Nice and easy…

This was the week before Christmas…when my girl cooked her Tropical Snow fish dish and it was so nice that we finished all of it in one sitting so for dinner, we had to go some place to eat.

We have not been here…

Nice House, Sibu

…for quite some time now and I did not even notice that they’ve got a new sign up!

I ordered their honey prawn balls…

Nice House, honey prawn balls 1

…that my girl loved a lot…

Nice House, honey prawn balls 2

…and yes, they were as good as ever.

She also remembered enjoying their butter kai lan (Chinese broccoli/kale)…

Nice House, butter kai lan

…so we had that as well and we also tried their kiam sor (salty & crispy) fish fillet…

Nice House, kiam sor fish fillet 1

They probably used the imported frozen dory so the fish was kind of bland but the saving grace was that they sliced it very thinly and deep fried it…

Nice House, kiam sor fish fillet 2

…so it was nice and crispy and with all the added ingredients used in the cooking, it was pretty good.

What I never liked about this place was that it was always packed and with their very low ceiling, the noise could be extremely unbearable and that would spoil my enjoyment of the food. We went quite early that day – before 6 p.m. and there were already a few tables occupied! Gee! Their business must be really good! Thankfully, the crowd was not all that boisterous that day so it was all right.

They had a young boy, on the plump side, waiting at the tables that day and I liked him! He was conversant in Mandarin, Hokkien….and English too and he was witty and interesting and had the gift of the gab. He took our orders for the food and quickly passed the slip to the kitchen and came back to see what we wanted to drink – that way, it would not take so long for the dishes to be served –  he sure deserved a bonus point for that.

I went to settle our bill at the counter…

Christmas at Nice House

– the total for the food was only RM30.00 for the three of us. The lady boss asked if I was staying in Sibu and I said yes and she asked me if I was giving any private tuition. Good grief! Obviously she knows me and the fact that I was an English teacher. Sibu is such a small place!

For one thing, if anyone is dropping by here in the evening for dinner, it would be best to call first and make a reservation and even better if you can order all that you want to eat as well or you may have to wait for quite a while. For the uninitiated, it is in the block of shops at the beginning of Brooke Drive in the first block of shops, as you turn round the corner coming from the Sibu General Post Office, on the left. The address is 1E, Ground Floor, Brooke Drive and their telephone number is 084-33 6050.

Do avoid parking under the trees though…


…or you may end up driving home with your car spotted all over. LOL!!!

Incidentally, this arrived just in time on Christmas Eve. Thank you so very much, my dear friend, Quay Po, for going through all that trouble to send me this very lovely card, Hallmark no less…

Hallmark card from Quay Po

That’s so very sweet and thoughtful of you. Hope you had a great Christmas and the same goes to everyone too. Keep the peace, spread the love and share the joy!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Nice and easy…”

  1. Nice House … nice name! 🙂 and a very nice christmas card, i love the gold smooth look of it 🙂 p.s. thanks for your very, very kind and considerate offer to send me a chinese new year card. really appreciate it, but think it’s not necessary, really. thanks a million though … it’s the thought that truly counts 🙂

    True! True! The thought that counts…but action speaks louder than words, they say? 😀

  2. Only RM30 for 3 dishes and rice including prawns! That is really a very good price. I think it is because she knows that you are the famous English teacher in Sibu. 🙂

    How young is the boy? Between 15 an 18? Working during school holidays I guess. He would go far in the service industry if he continues.

    No lah. This place is noted for its reasonable prices and its very nice food – that is why it is always crowded…and way too noisy for my liking. Ya, the boy’s around 15-16, I would think – I’ve a feeling he’s the boss’ son…

  3. Second round of dinner, nice! So there was only fish (with rice) for dinner during the first round? Wah only RM30 and there are prawns and fish.. Ok wor, price is good, food is good too..

    No, the fish was lunch. Can’t remember what veg we had but we did have a vegetable dish with it as well, and rice. This was for dinner that night.

  4. Those honey prawn balls look the best. We can also get a cheap RM30 meal here (at a non air-conditioned coffee shop) but it would consist of maybe a pork dish, eggs and a vege (definitely no prawns or fish). And yeah, why didn’t you think of giving tuition, especially English (after you retired)? For one, your English is fantastic (as evidenced by the writing in your blog) and two, you can make some extra income out of it :).

    I did…for two to three years. But I decided to call it a day for good and spend my old age relaxing, enjoying my free time, no pressure, no stress…making the most of my golden years. I have enough to get by very comfortably and it was different – teaching your own students in a school…and teaching others’ whom you only see for a couple of hours each week plus after 32-33 years, I guess I have had enough of going through the motions, getting caught in the rut. The money was good – I was getting more than my monthly salary as a teacher in a school but life is not all about money.

    This place is air-conditioned, one of those little restaurants where food is cheap and nice – much better than a coffee shop.

  5. Among all, the honey prawns balls caught my attention. RM30 only, really cheap.

    Ya, the fish was ok, can go for some of their other nicer dishes. Their beef on sizzling plate was very good but it was a Friday.

  6. Hallmark card… it’s been awhile,
    The honey prawn balls… very very tempting. hehe.

    I think they have a shop at Mid Valley in KL. Don’t see their cards anywhere around here. Try cooking your own – very nice.

  7. Cheap and cheap and super cheap! Must take you along when Going for makan….sure got discount even for a pensioner!

    No lah! Sibu, everywhere cheap…never mind who, not that they will give this old cikgu any special discount. 😦

  8. Parked before under the tree and shit! Really stained with shits! ^^

    Never try this place. The guy seemed efficient and friendly. Indeed an added bonus.

    Lovely card from Quay Po. Missed her blogging.

    …and her cooking too! Too bad she has stopped. Oh? You missed this one when in Sibu – must drop by and try when you come on a visit.

    By the way, that day, after our dinner, we walked over to what they call “The Little Umbrella” and I saw someone like your hubby, white long sleeves – office wear – does he talk on the phone using hands-free or something like an earphone stuck to the ear – not bluetooth, got wire? Wonder if it was him.

    1. No. I dont think it was him. He seldom use hand-free.

      Hope to visit Sibu and stay for holiday. Not sure when. If go to Sibu, it would be for few hours or so and head to Kapit. Dont know when go to Kapit. Next year CNY is in Kuching.

      I guess it wasn’t him as the guy looked at me but he did not seem to know me. 😛 Wah….can hop over anytime! Many long weekends next year…. Book early, everyone can fly!

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