Not the one…

My girl has gone off instant noodles. I guess she has had her share of those all these years so these days, she gets put off by the mere smell or taste of the noodles. However, she was telling me about one that she had, tom yum flavour, but she could not exactly remember the brand and guessed it was this one…

Nissin instant noodles 1

…that I bought from the supermarket at the mall round the corner from my house – the made-in-Singapore Nissin brand.

There were two sachets inside…

Nissin instant noodles 2

…one with the seasoning and the other, the oil and stuff.

The noodles took longer than usual to cook, unlike those of the other brands and were firmer, more springy. I would think they were nicer than the rest. As usual, I cooked them first and drained, added water to them and rinsed well before draining away all the water and placing the noodles in a bowl.

Then I boiled some more water and cooked some prawns that I used for garnishing…


…in it after which I added the contents of the two sachets to the stock and poured the soup over the noodles in the bowl.

I also fried an egg to go with the noodles…

Fried egg

…and sprinkled some chopped spring onions and fried shallots and served…

Nissin instant noodles

Yes, it was very nice but when my girl saw that, she said what she had was dry, not soup…and when I showed her the packet, she said that was not the one she had. Sigh!!!!!

Of course, they did not come cheap – around RM6.50 for a pack of 5 so it works out to about RM1.30 a packet but thankfully, it was nice and we enjoyed it…though I would think twice about buying it again, not at that price, thank you very much!

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14 thoughts on “Not the one…”

  1. tom yam is usually my least favourite flavour (i’m not a fan of sourish flavours), but i’d happily make an exception for your noodles (the egg and prawns definitely call out to me) πŸ˜€

    I’m not crazy about tom yam either but for instant noodles, I like this brand’s and also the made-in-Thailand Yum Yum.

  2. I am not very fond of noodles, especially the instant ones, so I can relate. The egg looks very good! πŸ™‚

    Fried the old-fashioned way…with a wok.

  3. Tom yam???..first thing in my mind, spicy & sourish, not too fond of it. Usually bought mee daddy, chicken or curry flavour. Curry flavour, add a can of curry clams, bestlah…

    The Thailand Yum Yum one is very spicy – this one is more toned-down, not really sour and not as spicy. Curry flavour with canned curry clams added? Gee! Wouldn’t it drown out the original flavour completely? Instant noodles, bad enough…add canned stuff again…and clams some more. Gosh!!! I’d use fresh ingredients.

  4. I used to eat this brand of instant noodle, but now didnt buy liao as hardly eat instant noodle…

    Ya, best not to…but once in a while, ok lah. Lifesavers for students away from home, they say…but seeing all the horror stories about instant noodles, I really wonder!

  5. I dont fancy tomyam instant noodles, usually just chicken or occasionally the kari laksa, but there’s this tomyam instant noodles I think is nice, the one from Mamee Chef, purple packaging, very nice.. But I don’t always eat instant noodles, in fact have stopped for almost half a year.. You put in so much liew inside your noodles, I’d love to have 2 bowls, thank you πŸ˜€

    Yes, actually, with added fresh ingredients, any instant noodles would be nice. Mamee Chef is very famous, won many awards…but they’re more expensive than the rest so somehow, I never got myself to buy – always ended up buying something cheaper. 😦

    1. Only Mamee does the tomyam flavour right when it comes to instant noodles. All other brands should be ignored at all costs..

      You’ve tried the Thailand Yum Yum Brand’s or not? Can’t go wrong when it’s from the original source, I’m sure. I liked it a lot – but that does not mean I would be rushing back for more. Can just have about this much when it comes to instant noodles.

  6. There are so many imported instant noodles even from Thailand so it is understandable to be mistaken of one pack. For my mum she always opt for Korean or Taiwan noodle. I am not so into those noodle myself. ^^

    I tried a Korean one once long long ago – it was good but it was so expensive so I never had it again. Not into the Taiwan ones…or Taiwan products, in general.

  7. This one is actually Hong Kong brand if I am not mistaken. That’s why when I bought them, I stayed clear of tomyam or curry flavour, always the chicken flavour πŸ˜€

    Nope, not at all. It is manufactured in Singapore (unlike some so-called Singapore products, made in Indonesia – must check the label carefully). 16, Chin Bee Road Tel: 6266 2447 Website:

  8. Not a fan of this brand, i had clear soup before and i thought it was rather bland and yup, not worth for the price.

    I don’t remember ever trying the rest – we do not get a lot here. I think I only saw tom yam and curry. For one thing, it is more affordable than the Prima Taste ones – just like the Penang white curry noodles, I do think they’re over-rated, not all that great plus they’re way too expensive, not at all worth the price – one packet for the price of a pack of 5 of these *faints*

  9. This brand actually does a dry tomyum version too. Orangey packaging, it’s quite good πŸ™‚

    Ok, thanks. Will look out for it. Maybe she got it at another supermarket – the one in town, didn’t see any at the one I went to near my house.

  10. I think I have tried this before… nissin is nice… finer than the normal ones…. and with so much ingredients and toppings, the meal must be very very tasty!!

    Ahhhh… you can get them easily…direct from Singapore. πŸ˜‰

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