Back to normal…

It was back to normal after my Singaporean friends left town and that night, we went out for a simple dinner here at this restaurant – my girl, my missus and I.

We had their sizzling beef on a hot plate…

Nice House sizzling beef 1

– another of my girl’s favourite at this place…

Nice House sizzling beef 2

…which was as nice as always.

Besides that, we also ordered one of their signature dishes – their own made tofu, braised…

Nice House tofu

Theirs is always more special than elsewhere because their tofu is so soft and smooth, almost like tofu fua.

For the vegetable dish, we wanted something different from the usual and ended up eating this dish of snow peas…

Nice House snow peas

…which was good as well. All in all, the total for the food was only RM26.00 (SGD10.00) for 3 persons which we thought was very cheap indeed. Of course, we did not have prawns or fish but then again, beef isn’t all that cheap here either.

The next morning, Saturday, I went marketing for the ingredients for a steamboat dinner. We would usually have that on New Year’s Eve but I think I did mention in an earlier post that this time around, we just had a simple dinner together on New Year’s Eve as I was out all day with my friends so we were not prepared for it and did not have much in the fridge to whip up something decent at such short notice.

That afternoon, we just had a simple lunch to finish off all the leftovers from the past few days and that night, we had our steamboat and enjoyed it to the max. We could not finish everything so the next morning, I had this…

Steamboat leftovers

…for breakfast. Yes, I bought those giant prawns – the smaller ones at RM50.00 a kg, not the humongous ones costing RM70.00 a kg. so I was able to get around 10 or more, more than enough to go round. If I had opted for the giant ones, we’d probably have to settle for one each only.

The authorities had extended the school holidays by one more week owing to the horrendous flood situation in the peninsula so we were able to spend a few days more together before my girl went back to her school to start their new academic year.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Back to normal…”

  1. I like the look of the tofu. Reminded me that I have not eat tofu for quite some time now. The prawns you bough look big, bigger than any I have eaten for quite a while now.

    These are the medium sized ones, used to go for RM30 a kg…now almost double in price. 😦

  2. Wow….what a nice family dinner! And, big prawns again ? Didn’t had enough ?

    I didn’t have any that day, just sampled a bit of my Singapore friend’s giant prawn. I took another friend there, back from the US…and I did not have any myself either. Watch out for the post, coming soon.

  3. All my favourite food – beef, tofu.. Each time when we eat out, we will sure order those tofu, starchy eggy gravy, for the kids to eat with rice.. All time family favourite dish..

    We like tofu with minced meat and salted fish too…usually served on a sizzling hot plate.

  4. So so cheap….RM26 for all the tasty food. I also love the tofu among all and your next morning breakfast looks just as great too.

    Great place to go for lunch or dinner but best to go early, not so crowded and not so noisy and no need to wait for a long time. They cook the orders table by table here…not a whole lot at one go if there are many tables ordering the same things.

  5. In KL, I ordered sweet and sour pork and fried Kai lan and the whole meal set me back about RM 23. So expensive yet it was not filling. Such tiny slivers of meat!

    City mah, high standard of living, people very rich. Hehehehehe!!!! Here, my daughter and I used to stop for lunch after school – rice with a generous serving of freshly-cooked (not chap fan) sweet and sour pork ribs by the side, RM3.50 only. I think it’s RM4.50 now. 😦 No, veg, of course…other than the tomato and pineapple and cucumber that came with the pork.

  6. Wow the smaller giant prawns still looked giant!! Yummmss

    Yes, they were big. Normally, I would buy those smaller than this, maybe half the size. Those would be cheaper and more affordable for the likes of me.

  7. It has been raining since yesterday morning. Just clear a bit now. Hope it stops by afternoon.

    I love steamboat. Healthier!!

    Been raining quite a lot here too. Had a friend of a friend in town, from Australia – such a nuisance trying to bring them around.

  8. Love that kind of tofu dish, will definitely order that every time we have dinner at those chu char places.

    We would too but not all the time – the one here is really good though, I dare say better than the rest, done this way, that is.

  9. this is a very healthy meal post … lots of veggies and fibre, not much grease 😀 i ate too much last night, and i’m feeling like having more salads today too 🙂

    Lucky you, able to eat eat eat and still maintain your figure…unlike me. So aft! Sobsssss!!!! 😦

  10. Those are called sugar snap peas…they’re plump, sweet tasting and crunchy…love them! Snow peas look almost similar but they’re flat, tasteless and not crunchy….hate them 😦 Quite a lot of people get them mixed up though.
    Check out this link for the different peas:

    It’s snow peas on the menu. Always thought they’re the flat ones, these plump sweet ones, I call them sweet peas as per label on the packs at the supermarkets but according to you link sweet peas are garden peas, you don’t eat the pods 😦 – I prefer these but I’m quite ok with both.

    What’s in a name – as long as I know them by sight and I know what I like, it’s perfectly ok by me. I must say there are many vegetables that I can’t name though…or I know the names in Chinese or Malay but not in English and it’s the same with fish. I would be what the old folks would say – “only know how to eat”! 😀

    1. When it comes to fish and vegetable names in Chinese (and sometimes English, especially our local varieties), I’m quite hopeless too. I also know how to eat but don’t know what they’re called! 😀

      Birds of the same feather.

  11. Sizzling beef on a hot plate, now that would be something I would order over and over again. Can’t do this sort of thing at home. Having steamboat at home is very nice, My auntie did that once and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

    We have a multi-cooker that we use for steamboats. Very convenient – can have anytime – just shop for the ingredients that we like. I know some people use rice cookers – work just as well.

  12. The sizzling beef looks nice. RM26 for three persons, quite cheap. That would normally cost for two persons in Kuching.

    Here, when we order, we will say that it is for two persons – there will be more than enough food to go round. Sometimes, at some places, we forget – they cook for three…more expensive but servings more or less the same amount. 😦

  13. Sizzling beef with onions? awesome combination, but i like mine with capsicum too, goes well with white rice 🙂

    Not a fan of capsicum. My girl seems to like it though.

  14. SGD10 for 3 person? it’s damn cheap!

    It most certainly is. This place is very affordable and the best part is the food is great.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Will add you in my blogroll. Cheers!

  15. Nice house food is nice!! I think the sizzling deer meat is famous too, my uncle loves it a lot.
    I love steamboat, so long never have steamboat. Simple and yummy.

    Noted, thanks. Gotta give it a try soonest. Their black pepper lamb is good too!

  16. The prawn is really really big, I was thinking is your shoot angle makes it look like that big!! >.<

    They’re big all right but these were the medium ones. Big is RM70 a kg – those would be HUGE!!!

  17. Are these more towards cantonese style of cooking? Very very good price. Love the salt and pepper stuffs from this restaurant in the other blog post. Must whack these restaurants on my next trip.

    The bean, I know it as (pronounce as monstu as I was told) Easier way to remember the spelling Man Get Out

    No specific style of cooking, I think. They’re all Foochows here…mostly. The food here is great, all good, very nice and very cheap (I hate the crowd and noise!) and their signature dishes are worth dropping by for but nothing in particular that screams for attention! Like when people say this must-eat dish, immediately one restaurant comes to mind…or that dish, another one comes to mind. Don’t think they’ve anything like that here – maybe their tofu, I think everyone knows of it…

    Doesn’t sound like a very nice name – saw somewhere that’s French for “eat all”.

  18. Wow those prawns are huge, they look like lobster now

    Definitely taste nicer, lobster is rather bland in comparison…lacks the sweetness and taste of these prawns plus the texture is nicer too – not so hard.

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