ve retired, can go on leave as long as you like? Ya…don’t see you around regularly anymore. Going to retire already, even busier…partying away. 😉

  16. Macam saw a blogger posted about this before this..
    Interesting to have chart like this!

    You must have seen Real Gunners’ – you do go to his blog, don’t you?

  17. Wow.. i’ve never checked mine… quite interesting to know who are the readers and where they come from and what purpose they come to visit… i wonder where can i check mine.. hahaha.. thanks for sharing… now I need to spam your blog in order to climb up to the top.. >.<

    LOL!!! Keep it up, you’re doing great! You can check yours if you’re on wordpress, not blogger, I hear.

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