Very special…

When my friend, Philip, was in town from the US, he invited me and my missus and my girl as well to dinner and he was especially keen to come to this restaurant as he had been here a number of times before with members of his family and he loved the place and the food a lot.

This restaurant is noted for its very special curry fish head, different from all the rest but I was afraid that Philip, having lived overseas for so long, would not be into anything spicy so we ordered another one of their signature dishes – their roast duck…

Sheraton Restaurant roast duck 1

Nope, this is different from what everyone would know as Peking duck even though they call it by that name here but nonetheless, it is very very nice.

Instead of the usual pancake, they use those paper-thin egg sheets to wrap the meat together with thin strips of cucumber, scallions and the special dark sweet bean sauce…

Sheraton Restaurant roast duck 2

…and serve…

Sheraton Restaurant roast duck 3

Unfortunately, they do not have smaller portions – it’s either the whole duck or nothing, no half nor quarter so of course, the four of us (or three, in fact…as my missus does not eat duck plus my girl isn’t much of a big eater like the father) could not finish all of it…

Sheraton Restaurant roast duck 4

…and had to tapao whatever was left home.

Philip loves steamed fish and he loves tapah

Sheraton Restaurant steamed tapah

…so we had that and yes, they do it very nicely here. Well, this fish does not come cheap, that’s for sure, and with the roast duck, whole, I could imagine the bill for the food rocketting sky high.

We also had the Qui-Fei spare ribs…

Sheraton Restaurant Qui-fei spare ribs

…that were so very delicious. I don’t know what they used to marinate the meat but I could sense the hint of Chinese cooking wine along with whatever sauces that went into the cooking of this dish.

For our vegetable dish, we had their fried midin (wild jungle fern)…

Sheraton Restaurant fried midin

…and as for the soup, we opted for their Foochow-style tofu soup…

Sheraton Restaurant tauhu tear

I do not recall ever having the latter here but if what we had that night were to be a gauge to measure their usual standard, I dare say this was the best I had had in town.

So how much was it altogether for the food that night? The total was a shocking RM158.00 for four persons but Philp kept insisting it was cheap. With the current exchange rate at RM3.57 to one US dollar, it was less than USD45.00 and of course, he was delighted that he got to enjoy such a lavish and delightful meal before he left town to go back to the States.

Thank you so very much, Philip, for that wonderful dinner treat from the three of us. We certainly enjoyed it to the max!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Very special…”

  1. I like all the food in this post but I am not familiar with the tapah fish. He has been to this restaurant many times with his family but never once did they try the very special curry fish head? So what does he like best from this restaurant?

    He loves steamed fish among the things that he likes – and he would go for those and he likes tapah very much. Period.

    I would think he should be able to steam his own there – here, we pay through our nose for steamed cod at the restaurants – those should be cheap(er) there. Personally, I would prefer that deep-fried or grilled on a pan…like snowfish – like everything else, everyone has his own likes and dislikes. Philip is more into Chinese/Foochow cuisine and as I always say, to each his own.

  2. That peking duck looks so so good.. Oooo served on egg sheets? First time I hear.. Usually on popiah skins.. Oh they don’t serve half duck? It’s ok, one whole duck also I can finish 😀

    Those are specially-made pancakes lah, not popiah skin. You mean they use that there? Fail liao lor like that! They do not make those white and thin pancakes here at this restaurant too but those egg sheets are just as good. Thank goodness they do not resort to using those rubbery frozen popiah skin…

  3. For Phillip it is very cheap! Haha.

    I love the 1st dish. I love roasted duck, braised duck etc. Many people don’t really like it because of smell etc.

    Sighhhhhh!!!!! My missus doesn’t like duck. That’s why we get to eat it once a year, Chinese New Year. She cooks very nice phak lor ark.

  4. I don’t eat Chinese food very often, but I love the spare ribs!!! 🙂

    Just like how we do not eat western all that much…but maybe more often than the frequency you eat Chinese. Bet it costs a bomb there!

  5. That’s a delightful dinner. All the dishes suits my taste. Duck done in any way, all I like. Midin with red wine or belacan?

    Belacan, but very very mild – could hardly taste the belacan…Chinese-style, I guess. Personally, I am not too fond of it with red wine – the overpowering red wine fragrance will drown out the light sweet taste of the midin. Just ok with it, when someone else orders it – I will not order that myself.

  6. Hi, hi! Arthur! 👋 I know, I know, it has been weeks since I last drop by here…sigh. Long story. Anyway, I’m back and miss reading your posts and all the photos of yummy food!
    RM158 for all those dishes..sounds like KL price. But you got the whole duck and that’s not cheap. Huge portion for four persons, too. Interesting egg sheets wrap for the duck.

    Yes, not cheap but what mattered most was that everything tasted really good – hard to find in KL, I’m sure, even at this price…not at those places that I’ve been to. Cuisines from different regions in the mainland perhaps, not quite the same.

    P.S. Welcome back! Stick around, ya!

  7. I loves all the foods that you posted…

    All good! Going to take my Singapore friend here when he comes again…for the curry fish head & the prawns. Best in town!

  8. ah, RM158 to ang mohs nowadays is just pocket change. Here, we have to slog to get that amount in wages.

    I really do admire your tenacity to blog every single day Arthur!, And your pictures are getting better and better!

    You mean they were not so nice before? Same ol’ digicam, maybe my skill is improving? I thought minimum wage is RM800? Of course, if one goes for dinners like this, it isn’t going to last very long… Must spend within one’s means…and save, save, save for children’s future.

  9. Great dinner. The tapah was excellent, so was the duck, the ribs and midin, but the best part was the company. Thanks for the great hospitality, Arthur. Looking forward to June.

    Most welcome, Philip. I sure am looking forward to June…and hopefully, another road trip? Always enjoyed that!

  10. I think either Phillip is being nice or he is making big doughs in the States. USD45 for 4 persons is not exactly cheap even when you dine out in the States. It is just about the right price. I suspect it is a bit of both? 😀

    Of course he is nice, very nice and very generous. As for whether he’s making big money in the US, I wouldn’t know. I don’t pry. And yes, I am very sure it is not cheap to dine out in the States and no way you can get anything like this there for USD45, not even close. In a Chinese restaurant of this standard? When were you there last? I know in Oz or NZ, a plate of fried rice is at least $10-12 their currency, just fried rice alone…and that’s not even in a full-fledged Chinese place.

  11. Why do you say it’s different from Peking duck? The cucumber, scallions, sweet sauce…all same…the only difference (to me) is they not only wrapped the skin but also the meat. I’ve seen Peking duck here wrapped in thin pancakes or (sometimes) thin egg crepes.

    I don’t think we can even get a meal (with duck) at RM158 in KL. The one I had already cost RM80 (and that’s a year ago).
    If whole duck from a coffee shop….will cost about RM60 already.

    Yes, I know – RM60 is not so expensive already. Worse here. Heard my missus grumbling…just an ordinary duck at the market is over RM70 already, uncooked!!! There are the cheap frozen ones at the supermarkets though, dunno from where. Not buying, missus does not eat. 😦

    The Peking Duck that I had before, but not here (can’t get that here, I think) – the skin colour is different, more towards red in colour…and they bring out the whole duck. The chef will slice all the skin and serve that wrapped in the special pancake – the same way. Then he takes back the duck into the kitchen to cook the meat some different way and serves that separately. The colour and taste of this one is more like roast duck, but nicer than the ones we have around elsewhere.

    1. Now that you mention the colour of the skin, yeah, I get it…I see the difference.

      Yes, different from those I like a lot at those Hongkong Noodle House outlets in KL, very nice. Used to go to one at Sg Wang…and another at Miod Valley a long time ago. Dunno if they are still there.

  12. All the dishes look delicious to me. And I am now a roast duck fan hah..hah… If I tapao one duck from the restaurant near my office, it costs me RM55.00. After they chop it up and remove the backbone etc, there’s not very much left of the duck 😦

    Dunno how much one whole duck costs here from the roast meat stalls – I wouldn’t buy the whole thing since my missus doesn’t eat. Usually, I will just ask for RM10…enough for me and duck, I would usually ask for breast. If chicken, the drumstick.

  13. great choices in ordering! i’d devour the duck, finish the fish, relish the ribs, wipe out the wild jungle fern and slurp up the soup! 😀

    We can have those in that same order…if you would hop over here! Anytime! 😉

  14. I can join your wife as I don’t fancy duck neither. I don’t know why people love to eat duck. I find nothing nice in them 😛

    It’s the smell that my missus does not like, my friend, same reason why she’s not really into lamb as well…and many other things. To each his own!

    Roast, phak lor (five spice), I like them all…and if it’s pek ting eyok (eight treasures herbal soup), duck has no equal! Simply the best.

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