Don’t believe a word…

Don’t believe everything you hear!

Sometime ago, I was told that the chef from this original place left and ventured out on his own here…so I went to give it a try. Somehow or other, I never went back again, not that it was not good but perhaps, it was a little out of the way. Then I saw people talking about the giant prawn noodles at a place in the vicinity and sharing photographs of what they had on Facebook…and I just assumed that must be at this same place but no, it wasn’t. It was at another shop in the next block. Then I heard that there were two guys who left the original place but they split and one decided to set up a place of his own.

Well, I dropped by that place again as my friend, Philip, who was home from the US at the time, would always drop by the original place for the much coveted prawn noodles everytime he came back so I took him there to give this one a try…and I probed to get some background information about the chef/cook…and no, the cook wasn’t from that place. I was told that he was, at one time, at the Thomson Corner – not the present ones but at the original one at The Catholic Centre, beside the Sacred Heart Cathedral, opposite SRB St Rita. Yes, I remember I did go and eat there way back then and the food was pretty good but I did hear that they moved here eventually. Maybe one of them did not go over with the rest of them, I wouldn’t know and I did not want to ask any further questions for fear of being regarded as being so kay po or overly-inquisitive.

When I went with Philip that second time around, I decided to give their fish noodles (RM12.00)…

Brother Sing fish noodles 1

…a try and yes, it was very good. They certainly were a lot more generous with the fish than here…and that plate of the same cost RM30!!! *faint*

I did not want the soup version so I had it Foochow fried noodle-style, with the sauce/gravy and I would say that they did it really well. The noodles were well-fried and had the very nice wok hei fragrance…

Brother Sing fish noodles 2

…and they used tapah – one of the most coveted fish around and of course, it does not come cheap.

Needless to say, Philip would not settle for anything less than the prawn noodles…

Brother Sing prawn noodles 1

In the earlier post, I mentioned that I heard that there were three sizes, RM25.00 for small, RM50.00 for medium and RM70 for large but when we went, we were told that they had only two – RM30.00 for small and RM50.00 for large…and this time around, they had one more size, RM40.00 for medium. Philip did not want the bigger sizes and opted for the small…

Brother Sing prawn noodles 2

…which was already so very big, as long as a pair of chopsticks…

Prawn & chopsticks

Seeing is believing! Of course, he enjoyed what he had and said that tastewise, it was as good as at the old place and of course, here, the prawn was so very much bigger.

Incidentally, I’ve cooked one of the three boxes of the Three Cheese potatoes that he brought me all the way from the US

Three Cheese potatoes 1

As always, it was very nice but this time around, it was a bit too salty as I added some bits of smoked ham in an attempt to bring the taste to a whole new level but I don’t think I should have done that…

Three Cheese potatoes 2

Besides, when I was boiling the water and it boiled over when I added the milk and again when I added the cheese, seasoning and what not that came in a pouch inside the box. Probably, that reduced the liquid substantially and hence, it turned out saltier than the previous times when I had it.

Never mind! One down, two more to go and I certainly would be more careful the next time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Don’t believe a word…”

  1. 3 Cheese potatoes?! Am I in heaven or what? And that prawn! So mouthwatering. I wish I could go there right now.

    Yes, they’re very nice…and the prawns too, of course. Heavenly! 😀 😀 😀

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by & commenting. A warm welcome to you and do drop by again! Cheers!

  2. 3 cheese potatoes looks so so good.. Mum gave me a packet of cheese potato something, powdered mix, I just have to add hot water or milk for richer taste.. I still prefer using real potatoes though.. But yours looks so good, baked 3 cheese potatoes, yummmmzzzz…

    Exactly what my girl thought – that it would be nicer to cook her own using real potatoes and her own ingredients – did not turn out too well, unfortunately. Will have to try again.

  3. two more boxes of the potatoes … it’ll be interesting to imagine what kind of garnishes you could use next …. hmmm, maybe bits of prawns (instead of smoked ham)? 😀

    You think that would be good? Sure can give it a try!

  4. Raining continously for 4 days and the prawn noodles is sure a comforting dish for this cold weather. Yummy!!!….

    Yes, here too! But on and off…all day long. Can be quite a nuisance.

  5. Wow.. the prawn is indeed giant.. as long as the chopstick almost… Over here in Ipoh, these prawns are very expensive if served in restaurants…

    A bit longer actually…if you straighten the prawn. These do not come cheap here either.

  6. yupppp that’s absolutely generous! as if the fish more than the noodle!

    There was a lot but no, there were a lot of noodles too – the fish slices were only those you see on the top.

  7. Good Lord! RM30 for a bowl of fish noodles! But if the portion of fish is generous and if t is fresh, I guess that price is justifiable. Oh, I see that you use those disposable baking pans. Very convenient!

    If you click the link to go and have a look, it was for just one plate – serving for one with around 4 slices of the fish. Mine, for only RM12.00, certainly had a lot more.

    Ya, saves a whole lot of trouble – no need to soak and scrub.

  8. Lucky i had eaten, if not, i will be drooling over the prawn… keke…

    My friend from Singapore has booked his air tickets – he’s coming back for more…more…and more!!!! Looking forward to seeing him again. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  9. Another post with big prawns!

    Yes, that day with my friends from Singapore…this time around, with my friend home from the US.

  10. oh gosh …you show us the big prawns again!!! Bad STP….. sigh …

    Hey! That day, my friend showed a photo of him with a BIG one!!! 700 gm…for RM50 only. Cheap! Oops!!! He was at Bukit Timggi, Genting side…not Kota Tinggi, Johore. But it was in a resealable bag – looked very frozen. These things, if not fresh, not nice…very bland, no taste at all.

  11. Wonderful! I’ll be sure to visit when I come back next month! I hope they don’t raise the prices for CNY or GST. Haha.

    It looks so good, even the small one has relatively huge prawns!

    I last had it in the other place Dian Xiao Er and their prawns were slightly longer than a pair of chopsticks (not including the claws, theirs have huge claws) but this is a lot cheaper at RM 25. It’s a different method of cooking though but I like this style too.

    I can’t wait to try the RM 70 huge prawns coz I saw that in your previous post and they’re humongous! 🙂

    Yup, not too crazy about it in tom tam. The lady taught us how to eat the stuff in the claws – use a chopstick and poke. Didn’t know that – always left uneaten as so hard to crack plus they have spiky shell, painful.

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