This was on Christmas Day, before our dinner at home that night. We dropped by here

Payung Cafe, Sibu

…for lunch and one might notice that there had been some slight changes done to the place. They’ve given the place a fresh coat of paint, blue on this side…

Blue Christmas

…plus some Christmas decorations in keeping with the festive season and a lovely shade of green inside. There were also some nice colourful furniture as well and these beautiful payungs or umbrellas…

Myanmar umbrellas

…from Myanmar…and these angels as well…


I saw in a friend’s photograph on Facebook that they were having green curry…

Payung Cafe green curry

…as one of their specials for the day and I made up my mind right away that I would drop by to give it a try.

However, that day, since it was Christmas, I thought we would go for some of the western stuff on their menu instead and I ordered their chicken chop (RM24.00)…

Payung Cafe chicken chop

…to share.

Yes, it was very nice! The gravy was different from anything one would find elsewhere – it had its special fragrances with all the herbs, spices and other ingredients used and was rich and creamy and tasted absolutely great…and the huge slab of chicken…

Payung Cafe, chicken chop close-up

…was very well-marinated and perfectly done.

Other than that, we also had their beef spaghetti (RM17.00)…

Beef spaghetti

…and this too was different from any pasta dish one would find elsewhere. It was very good too though I would prefer the beef to be just a little bit more tender.

My missus insisted on having the green curry chicken (RM18.00)…so we ended having that as well and all of us loved it to bits! A friend of mine had an office party here the day before and upon his special request, they had ulam on their menu and it turned out that they had some of the sambals (dips) left so the boss whipped this…

Payung Cafe ulam

…up for us, on the house! That certainly was very nice of him and that wasn’t all! He had just finished preparing a new batch of his very special mashed potatoes and he also gave us a bowl of that in addition to what we had that came with the chicken chop.

We certainly enjoyed the lunch and if anyone still does not know where this Payung Cafe is, it is along Lanang Road – back to back with the Kingwood Hotel new extension, its riverfront multi-storey carpark, to the left of that immediate block of shops (2.283462,111.833471).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Changes…”

  1. i love how they keep the place Clean and tidy!

    They’ve very good staff, all hardworking, efficient and very nice and friendly too.

  2. Beautiful, I love the Christmas decor. πŸ™‚

    Love the colours, much nicer at night with the effect of the lights. Those triangular Christmas trees seem to be the in thing lately, I see a lot of them around.

  3. Ah, this Payung place is a die, die must visit if I ever make it to Sibu πŸ™‚ The decor looks good and I don’t think I have seen the dishes above in your previous posts before (except the ulam maybe). They all look so delicious!

    Definitely!!! Not to be missed. Yes, everything’s different from anything that may be similar elsewhere. That’s what makes it stand a head above the rest!

  4. Very clean and nice place.. Looks like a comfortable hut.. I like green curry and I can eat a lot of rice with just the gravy.. Ooohhh la la! That chicken chop! The gravy is so thick and creamy! I super love it!

    Both good. I would prefer the green curry though – more into Asian cuisine.

  5. Peter is truly an artist. So lucky to have him here in Sibu.

    He is. Yes, at least we have a great place to dine and unwind…and to bring visitors too. Never fails to impress.

  6. I always see you mention about the restaurateurs giving special on-the-house items to try. Is that actually normal in Sibu? Nothing of that sort over here 😦

    No? Small town, everyone knows everybody, I guess? More cordial, friendlier.

  7. No rojak this time? The one with sprinkles of Torch Ginger Flower? :p

    Don’t think we had it that day but we did when my Singapore friend and his friends came. His comment on Facebook: “Super duper kickass rojak β€” at Payung Cafe
    His photo on Facebook:

    Payung Rojak

  8. Nice deco. All looks so good. Wonder how’s the taste of the green curry? I have never try green curry.

    I love green curry. You can get this at the Thai places in Kuching – may not be exactly the same, dunno where the nice ones are. Gerald’s place maybe?

  9. Loves the foods there…

    Mr friend from Singapore and his friends love it here…and everywhere in Sibu. Watch out for the posts on their visit…soon!

  10. Nice of the boss to furnish that plate of ulam on the house. It’s little touches like this that inspires customer loyalty and makes Payung Cafe a cut above!

    I love how they spent the money to renovate the place, or at least give it a new coat of paint to avoid making it look so run down, unlike other places. Shows that they care.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Arthur! πŸ™‚

    Thanks and the same to you and yours. Indeed, unlike that place with the giant prawns. πŸ˜› Yes, very nice people here, that’s for sure – always feel at home.

  11. that’s a very unusual gravy for the chicken chop! it’s completely smothered in that thick stuff .. that would be pretty cool as a contrast to the meat πŸ™‚

    Yes, it’s creamy and very flavourful with the added ingredients – I could taste green pepper, dunno what else goes into it. Very nice.

  12. even though the presentation of the chicken chop is not so good but i can tell how tasty it would be! especially after reading all your description, im drooling already! =p

    30 Days Money Challenge here!!

    It is good – VERY…better than the regular chicken chops elsewhere…with the boring black pepper sauce and the rest which is not even half as nice as this one here. I must tell the boss to work on the presentation the next time I drop by. Looks like most people would judge based on appearance alone so he should think about adding some colours, maybe just some browning for a light shade of brown in the gravy. Gee! It’s a wonder people go for Penang asam laksa…considering what THAT looks like!

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