See you sometime…

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my friend, Philip, was home from the US but these end-of-year trips were usually very short and he would like to spend most of the time at home with the mum plus I was busy with my Singapore friend and his friends who were here on a visit. Nonetheless, we did manage to go out sometime for breakfast and during one of those times, we dropped by here for the kaya (coconut jam) toast…

Thick kaya toast

I had seen people sharing photographs of the thick toast on Facebook and it certainly seemed very popular – a lot of people were having that but they were having the stuff from the other stalls in the shop as well. I did hear my friend, Annie-Q, saying that the kampua noodles here were very nice…and it turned out to be the lady at the coffee shop behind the Sibu Medical Centre where I used to drop by to enjoy her gu tor (beef tripe) soup with kampua noodles.

I decided to try her lor mee

Lor mee 1

It was not too strong on the ngor hiang (five spice) smell/fragrance and thick enough, not too watery nor too gooey…

Lor mee 2

…so I would say it was all right, not bad.

Philip had the kampung chicken eggs, half-boiled/cooked…

Half-boiled kampung chicken eggs

…and they were perfectly done. He loved the colour of the yolk too.

Back to the toast, now, that was a disappointment. It was not charcoal-toasted, they did that in an electric oven…and they used canned kaya and margarine, not homemade coconut jam and (real) butter. Other than that, there wasn’t much of it, not enough for a slice of toast that thick.

After that, we went to this coffee shop in Sungai Merah that was noted for its wonderful coffee. It had not been as nice though after the owner decided to take over the char kway teow stall and leave the brewing to his son or one of their Indonesian helpers. However, that morning, it was very good! Curious, Philip went and asked and found out that the guy took a little time off from his frying and went over to make the drinks. No wonder!!!

But actually (since the coffee has not been all that great these days), Philip wanted to drop by here for the roti telur

Roti telur 1

…from this stall…

Muslim food stall

…sandwiched in between the kampua, porridge and whatever stall in front and the char kway teow stall behind it.

They do it very well here – very thin, slightly crispy and very fragrant and they serve it with curry gravy…

Roti telur 2

…and not the usual dhal dip that one would get elsewhere. As a matter of fact, I also used to come for the fried noodles and the nasi lemak here for breakfast and I had had their nasi campur (mixed rice) too and it was definitely one of the better places in town for that.

As always, I certainly enjoyed that outing with Philip, chatting away about this and that, catching up with stuff since the last time he was home in Sibu.