When morning comes…

When morning comes, of course, that would be time for breakfast…and so it was when my Singapore friend and his friends were in town that day. Not wanting to waste anytime since they would only be here for a few days, we were out early – at 8.00 a.m. and I took them to this coffee shop so they could have a variety of the local favourites at one stop.

They thought the kampua noodles were nice…

Aloha kampua

…but I did not think they were all that impressed. I did try a bit and I too thought it was just so-so, definitely not among the best in town and the same would be true about their pian sip

Aloha pian sip

…as well and the only-in-Sibu Ah Tor egg-wrapped fried kway teow

Aloha Ah Tor char kway teow

…did not seem to thrill them very much either. For the uninitiated, NO, this is nothing like what they call Pattaya fried rice or whatever. I have already explained this in my previous posts…more than once.

Even the mee sua in chicken soup with the Foochow traditional red wine…

Aloha mee sua

…did not make much of an impact. They quite liked the packet of nasi lemak that they bought from the Malay stall here but I did not hear them say anything about the roti canai

Aloha roti canai

…which, to me, looked like one miserable crumpled mess. At least, the roti telur (egg bread) was more presentable…

Aloha roti telur

…and just when I was about to give up all hope, they tried the Sarawak laksa

Aloha laksa

…RM10 (around SGD3.85) for a bowl with the bigger prawns and that definitely took the cake…and left them craving for more…

Aloha laksa licked clean

…so they ordered a second bowl!!! They were saying that it was so very cheap plus they would probably not get another chance to enjoy this again during their brief stay.

Phewwww!!!!! What a relief that was! Well, after breakfast, we left on a tour of the town…(to be continued)