Little house…

My girl is still on holiday though there are not so many days left and she sure is not looking forward to going back to her school after having had a great time at home, doing anything and everything she wants.

Other than cooking and baking a bit, she also went and bought herself a do-it-yourself kit for RM48.00 and spent some time putting it all together. I did not watch her at work but from what I heard, there was a whole lot of cutting, folding, rolling and sticking…and even some wiring for the light in the miniature house…

Mel's miniature house 1

…that she managed to assemble all by herself.

Mel's miniature house 2

It does not look that small in the photograph but as a matter of fact, it is only around 8-10 inches tall and the base is around 6 by 4 inches…

Mel's miniature house 3

It sure looked great once it was all done…

Mel's miniature house 4

…and needless to say, she and both her mum and I were very pleased and mighty impressed by the fruit of her labour…

Mel's miniature house 5

Don’t you think that looks really great?

That day, when she finished her beautiful work of art, I took her out to a movie…

Movie tickets

Believe it or not, the last time I went to a movie at the trioplex was in June, 2012 – 2½ years ago!!! Actually, she wanted to go and see the one of the penguins but it was no longer showing so we agreed upon this one…

Movie poster

We enjoyed it very much and there was one part where there was a “garuda from Tibet“. Wait a minute! I thought garudas would be from Indonesia but when I googled, I found that there were indeed the Tibetan ones. Gee! We sure get to learn new things every day, don’t we?

I did not know the all time greats, the late Robin Williams and the late Mickey Rooney were in it and also Dick Van Dyke dancing to the one-time disco favourite, “Shake your groove thing

…and there was this one from “Dirty Dancing too. Hugh Jackman made a cameo appearance as King Arthur in the musical, Camelot, in London.

We loved the comedy and the fast-moving plot – there wasn’t a dull moment from the beginning till the end and were enthralled by the stunningly breathtaking visual effects and I would say that both of us enjoyed the movie very much.

This arrived yesterday…

Christmas card from Nick

– Boxing Day, a day after Christmas Day but nonetheless, it was just in time to add to the Christmas cheer. Thank you so very much, Nick – it certainly was so sweet and thoughtful of you to send me the card. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!


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21 thoughts on “Little house…”

  1. Good job with the house! I won’t have the patience to construct such a DIY decoration thing myself.
    Oh that movie is out.. time to hit the cinemas again then 😀

    Neither have I! That’s why they say women are from Venus, men from Mars. Yes, it’s showing here. Very entertaining. You can go for 3D there, awesome visual effects – here, no point…they say they do not give out the spectacles. 😦

  2. I wouldn’t know that it is a miniature house just from looking at your photos. Look so nice, like a full size doll house.

    Indeed. Impressive work of art.

  3. when i saw the pics, i thought this was a full-scale house. nice decor! 😀 p.s. love the pics you’re taking with your latest camera. the sharpness and colours and background blur, all very nice 🙂

    Ummmm….no, I’m back to my old camera. Indoors, no natural lighting – yet to work out how to handle such conditions with the new one.

  4. When I see your title, I thought it’s gonna be a Gingerbread house or Log house chocolate cake.. 😛 Ooooo the doll house looks so so so nice.. I’m sure all girls (even boys) love them.. It looks so pretty.. I don’t have patience to cut and fold them I think, but Mel, if you are reading this, good job!

    Nice, eh? Took her less than 2 weeks but then again, she was in a hurry to finish before school reopens. No more time then for these little pleasures.

  5. I watched The Hobbits yesterday. I want to watch this 3rd installment of Adam Sandler’s movie too. I also thought Robin Williams was not in the movie too. At least we know this movie has been made maybe last year or early of the year before his demise.

    Glad you guys enjoyed a good movie. I did too yesterday. Haha.

    Yes those miniature house was so real and lovely. I also saw one in ToysRUs. So tempted to buy but not cheap lah!!!

    I never got to watch any of the Hobbits though I did go and visit Hobbiton when I was in New Zealand. Awesome place!!! Adam Sandler? It was Ben Stiller, I think. Not a fan of such movies – just went because of my girl…and hey, I did enjoy it. Very nice! 😀 😀 😀 Light, entertaining. You can buy a set and make too…once the kids have started school – should be quite free then. 😉 Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. Oh yeah. Sorry, sorry. Ben stiller! I always confuse both. Both are comedians. Lol.

      Hope to visit Hobbiton some day. 😉

      I am worry the little one will destroy the set even the other 2 wouldn’t. Lol.

      Muahahahahaha!!!! Put high high up! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Neatly & nicely done miniature set up. They look so real. It takes one’s patience to do it. Talking about movie, it has been ages since I last stepped foot into the cinema.

    Oh? At least, I’m a bit better than you. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. Melissa’s work on the miniature house is very impressive! I am very amazed that it is so detailed right down to the crockery and pantry items. I would have enjoyed assembling one myself in my much younger days but now, I do not think I have the patience nor the time. Glad that you and Melissa had a great time at the movies. I must catch that one too!

    Yes, enjoying the holidays to the fullest, too bad it is coming to an end. 😦 Thankful for the great time we had, doing all the things we did. Precious moments, always cherished and treasured.

  8. I’m watching this later! Yes, movie tickets are not cheap… i bought mine at Rm 16 from TGV 😦

    Bet you’re going for the 3D one. Good for you! Stunning visual effects, should be very much nicer. Have fun!

    1. No. Normal version, 3D would cost more. They charge exorbitantly on weekends unfortunately; even higher in KL.

      Daylight robbery! Like the taxis there… Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  9. I wanted to send you a card too but didn’t have your address. Tried to get your email from your blog but don’t think it’s there. So, drop me a note at my email address ya…in time for next Xmas? Kekekeke….!!

    Ahhhhh!!!! As they say, it’s the thought that counts! 😀 😀 😀

  10. That’s a really nice little house. Must be really patient to do it, I definitely can’t do it cause I’m not that patient and I have shaky hands. Haha… but I love LEGO though. Anyway, I need to watch that movie too. Merry Belated Xmas and Happy New Year 🙂

    Thank you and belated Christmas greetings to you and your loved ones too. Me too, no patience…and not into LEGO either. 😦 My girl loved playing with that when she was smaller – still have the blocks somewhere in the house.

  11. Well done, Melissa!! Needs a lot of patience and creativity, no joke! I for one will never do a good job… handicraft is my weakness, no patience… No wonder you are so proud of her!

    Indeed, I am. I would never be able to put that together myself either – will end up throwing everything away. 😛

  12. What an awesome project! It looks wonderful! Great work Melissa! 🙂

    Oh, I wanted to catch that movie too, loved the previous two and the acting, especially by the late Robin Williams and his depiction of the character of President Theodore Roosevelt. I think it would be spot on, I’ve read two biographies of Teddy and he was quite the character – brave, soldier, drunkard, president.

    Yes, she did a good job on that and yes, do go and catch the movie. Nice light-hearted entertainment. I enjoyed it.

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