The singer not the song…

I wonder how many of you know her name – Khadijah Ibrahim and her songs. Well, for the uninitiated, she was a very popular singer in the local Malaysian/Malay music scene way back in the 70’s and 80’s, I think and in fact, she still sings…

…though not on a regular basis, I guess, not since she left the country to venture into the food business in New Zealand where she was running her Malaysian restaurant for a number of years. Of course, there’s no place like home and eventually, she came back to her homeland and to date, she is still involved in her restaurant enterprise – Khadijah’s Kitchen, located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and it seems there is one as well in Setapak. Well, if you remember from this earlier post of mine, she has gone into distributing her special pastes for cooking all kinds of Malay/nyonya dishes as well.

I was saving them for some special occasion like Christmas or Chinese New year but since I had two boxes of this…

Khadijah's Kitchen's chicken kapitan 1

…I thought I would just go ahead and try one first.

The pastes are so easy to use – you just mix with water and boil, add the meat and bring it back to boil and simmer for 30 minutes, no oil added…

Khadijah's Kitchen's chicken kapitan 2
*Oopsss!!! Spotted a typo there!!!*

Isn’t that so very easy?

Of course, not one to follow recipes and instructions, I did add a sprig of curry leaves and one stalk of serai (lemon grass), bruised but yes, it is stated on the box that one can add some extra ingredients to make it “taste even better”…

Khadijah's Kitchen chicken kapitan 3
*I think there’s a grammatical error there*

I even added a bit of milk, two tablespoons, just before I dished everything out and served. Now, don’t you think this looks absolutely gorgeous?…

Khadijah's Kitchen chicken kapitan 4

So was it as nice as it looked?

I would say it was very good…

Khadijah's Kitchen chicken kapitan 5

It looked like the usual curry but no, I did not think it tasted the same – something like a cross between the usual and asam curry or something like that. Actually, it is kind of hard to put my finger on the difference so let’s just say that this was good and anything this hassle-free and easy to cook is sure to get my double thumbs up anytime!

Oh yes, I love potatoes in curry so I just could not resist adding some when I was cooking this…

Khadijah's Kitchen chicken kapitan 6

…and perhaps, I would go all the way and add all the suggested ingredients when I cook the other box.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “The singer not the song…”

  1. I love all these hassle-free cooking too. Where can I buy this paste?

    I’ve no idea where my cousin bought it. You probably can go straight to her restaurant in PJ? I know they have it in Kuching – Ting & Ting Supermarket, not here.

  2. That dish looks delicious, moist and tender, and thanks for sharing the video, I am going to check it out now. πŸ™‚

    Yes, yes…and let me know how you like her singing.

  3. Ooooo the curry looks so good and hoi wai :O
    I’ve heard of her name, but I don’t know who she is and what she does *blush* :S
    Wah very easy, just add water and chicken.. No oil, no santan, nothing else.. I could eat a big plate of rice with the gravy alone.. Yummmzzz..

    You’re too young, that’s why. Yes, very easy and nice too.

  4. Haven’t heard of the singer but definitely heard of the song, so the singer manufactures curry paste too? πŸ˜€

    Who hasn’t? I loved the song once…but it has been sung to death by everybody. 😦

  5. my family members (grandmother, aunts, mom) like khadijah ibrahim songs, so i know her by name but not by voice πŸ™‚ i guess it was a cool move for her to diversify into gastronomy … strengthening her brand name beyond a youthful pop career … oh, was just reading this morning about joe cocker’s passing … i think you’ve posted links of his songs before too…

    Yes, shared some of my favourite songs by him on Facebook. He’s the man! Great singer, great songs.

    Your “grandmother, aunts, mom”… OMG!!! You make me feel so old. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!

  6. Not familiar with this singer. I only know Sheila Majid and Anita Sarawak as female artistes. Lol.

    That curry makes me drool.

    Sheila is much later – mid-80’s…and Anita is an international star, a diva. You can get from Ting & Ting, while stocks last.

  7. Nowadays, cooking is make easier with all those pre-mix paste available and have been using A1 Mountain Globe brand for my curry since the day I knew it from your blog. Never try this brand before. The curry looks good too.Oh yes, I have heard of this singer.

    Oh yes, I’m sure you have. You’re about as old as I ma. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. I scrutinized the words carefully, but don’t seem to be able to find the typo error. What is it?

    There’s KITHCEN and for the other one, it should be TASTE+s even better, subject verb agreement – the subject omitted being IT.

  9. Oh … she used to be very pretty when young and sang with her brother. I used to watch her on rtm programmes when young. So she also has her own eateries , which is quite normal. Artists cannot depends on the entertainment circle alone for income.

    She still looks good, very good, in fact…compared to many from around her time. Great that she’s still around, still singing though more into the food business now – the rest have all faded into oblivion…or have died – like Sharifah Aini, for instance.

  10. errr who is she… lol i think I was still very young perhaps.. anyhow.. looks easy to do with that ready paste. i wanna try the kapitan too! yum yum! hehe

    I’m 25 already!!

    Yes, you are, very very young…and not into the Malay music scene, I’m sure. I’m not into the current ones either – not nice anymore…not like in the good old days.

  11. I hear that with ready made pastes it is advisable to add extra ingredients like what you did. It would enhance the aroma and flavour. Your curry looks pretty good and it is so convenient to use the ready made curry paste especially if it is a good one.

    Look for A1 Mountain Globe! Really very good – I used once and no turning back. I’ve tried others like Mak Nyona, Ikan…not as good. Just add chopped Bombay onion, serai and curry leaves for extra flavours…and santan/milk. Nicer than many…anywhere!!! See Irene Tan’s comment above – she saw in my blog, tried…and is hooked to it too! Best lah!!!

  12. I never cook any curry chicken before. Thanks for sharing this. I will not afraid of cooking curry chicken anymore.

    I know her, she is the sister of Latif Ibrahim. Apparently he has passed away 2 years ago.

    Oh? He did! Heart attack, at the age of 60 only. Was very handsome. Good lucks sure ran in the family. Yes, it is so very easy with these pastes – I never bother to cook from scratch anymore.

  13. hi.. i’m in sibu for few days work.. so take the opportunity to taste the famous kampua mee just now at a restaurant nearby the wisma sanyan.. i’m not sure if i have entered the wrong restaurant (i have never tasted a local sibu kampua mee so i don’t know how it should taste like), but the one i tried just now just like home cooked lee fah mee only.. a bit disappointed.. πŸ˜₯

    Near Wisma Sanyan? Dunno of any good kampua there. Gee!!! You should have contacted me so I will take you for the best in town. Let me email you my contact number…

    Ok, check your email. Call or text me anytime.
    Same thing happened to a group from Kuching, stayed at RH…went eating at the shops around Sanyan and they were scolding away – said Sibu food not nice at all. “…We were extremely disappointed with all the food we had for LUNCH. TEA BREAK. everything we had in Sibu before dinner time was a big disappointment. Its either its too healthy.. means tasteless.. or.. its not nice at all….” and then they checked my blog and went to one place they saw in it…and of course, they praised it to the skies!!

  14. Nop, never heard of the singer’s name :p

    I love curry with lots of potatoes!!
    Merry Christmas to you and family!

    Too young, I guess or not into music & songs or the locaL music scene. Same to you and your loved ones.

  15. I’ve looked at the common supermarkets eg AEON Big, Giant Kota Damansara (which is a large one), and BIG in Publika but I’ve yet to spot this one. It sounds lovely from the review you gave it, the potatos inside looks delicious!

    I guess we might have to drop by PJ to actually get it. Cheers!

    My friend, Annie, said she saw it at Jaya Grocer.

    1. Yup, I just wanted to say too, we saw it at Jaya Grocer as well over the weekend. There was a huge line – the entire product range! πŸ™‚

      Oh? I got four, five boxes – two of the chicken kapitan.

  16. I tried once at Khadijah Kitchen two years ago during Ramadan. To me, food just so so only la, even my malay colleague also said so so. πŸ˜›

    Ok, so I would not be all that keen to check it out when I go over then.

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