Can we do it again…

Some of my ex-students, the ones I taught in Form 2 in Kanowit in 1982 who invited me to their reunion a few nights earlier, contacted me and asked me if I could join them for dinner again as a few of them would be leaving to go back to their stations.

This time around, they chose to gather at this café…

Cafe Cafe, Sibu

where I had lunch not too long ago with my girl and her mum. The difference was that this was at night and the place was so dimly-lit that it was near impossible to take some decently good pictures to share…and I am never fond of using flash as the snapshots would not look so great.

Ok…ok…before anyone starts asking, here’s a photograph of the group…

Group photo

Hands up if you can spot me in the picture. LOL!!! We had no choice but to use the flash for this one, of course, but for the rest, I tried to manage without…and due to the insufficient light, some did not come out too well and had to be done away with.

The ladies ordered their pineapple fried rice…

CafeCafe pineapple fried rice

…and goodness gracious! This place is noted for its HUGE servings and that one plate would be enough for around six people to share and they ordered two plates of it! I did not think it was really great – I’ve had better elsewhere (though I enjoyed those two meatballs that you may be able to see at the far end) – and I still think their cincaluk (fermented shrimps) fried rice…

CafeCafe cincaluk fried rice

…still takes the cake. This one is not as big as the aforementioned – I would think there would be enough for two…or three or four for small eaters or if one is ordering some other dishes to go with it just like what we did.

They also asked for two of this dish of ladies’ fingers in sambal

CafeCafe sambal ladies fingers

…which was very nice, possibly better than any other place in town. There were also two of the other dish – bitter gourd in egg gravy that looked something like wat tan hor or ying yong, but the photograph turned out blur. Anyway, it wasn’t a sight to behold – the slices of bitter gourd were drowned in the gravy and were barely visible.

I asked for their tuna toast…

CafeCafe tuna toast

…that I remember was one of their most popular items on their menu before though I am not too sure whether it still is now. In fact, I don’t recall it looking like this but it did not matter one bit as yes, it was still as good as before.

Another favourite at this place is the mee mamak

CafeCafe mee mamak
*Sorry, blurry pic*

…which I felt was a tad too sweet but the ladies thought otherwise. In fact, one of them liked it so much that she immediately placed an order for another plate to take home, along with an additional order for this chao chai hung ngang with prawns…

CafeCafe chao chai hung ngang, prawns

…as well – they all loved it a lot. The guys begged to differ though – it was nice, no doubt, but we thought it was a little too sour for us. Ah well! Women are from Venus, men are from Mars…or so they say.

Needless to say, it was a delightful evening and like the previous time, there was so much to catch up with and to talk about…and somebody did suggest that they should get together like this at least once a year. I certainly enjoyed myself…on both occasions, the reunion earlier and this one as well. Thanks again to one and all!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Can we do it again…”

  1. Hands up! You are 5th on the left, I like to eat sourish food too.

    Sure looks like it’s a female thing. Hmmmm….can’t miss, eh? Despite my attempt to hide. Hehehehe!!!

  2. I could see you! The guy in black, 5th, left row..Wah one plate of fried rice enough for six? Then it must be huge, I like!

    It’s something like the full-course Chinese dinner serving size – what they serve at the end at hotel dinners over at your side, one plate more than enough to go round.

  3. I could see you in the photo!! ^^

    The dishes look good. I think better than the Western food.

    They do have a few nice items on their menu – can’t say that I like them all. Personally, I prefer Payung.

  4. Okra with sambal is one of my fav dishes 😀

    They do it very well here, like how we would do it at home. Others are good too…but not quite the same, usually they just use belacan and scrimp on the hay bee.

  5. I do enjoy ladies fingers, not with quite so much sauce though. They seem to be a tricky veggie to prepare.

    Yes, and they do it really well – no trace of the “glue” at all. Just a nuisance trying to cook…and having to make sure it is not all gooey.

  6. Yes, I spotted you smiling sweetly among the roses, hihihi. Owh, Cafe Cafe, everything was in huge portion and business is brisk. Love their cincaluk fried rice.

    Ahhhh!!!! You’ve been to one of their outlets in Kuching, I see? Ummmm….you mean you see the rose among the thorns, don’t you? 😀 😀 😀

  7. hey, you look as young as your students! i would have guessed that you all were the same age, based on the pic! 🙂

    Oooooo…thank you, thank you. I take that as a compliment. They’re not much younger though – must be in their 40’s already, if I’m not wrong.

  8. Most women (for some reason) like sour stuff but not men…I wonder if it’s got anything to do with our diet when we were pregnant….kekeke!! 😀

    They say sour stuff will lead to baby girls…sweet things, you get boys but that’s for the men. Hehehehehe!!!!

  9. I have been to Cafe Cafe once. The ambiance is really good and one of the favorites is the mee mamak.

    The ladies loved it. I thought it was a little too sweet but yes, it was nice.

  10. Oh yeah, saw you in the photo. 😄 Lovely group photo and nice dishes they served you.

    Yes, dinner was good, company was great. Looking forward to another round…maybe next year.

  11. Sitting next to a beauty!! Lovely food… great company…. what more can one ask.. 🙂

    Indeed. I guess you will not have special gatherings like this once you’ve retired…but never mind, you now have your group of gourmet friends – can go out and eat eat eat and have fun too.

  12. looks like a good reunion there.

    i do think that tuna toast looks good. always a fan of crunchy, crispy, savoury stuff. 😀

    and yes I can see you! half of your face though. So smart to hide half, I think i may do just that the next time i’m in a group pic. 🙂

    You’re getting slimmer and slimmer, no need! Also trendier and trendier! Wink! Wink! 😀

  13. They have 2 Cafe Cafe in Kuching but their quality of food differ everytime we visit them. Once, the zhaochai hungan was good, not too sour and it is just the right taste. Our second visit of course that same zhaochai hungan is a must, but that time, it’s too sour and they replace prawns with fish and the fish has that smell that no one loves. Huuu.. but the 3rd time.. it’s still too sour for everyone and we did not finish that bowl of hungan 😦

    however, they have different types of chicken dishes which we love them very much. Rendang too.. maybe you can try that next time.. 🙂

    Yes, they use dory, has a smell…not nice. Too bad you’re allergic to prawns or you could have asked for that instead. Some people like it extra sour, not me. I may have tried the rendang, can’t remember but I am sure I had their masak hitam…nice.

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