Time passes by…

…real quickly when you’re having fun and that certainly was true as far as my girl’s end-of-year holiday was concerned. All too soon, it was time for her to pack up and go back to her school to start the new academic year but the Saturday before that Sunday, we did get to drop by this restaurant for lunch.

Of course, we had her favourite sweet and sour fish fillet…

Y2K sweet & sour fish

– she likes the one here the most.

We also had the sweet potato leaves…

Y2K sweet potato leaves

…that we also had the last time we were here. It seemed that she actually liked them a lot and asked why we never cooked those leaves at home. Well, actually we did and I had blogged about (cooking and) eating them many times before at home…or in some other restaurants like this one, for instance. At one time, my friend’s wife grew them and had a lot and she would always give us some time and time again but after she moved house, we had not been getting any from her anymore and we just stopped cooking our own. Somehow or other, for no obvious reason, we never got round to buying them whenever we went marketing.

For a change, we had their tofu

Y2K tofu

…which was very nice and for the soup, we decided to try their chao chai (preserved vegetables) with egg…

Y2K chao chai egg soup

Usually, we would have this with chicken or fish…or seafood but this was the first time we were having it with egg and I must say they did it really well. We certainly enjoyed it.

Many seem to have the idea that this place is a bit more expensive than elsewhere and that explains why the one next door is always full while this one isn’t all that popular even though the food is pretty good. Well, I forked out around RM45.00 that day for the four dishes for three persons and the soup came in such a huge bowl that we could not finish it despite having at least two servings each and had to tapao more than half of it home. Expensive or not, as long as what they dish out is consistently great, we certainly would not mind coming back here again…and again…and again, that’s for sure.

Flashback to the morning of the day in question, I went out early to my regular Malay kueh stall at Bandong to get this steamed delight wrapped in banana leaf (3 for RM1.00)…

Bandong kueh

…for my girl for breakfast as she tried it the previous time and loved it a lot. Personally, I thought they were a little bit nicer the first time around but they were still nice.

They informed me that they had this nasi lemak (RM1.00 a packet)…

Bandong nasi lemak

…from some newbie so I bought a packet to try but I would not say that I liked it. The sambal was very spicy but it was salty – I prefer the slightly sweet version of the sambal with my nasi lemak, plus there wasn’t any hard-boiled egg which I would consider to be the standard condiment as far as nasi lemak is concerned. The bottom line is I would still choose to stick to the ones with the nice sotong sambal (RM1.50 a packet) that I would usually buy from here.

While I was there, I also spotted these red velvet cupcakes (RM2.50)…

Bandong red velvet cupcakes

They were all right, that much I would say, and at that price, I think I would stick to our much cheaper and nicer local kuehs.

The following day, Sunday, we left the house very early at around 6.45 a.m. to drive my girl back to her school as she had work to do at 9.00 a.m. – the pupils were reporting that morning…and while she was at it, the mum and I spent the time cleaning her quarters from top to bottom so she could settle in comfortably and get ready to start the new academic year the very next day.